Master Chief Breaks Up With Fiancé, Turns To Blogging

He should’ve stuck to Cortana. No human girlfriend will ever understand how bad it got with the Covenant and then the Flood. Nah, kidding! The true backstory behind this Master Chief mystery is almost too weepy to handle. The bad part is Eric Smith, the guy who spent a ridiculous amount of dough to buy the MC armor from an artist, poured out his heart in a long blog post explaining his life-changing buy. Turns out his fiancé dumped him.

Master Chief

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3D Printed Spiders To Help During Emergencies

Some time in the near future you’ll be seeing mechanical spiders creeping up and into burning buildings to help rescue trapped people. This is what researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA are developing today. They’re using 3D printing technology, specifically selective laser sintering, to make these future robotic tools for emergency crews.

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mPowerPad Has So Many Gadgets Crammed Into it

Blessed with an accelerometer, the mPowerPad is an all-in-one gadget that can do a lot. It even repels bugs with an ultra-sonic alarm. The accelerometer bit allows the mPowerPad to be controlled via certain movements since it doesn’t have a control panel. This means to access its radio or smartphone charger, you have to move it a certain way. Sounds weird, but it supposedly makes it extra convenient. Developed by a company called Third Wave Power, the mPowerPad just got outed in Singapore, probably at one of those ubiquitous electronics fairs.


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Amazon Sells Kindle at a Loss

According to global research firm IHS, a Kindle Fire tablet computer costs $201.70 to manufacture. Take a look at the price tag for this recently released slate; it’s sold for $199. That would mean Amazon is actually losing $2.70 for every unit they sell.

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Malformed Mystery Mummy Stuns World

To be more specific, Renato Riquelme has stunned the world with his recent find: a malformed humanoid skeleton found in the Andes. The part that’s freaking out a lot of people is the head, which features a huge cranium that enlarges the eye sockets. The dental evidence is also compelling, since it cannot be matched with any human teeth structure. Also, owing to a somewhat muddled translation, Riquelme’s consulting with colleagues from countries like Russia has confirmed this is an extraterrestrial. Not the Katy Perry song, but a real dead fossil from another planet.

Cusco Mummy

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Bright Orange Double Bunk Transforms Into A Sofa (Video)

Double bunks are some of the coolest places to sleep in. Other than park benches in the dead of winter and the backs of taxi cabs, double bunks have a peculiar charm about them. Of course, the charm is stronger when you have a double bunk all to yourself. If you’re sharing it with another person, well, that sucks. Fighting for the top bunk isn’t really fun. Ever seen the movie Stepbrothers when they built their own double bunk beds?

 Doc Sofa Bed

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Legacy Of Pain: The Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table

Nobody in their right mind would invest in a totaled Ferrari. Then again, designer extraordinnaire Charly Molinelli probably doesn’t have his head screwed right, which is usually a good thing in the design milieu. What he just came up with is a real nice addition to any off-kilter living room. As seen below, the agonized contours of a Ferrari that was probably an Autobot in its previous life (before getting mauled by Megatron) was further crushed and shaped to fit a box. That box was turned into a coffee table with a glass surface. So there you have it, a Ferrari in your living room.

Ferrari Coffee Table

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Ride Into The Sunset With A Motorized Wheelrider

So basically the intrepid rider slips their feet inside each wheel and zooms away. The top speed is a capable 20mph. That’s not exactly fast and furious, but it’s enough for essential errands like buying Cheetos. Another interesting aspect of this Wheelrider, which is powered y a two horsepower engine, is it can support a 200 pound person. This is great news for fat kids, but the morbidly obese may have to settle on a Segway.


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Keep It Deadly Cool With A Shiny Gentleman’s Hidden Knife

Knives are fast becoming an anachronism these days, which is too bad. Thanks to soda cans, bottle caps, and junk food, few situations in everyday life call for knives. Unless, of course, you’re slicing salami or gutting fish. Oh well, kids these days would much rather OD on Modern Warfare than learn real skills. Seen below is a stylish take on the pocket knife. It’s funny, because the product page says ‘Gentleman’s Hidden Knife’ but it’s unlikely gentlemen would bother carrying one around. Gentlemen prefer monocles, y’hear? Monocles and handlebar moustaches to be specific.

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Ultra Lightweight Metal Could Usher Engineering Renaissance

In what amounts to a huge scientific achievement the world will forget about in a couple of days, esteemed nerd journal Science has published the exciting research conducted by California-based HRL Laboratories. The scientists involved have developed an ultra-lightweight metallic structure that can almost float in mid-air. That’s ‘almost.’ What’s astonishing about it is a new era of lightweight material for different products may result thanks to Dr. Schaedler and co.’s work.

Ultralightweight Metal

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iCow – Kenya’s Mobile Phone App for Cattle Farmers

In a country where almost everyone makes a living off the land, a useful mobile phone app would be one that helps farmers increase their productivity. This is how Su Kahumbu, an organic farmer from Kenya, explains how she started developing her program.

The iCow allows cattle farmers to register each of their cows individually. In turn, they can get SMS for every registered bovine that contains veterinary advice on care and feeding. It also offers a database of agricultural experts and sends out current market prices for cattle.

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Robots Help Clean Offices in Japan

Practical and functional cleaning robots are now a commercially available product in Japan. The latest model is one designed and developed by major companies Fuji Heavy Industries and Sumitomo. Ten years ago the two industrial giants had come up with a similar machine. This current model is said to be a simpler version that has the notable capability of navigating around obstructions.

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