Tweephone, The Rotary Phone Twitter Client (Video)

The Tweephone was created by two Ukranian technology companies UP digital Bureau and Unteleported tech agency, who have said that the Tweephone is the first analog Twitter client, and it was made using an old telephone and Arduino.

The Tweephone lets you type your tweets using the rotary dial on the phone, and obviously it takes a little longer to write our your tweet than using your keyboard, have a look at the video of it in action below.

Tweephone, The Rotary Phone Twitter Client

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets Reviewed (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy nexus is scheduled to go on sale in the UK later this month, we have already seen lots of photos of the device as well as a few videos, and now we have a new video from the guys over at Stuff which give us a really good look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the majority of its features.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it features a 4.65 inch HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which looks amazing in the video below.

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Cylindrical Mirror Creates 3D On Your iPad (Video)

A research group at the Ochanomizu Women’s University had created a cylindrical mirror which can be used to display 3D images on your iPad, and the mirror makes use of the iPads touchscreen display.

When the mirror is rotated on the iPads surface the image that is displayed on the iPads screen is also rotated, creating a sort of 3D display have a look at the video of it in action below.

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New Android Market Leaked, Brings Auto Download Options

A new version of Google’s Android Market has been leaked and it looks like it will come with a range of new features, the new version is 3.3.11 and one of the main new features will be changes to the auto downloads.

Users will be able to make the auto update setting the default setting, which should make it easier to auto update your applications, and you will also be able to choose whether this can be done over WiFi only or WiFi and 3G.

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iPhone 4S Headed To Regional Carrier C Spire 11th November

We heard recently that Apple would start selling the new iPhone 4S with some regional carriers in the US, the first one being C Spire Wireless and now the company has confirmed that the iPhone 4S will be available with C Spire Wireless from the 11th of November.

C Spire Wireless will offer the iPhone 4S on a range of plans which start at $50 and the 16GB iPhone 4S will retail for $199, the 32GB iPhone 4S for $299 and the $64GB iPhone 4S for $399.

iPhone 4S

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B-Movie Reality: Lab Grown Killer Mosquito Unleashed On Own Species

Can’t get any cheesier than this: genetically modified dengue mosquitoes are being deployed to kill other mosquitoes. Woah! The worst that can probably happen is they grow 100 times their size and start going after on humans. This is real Michael Crichton territory that deserves a big screen adaptation. Let’s have the science part over with first so that the speculation can take over afterwards.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus To Land On Verizon 28th November?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will go on sale in the UK and Europe on the 17th of November, and we are expecting it to launch in the US with Verizon wireless at around the same time, but it could possibly be coming on the 28th of November.

The guys over at Droid Life have obtained an advertising schedule for Verizon and it shows that they will be pushing the Droid Razr first from the 10th to 14th of November and then the Samsung Galaxy nexus from the 28th of November.

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Garage Band Lands On The iPhone And iPod Touch

Apple has released its popular music creation app Garage Band for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the app which has been available on the Mac and iPad is now available for Apple’s other iOS devices.

Garage Band for the iPhone and iPod Touch comes with all the features of the iPad version, and good news if you already own the iPad version as you will be able to download the iPhone and iPod Touch version for free.

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Manned Quadrocopter Flight Makes Aviation History (Video)

If you want to be specific, this flying machine from e-volo isn’t exactly a quadrocopter. At 16 rotors strong, it’s a first of it’s kind, a still prototypical multicopter. But lets settle on quadrocopter in the meantime, since its rotors are arranged in four separate clusters anyway. The big news is this multiplied electric powered quadro from e-volo, a German company, made its historic first flight.

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Very Impressive: Halo Sniper Rifle In Lego

Firstly: Woah! Second: The detail is incredible. Third: You should read this whole post to learn how it was made. Okay, let’s get started. Seen below is the famed Anti-Materiel Rifle from the Halo universe, a dread weapon that has done its fair share of alien extinguishing during the protracted Human-Covenant War.

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Boston Dynamics New PETMAN Prototype Walks Real Smooth

It very well should after the countless hours spent engineering it into its current form. If this is the first time you’ve ever read about PETMAN, be warned that it represents the farthest frontier of robotics. Asinine Terminator references aside, PETMAN could finally bridge the gap between robots in their current state as dull machines to the arrival of cyborgs. But don’t worry, that’s still far off.

Petman Robots

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hands On

Android devices had found a large portion of their audience among lovers of diverse hardware offerings, but Google and Samsung are now making it official. The flagship Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device is taking the ubiquitously humongous screen one step further and doing so in style. It’s also seemingly divesting itself of petty rivalries in the process. This seemed to us like the first Android device not specifically made to compete, but to impress. Which it did, effortlessly.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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