Windows 8 Consumer Preview Launching 29th February AT MWC 2012

We heard the other day that a website from Microsoft for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview had gone live, and now Microsoft has sent out press invites to an event they are holding at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

The invites, which you can see in the photo below are for an event which will take place at 3PM local time on the 29th of February, and Microsoft will be unveiling the Windows 8 Consumer preview.

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Nokia 803 To be Last Symbian Smartphone?

We heard a rumor the other day about the Nokia 801, which was reported to be the last Symbian smartphone being produced by Nokia, and now there seems to be another device, the Nokia 803.

According to the BGR, the Nokia 803 will be Nokia’s final Symbian smartphone, and the devices will come with the latest version of Symbian, which Nokia released to existing devices the other day, Symbian Belle.

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Tweetbot 2.0 Arrives With iPad Support

If you enjoy using Tweetbot the full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client on your mobile devices you might be pleased to know that a new version has now been released taking it to Tweetbot 2.0 and brings with it iPad support.

The new version brings with it a new timeline view, which helps you view the activity on your account easily, with options to define individual tweets into different colours if preferred.


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Sony Cybershot TX300V Camera Features Wireless Data Transfer And Charging

Sony has released details of a new Cybershot camera that they are launching in Japan, the Sony Cybershot TX300V, which shares many of the hardware specifications of the Sony TX200V.

What this new device features over the previous model is a wireless charging ans transfer dock, by placing the  TX300V on the dock, the cameras battery is charged wirelessly and you can also transfer your photos to your computer using TransferJet.

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Google Chrome Update Brings Extra Speed and Security

Google has been busy rolling out a number of new additions to it Chrome browser this week, together with its new version created for Android devices. Now Google has rolled out a new update for its desktop Chrome browser client, bringing with it extra speed and added security.

The update has been released into the latest stable Chrome version and now includes a pre-rendering features that will start to load pages as you start typing in the Chrome omnibox.


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Google Wallet PIN Security Cracked (Video)

It looks like Google Wallet’s PIN security has been cracked on rooted devices, although if your Android device is not rooted then the security on the Google Wallet Pin seems to be fine.

The PIN for Google Wallet is stored encrypted on your Android devices, and a method has been discovered to reveal the SHA256 hex encoded PIN information, which enables the PIN to be discovered, the crack was discovered by the guys from Zvelo.

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iPad 3 Casing Reveals Larger Battery, New Camera

We are expecting to get some sort of official announcement on the new iPad 3 from Apple some time next month, and now a reported iPad 3 casing has appear online, and if it is real it would mean there will be some significant changes in the new iPad 3.

As you can see from the photo below, the casing features different mounts for the logic board, which would mean that the new iPad 3 would feature a completely new logic board with a different shape and design over the previous versions.

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Google Drive Cloud Service Launching Soon?

We haven’t heard much about Google’s cloud service, Cloud Drive for a while now, there were a few rumors at the end of last year that Google were getting ready to launch their new cloud service.

According to a recent report from the WSJ, Google Drive is close to launch and we could possibly see the service launch within the next few months, although no specific details of a launch date have been revealed.

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Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar For iPad And iPhone (Video)

There are lots of different speaker accessories available for your iPhone, iPad and other tablets and smartphones, the latest one is called Zooka and it is designed to be used with you tablet as well as your smartphone.

The Zooka Wireless speaker Bar is designed to be used as a stand for your tablet as well as a speaker, you can also connect devices to it via Bluetooth, plus there is a 3.5mm audio jack to hook up non Bluetooth devices.

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Hagent The Heat Absorbing Robot

A new heat-absorbing robot is out to help cut down on energy expenses. The invention called the Hagent, which deceptively appears as a simple black cube with wheels, has the ability to find heat, absorb it, then release it in areas which are cold.

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