Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair (video)

Any budding Star Fleet commanders out there that need a seat a little more conducive to captaining a starship. Might be interested in this great Inflatable Captain’s Chair that is capable of accommodating any Starfleet captains that don’t weigh over 120 lbs.  Watch the video after the jump to see the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair put to the test, and go where no man has gone before.

Inflatable Captain’s Chair

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HTC One X And One S Coming To T-Mobile UK April 5th

Another UK mobile carrier has announced that it will be selling two of HTC’s new smartphones, T-Mobile will offer the HTC One X and HTC One S here in the UK from the 5th of April.

And both devices will be available with a range of T-Mobile’s contracts here in the UK this Friday the 5th of April, although we don’t has yet have any pricing details.

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Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP Game Arriving On Steam

Its been discovered that the Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP game for the iPad designed and created by Capybara Games, is on its way to Steam in the next few weeks.

Even though no official announcement has been made by it creators Capybara Games. IGM has been trailing through the Steam directory and discovered entries in the service’s database for the game using a Steam registry crawler.

Sword & Sworcery EP

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Apple To Offer Two Year EU Statutory Warranty In Europe

Apple currently offers a one year warranty on all of its devices it sells in the US and Europe, but now Apple will offer a two year EU statutory warranty in Europe and all of its products.

The EU warranty is slightly limited though as it only covers defects that were present when the device was shipped to you and it does not cover defects that arose after that, those defects will be covered for one year under Apple’s one year limited warranty.

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Carbon Fiber Magic Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse already has a great design, but if you fancy something a little different than the standard Magic Mouse, have a look at this carbon fiber Magic Mouse.

It is basically an Apple Magic Mouse which has been given the carbon fiber treatment with some vinyl and it is available in black, graphite, silver or white.

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Metal Detector Goes Money Detector

The main purpose why policemen use handheld metal detectors is of course to detect items that are made of metal such as harmful weapons. But these two geniuses physicists, however, from the University of Washington in Seattle namely, Antao Chen and Christopher Fuller had discovered that metal detectors can be more useful.

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Adam ARTist 5 $1200 USB Monitor Speakers

Adam Professional Audio specialises in high-end sound solutions and has built a range of products that have performed this task since 1999. Their latest ARTist 5 150W 5.5″ Active 2-Way monitor speaker continues this tradition and provides you with a 5.5″ basket woofer with a carbon fiber/Rohacell/glass fiber diaphragm and the acclaimed X-ART tweeter.

Adam ARTist 5 Monitors

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International Nokia Lumia 900 Goes Up For Pre-order In Italy

The Nokia Lumia 900 will launch in the US with AT&T on the 8th of April, there is also an international version of the handset coming, and it looks like the device is up fro pre-order in Italy.

According to the guys over at Plaffo, one online store in Italy has out the international Lumia 900 up for pre-order and the handset is priced at 99 Euros with a contract and 599 Euros SIM free.

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