Handmade Luxurious Wool Felt iPad Case

If you are looking for a more “natural” iPad case the Tilt iPad Heritage case might well be worth look. Its constructed from natural materials, using 100% wood felt and semi-vegetable tanned leather.

Each case is handmade in Italy and the felt material used in the case design enables you to roll it up to provide a number of different support options for either typing or viewing media on your iPad.

Tilt-iPad Heritage case

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LG’s HD Android Smartphone Comfirmed

Last week we saw some photos of a new Android smartphone from LG which is yet to be announced, the device was the LG LU6200, which we got a brief look at and now whilst LG hasn’t released any model specific information, the company has now confirmed that it has a HD smartphone in the works.

LG has signed a deal with game developer Capcom for the upcoming Android version of Capcom’s Street Fighter IV game, and in the press release they have also confirmed the existence of their first HD smartphone.

LG's HD Android Smartphone Comfirmed

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LG Optimus Q2 QWERTY Slider Android Smartphone Announced

LG has added another Android smartphone to its Optimus range in the form of the LG Optimus Q2, which is a QWERTY slider device with a four inch IPS based multi-touch touchscreen LCD display and it also features a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The LG Optimus Q2 will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and processing is provided by a dual core 1.2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

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New Smartphone Subconscious Mode Could Extend Your Devices Battery Life Considerably

New smartphones are being fitted with ever faster processors to help them power through the latest applications, but the flip side to using faster processors in our devices is the added strain it puts on our battery life.

Researchers at the University of Michigan computer science and engineering have been looking into the problem and developed a new subconscious mode for smartphones which could extend battery life in our devices by as much as 54 percent.

smartphone subconscious mode

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Chrome 14 Released Complete With Native Client Support

Google has this week rolled out their new Google Chrome 14 browser to the stable channel which brings a number of new features including a new Native Client, Web Audio API enabling rich audio processing in Web applications and enhancements for Apple’s New OS X Lion.

The new Natice Client (NaCl) framework support will now allow developers to to securely run C and C++ code inside the web browser. NaCl has been present in earlier version of Chrome but has been behind a flag.

Chrome 14

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Google Wallet Launching Today?

Google announced their new Google Wallet service back in May, and now it would appear that Google is getting ready to launch Google Wallet and the payment service could possibly launch today, the 19th of September.

Google has apparently been sending out documents, which state that the Google Wallet will launch on the Sprint Nexus S from the 19th of September, you can see this in the 2nd photo below.

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Windows 8 Metro Apps In Action (Video)

Last week we saw a couple of different videos which gave us a good look at Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, Windows 8, and now Microsoft has released another video which give us a look at apps running on Windows 8 with their Metro UI.

The video below gives us a look at apps like photos, mail, calendar, messaging and lots more, as well as some of the built in social networking features like Facebook integration.

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Xbox TV Arriving For The Holiday Season

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that a new Xbox TV service is set to be released by Microsoft and will be arriving before the holiday season. The announcement was made by Ballmer at the Microsoft financial analyst meeting this week. Where he explained Microsoft is currently working with “dozens or hundreds of additional video-content suppliers,”. Which surely needs a little more clarification from Microsoft.

Xbox TV

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Samsung Illusion Photo Appears Online

We have heard previously that the Samsung Illusion is headed to Verizon Wireless, and now Samsung has posted a photo of the Verizon Samsung Illusion on Flickr, which you can see below.

We don’t have any official specifications on the Samsung Illusion as yet, although it is rumored to come with either an 800MHz or 1GHz processor, a HVGA display and either a five or three megapixel camera.

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Stormtrooper Helmet Created Only Using Sneakers

We have featured a number of Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets here on Geeky Gadgets made from a range of different materials, but never from just sneakers.

The amazing creation pictured below has been created using Adidas Star Wars skate shoes. It was specially created for the Star Wars Remix site and the piece belongs to a body of work called “The Branding Wars,” and can even be worn.

The Stormtrooper Helmet is also currently available on eBay to purchase and is already at $1,075 with just over a day remaining.

Stormtrooper Sneaker Helmet

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Samsung Plans To Block The iPhone 5 In Korea

Apple and Samsung are suing each other in about 20 different court cases at the moment, in various countries around the world, and now it would appear that Samsung intends to take legal action against Apple in Korea when Apple releases the next generation iPhone.

According to the Korea Times, who has apparently received the information from a Samsung executive, Samsung will be seeking a complete ban on sales of the iPhone 5 in Korea.

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White iPhone 4S Appears In AT&T Inventory?

We are expecting Apple to officially announce the new iPhone 5 some time this month, but there have also been rumors of another new iPhone coming from Apple this year which is expected to be a cheaper model, the iPhone 4S.

The guys over at Engadget have got their hands on a screenshot of AT&T’s internal inventory system, and it shows something interesting, a white iPhone 4S, listed as ‘iPhone 4S White’.

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