Amazon’s Book Depository Purchase Given The Official Green Light

Today Amazon has been given the all clear by the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to purchase The Book Depository. The  four-month-long investigation by OFT into the merger of Amazon and The Book Depository said it would not lead to a lessening of competition within the UK book industry.

Over recent years The Book Depository  had become a popular alternative to Amazon in the UK, stocking 6 million titles and selling many of those through Amazon’s Marketplace.

Amazon The Book Depository

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Mint iPad App Finally Lands In The iOS App Store

After a long wait has finally launched an iPad application which is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store. The iPad app comes as an update to the existing iOS application for iPhone and iPod Touch and wiull support any iOS device now running 5 or later.

The new Mint iPad application brings with it easy-to-understand, multi-touch graphs, detailing where your money is going and coming from providing a clear picture of your spending and your total net worth.

Mint iPad App

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Skype App Directory And SkypeKit For Desktop Unveiled

Skype has today announced the arrival of its new Skype App Directory together with its SkypeKit for Desktop, which is intended to add native Skype functionality directly into third party applications and extending Skype’s developer service to include desktop applications.

Skype’s App Directory was unofficially launched back in August for testing purposes but today has now been officially launched and is ready for business. Providing a range of applications that can be integrated into Skype for both consumers and businesses.

Skype App Directory

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Batman: Arkham City Nightwing In Action (video)

As of next week if you have the Batman: Arkham City game you will be able to enjoying playing as Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing in the new pack which will be launched on November 1st.

Nightwing comes complete with his own unique gadgets and special moves, and is playable in all challenge maps in the game, as well as two additional challenge maps that are included with the pack: Wayne Manor and Main Hall. The pack also contains a bonus Animated Series Nightwing character skin. Watch the video after the jump to see Nightwing in action.

Batman Arkham City Nightwing

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Gorilla Glass Makers Corning, Announce New Lotus Glass

Corning the makers of the strong Gorilla Glass which is found in many smartphones and tablets, has today announced a new addition to their line of products with the launch of its new Lotus Glass. A new glass substrate used within liquid crystal display panels, its intrinsic thermal stability means that it can withstand the requirements of customer processing better than many conventional glasses. This will help manufacturers offer OLED display mobile devices with lower power consumption, superior picture quality and a thinner form factor.

Lotus Glass

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iOS 5 vs iOS 4 Browsing And App Speeds Compared

The company New Relic has taken it upon themselves to put the older iOS4 and latest iOS 5 software up against each other in a head to head browsing and application showdown. To see how much of an improvement the new iOS 5 has brought to Apple’s iPhone device.

Two test were carried out : on to measured the average response time for more than 3,000 Web applications as used by New Relic customers, and second a controlled test that pitted two phones with the same hardware against each other, one running iOS 5 and the other iOS 4.

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Toyota Touch Life Brings Smartphone Mirroring To Your Prius Using MirrorLink Technology

The new Touch Life infotainment system unveiled this week by Toyota allows you to mirror your smartphone onto the systems 7 inch touchscreen providing you with access to the smartphone applications such as navigation, music and media while in your car.

Toyota Touch Life has been designed to provide you with unprecedented smartphone-vehicle connectivity and will be available for the Toyota iQ city car towards the end of this year. Once connected your smartphone features can be easily accessed either using steering wheel-based controls or the large touchscreen surface in the centre of the car.

Toyota Touch Life

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PlayBook OS 2.0 Launch Delayed Until February 2012 Confirms RIM

RIM has today announced that it has made a decision to delay the release of its second-generation tablet software until February 2012. Giving the company some much-needed development time to be able to tweak their new software to try and make it a viable competitor to Apple’s iOS 5 operating system.

RIM also announced that it was going to leave out a few elements of the service including its BBM messaging application. Which will cause more aggravations for BlackBerry users as they will still need to connect their BlackBerry smartphones to the Playbook to be able to send e-mail from it.

BlackBerry PlayBook

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Nokia Lumia 710 Features In Action (6 videos)

Earlier today Nokia unveiled their new Lumia 710 smartphone which will be supplied running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and is expected to arrive in stores in early 2012 retailing for around 270 Euros before taxes.

A new range of demo videos has now been released showcasing the Nokia Lumia 710 features showing how updates will arrive and can be controlled on the new smartphone for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, together with Internet browsing and other features including email and Office integration. Watch all six videos detailing the features of the Nokia Lumia 710 after the jump.

Nokia Lumia 710

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Call of Duty Elite’s “Improve” Features Detailed (video)

If you have been considering upgrading to the new Call of Duty Elite package or have already upgraded and are still unsure about all the features it has to offer you. A new video has been released by Activision to help you understand the details of all its features and includes interview with the developers, explaining their thoughts behind the Elite package.

To become a member of the Call of Duty Elite service will cost you £34.99  or $49.99 but don’t worry if your pockets are quite deep enough as there are also free features available. Watch the video after the jump to see how it can help you improve your gameplay.


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Winamp Android App Updated With Wireless Sync For Mac (video)

Winamp have today rolled out a new update to their Android Winamp application which includes Winamp for Mac bringing wireless music and video sync to Mac users. The new Winamp for Mac Sync beta app is now available to download and brings the same functionality Windows users have enjoyed for some time to Mac systems and is free.

Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution for devices running Android 2.1 OS & above, bringing wireless desktop sync (Winamp 5.6 required), iTunes library import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

Winamp Android

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Twitter Expandable Timeline Quietly Being Tested In The Wild (video)

It has been revealed that Twiiter is currently quietly testing its new “Expandable Timeline” out in the open, as some Twitter users have reported already having access to the new features.

The new Twitter Expandable Timeline has been created to enable users to view media and related information inside the timeline instead of off to the side. Allowing you to then click on individual tweets to expand conversations, media, and retweets.Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Twitter Expandable Timeline

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