iCade Lands at FCC!

Sometimes the wild products that we see around April Fools make the jump from a joke to a real product after people are so interested in the lie they want the real thing. This is the case with the sweet iCade we talked about back in January. That cool iCade has now crossed the FCC.


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Activision: Guitar Hero Not Dead, Just Catching Some Shut-Eye

Chances are when Guitar Hero does come back it won’t be the industry-changing juggernaut it was back in the day. Hell, it’ll probably never be that big again. What it could be, though, is an antidote to the nostalgia people are sure to feel in a year or so when people start pining for something new to play on their plastic guitars and assorted paraphernalia.

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Razer Switchblade Concept Makes The Jump To Production

You might remember the Razer Switchblade gaming console concept that was showcased at CES this year. If you do, you might also be pleased to know that Razer has announced they will be mass producing the device. Razer’s partnering with Chinese Internet company Tencent to bring the portable gaming beast to China and will ship with four games installed. Bur may consider worldwide distribution.

Most video game consoles are banned in China, unless they are sold officially with Chinese distributors or homegrown and Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan thinks that selling the portable gaming machine in China is a huge opportunity.

Razer Switchblade

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Anonymous Attack On Sony Continuing Despite GeoHot Trial Outcome

Better stick the cork back in that champagne, Sony, you’re not out of the woods yet. Remember that pack of hackers, for lack of a better word, you upset when you sued GeoHot for running his own code on his own console that he bought with his own money? Strangely enough, even after that injunction you won, they probably didn’t just call it a day. On second thought, though, seeing what they have planned shouldn’t exactly paralyze Sony with fear either.

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Trumpet Analogue iPhone Speaker (video)

We have featured a couple of analogue iPhone speakers here on Geeky Gadgets in the past but none of them had the soul of this Analog Tele-Phonographer designed and created by artist Christopher Locke.

Being analogue the speaker doesn’t need to be plugged or require any power at all and amplifies the sound coming from your iPhone using the trumpet. If you have any trumpets or brass instruments no longer in use why not have a go yourself and create your own or purchase one from Christopher. Watch a video of the Analog Tele-Phonographer in action after the jump.

Trumpet Analog iPhone Speaker

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Valve Unveils Details On Steam PS3 Portal 2 Overlay Features

With Portal 2′s launch date edging ever closer Valve has now released details of how the new overlay PS3 Steam connection will work. Plus the bonus of every PS3 Portal game coming with a code to able you to play the game from either you’re PC or Mac.

Al list of features that will be coming with the new Steam Overlay on PlayStation 3 include,  the ability to play cross-platform from your PlayStation 3 with Steam friends on Windows or Mac.

portal 2

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Dell Streak 7 Now Available In The UK

Dell’s latest Android tablet, the Dell Streak 7 is now available in the UK, and Dell have it available for £299, it comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels.

Processing on the Dell Streak 7 is provided by an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and it features a five megapixel camera on the rear and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front for video calls.

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Mow Down Zombie Hordes With The Jawsaw

We mean hordes of zombie weeds and small trees, of course. Cos you know, zombies aren’t real. Anyway, the ugly tool pictured down sout is the Jawsaw bythe fine people at Worx. The Jawsaw is a unique take on the heavy duty garden appliance that doesn’t exude the grit of a regular chain saw. What you do is clamp offending branches and slice away. Real easy.


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Block Amplifier Concept

How about a beefy looking amplifier for your pad in the form of this concept amp designed by Mateusz Główka. The Block amp is constructed of aluminium and stainless steel with 6 valves situated on the top.

The design of the Block amp allows its main soundboard swings up on hinges to enable dusting of the internal electronics without the need to disconnect cumbersome wires.

block amp

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Know Your Destiny With The Geek Zodiac

Are you a Gandalf or an Optimus Prime? A wizard or a robot? Or maybe a giant reptile, perhaps? Such are the many personalities found in a Geek Zodiac conceived by James Wright and rendered by artist Josh Eckert. It occured to both that rather than use millenia-old designations for charting our fate and personalities, why not create a specific variety of tailor made archetype for the geek set?

Geek Zodiac

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Tweetbot Lands On The iPhone

Twitter said recently that third part developers shouldn’t be concentrating on making third party apps for Twitter, one company obviously didn’t listen, and they have just released their new iPhone app called TweetBot.

The developers of Tweetbot describe the app as a ‘Twitter client with a personality’, it comes with a range of cool features, which include cool animations and sounds, the ability to use multiple timelines, and it also has a range of smart gestures built in.

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