Tobii EyeAsteroids Game Is Controlled By Your Eyes, Rather Than A JoyStick (video)

If you find using a joystick a little restrictive and not particularly to your liking perhaps this new EyeAsteroids arcade game created by Tobii Technology might be more up your street. Rather than using a traditional joystick to control your ship the game uses your eyes.

EyeAsteroids tracks the movements of your eyes and then translates these actions, by simply looking at asteroids you can now shot them to pieces. As expected Tobii explains a player’s response and reaction times are vastly improved when they are compared to joystick controls. Watch the video after the jump to see EyeAsteroids in action.

Tobii EyeAsteroids

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Nokia N9 Gets Updated

Nokia has released a software update for their N9 MeeGo smartphone, and the update, PR1.1 is designed to bring a range of new features to the Nokia N9 as well as some bug fixes.

There are a total of 308 enhancements in the Nokia N9 update, which include tweaks to improve general performance, the addition of the Swype keyboard, and music controls have been added to the lock screen.

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HP Considering Selling webOS?

When HP canceled its webOS smartphones and tablets, there were a number of rumors that HP were thinking or selling off webOS, nothing came of the rumors, although now it would appear they have started up again.

According to a recent report by Reuters, HP are considering selling off webOS, and it would appear that they could sell it for quite a bit less than the $1.2 billion that they paid for Palm and webOS.

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MegaPhone iPhone Ceramic Passive Amplifier (video)

If you are looking for something a little special to dock your iPhone and play music then this fantastic ceramic MegaPhone passive amplifier might be worth a look. Each one is handmade and has been built using natural materials.

The iPhone passive amplifier is designed to boost and optimise the best sound output possible from Apple’s iOS devices and rests on a thin wooden stand that allows the object to float off the table and increases the vibration of the MegaPhone when in use to amplify the sound. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

MegaPhone iPhone Ceramic Passive Amplifier

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Nook Tablet In Action (Video)

Yesterday, Barnes & Noble introduced their new Nook Tablet, which is due to launch in the UK later this month, and will retail for $249.99, and now we have a couple of videos which give us a look at the new Nook Tablet.

The Nook Tablet will come with a 7 in ch IPS LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, and it also features a dual core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, plus 16GB of built in storage and a microSD card slot.

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Microsoft And Huawei In Talks On Android Patent Agreement

Microsoft has signed a number of deals with smartphone manufacturers that use Google’s Android OS, and are reported to be making more money from Android than they are from their own Windows Phone mobile OS.

The deals already signed included popular smartphone makers like Samsung and HTC as well as some of the smaller Android device makers, and now it would appear that Microsoft is in talks with Android device maker Huawei.

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Skybar Chill Cubes, Provide The Chill Without The Dilution

If you are looking for a more original way to cool your drinks and would prefer not to dilute your spirits with iced water, a funky gadget is available called Skybar Chill Cubes.

The stainless steel Skybar cubes allow you to chill your drinks without any dilution and can be chilled either within your fridge or freeze depending on your preferred temperature and required chilling.

Skybar Chill Cubes

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Consumer Reports Recomends The iPhone 4S

When Apple released the iPhone 4 last year, after all the various antenna problems, Consumer Reports refused to recommend the iPhone 4 even after Apple gave away free bumper cases to everyone who purchased an iPhone 4S.

The company has now released its latest smartphone ratings, and one of the devices that Consumer Reports now recommends is the new iPhone 4S, which doesn’t seem to have suffered from the same antenna problems as the original iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S

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Call Of Duty Elite Servers Go Offline, MIA

After launching their new service today its seem that the new Call Of Duty Elite service maybe struggling with the load of all the new users and its servers have currently gone offline.

Since the launch of the new  Modern Warfare 3game late last night, the service has been suffering under the pressure of new subscribers, with the official Call of Duty Twitter feed noting that this surge is causing registration and log-in issues.

Call Of Duty Elite MIA

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Ubisoft Releases Rainbow 6 Patriots Trailer (video)

Ubisoft has this week unveiled a new trailer for its Rainbow 6 Patriots first person shooter game which is expected to be officially launched on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2013.

Rather than the familiar stealth accustomed to the game series Ubisoft has take more of an Modern Warfare 3 style of gameplay to the new release and give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the game once its released, view the new Rainbow 6 Patriots trailer after the jump.

Rainbow 6 Patriots

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Honda Unveils New ASIMO Robot

Some of our readers will remember ASIMO, Honda’s robot which turned 10 years old last year, Honda has just unveiled a new version of ASIMO, and he has had a few upgrades over the previous version.

The new ASIMO is now capable of continually moving without being controlled by an operator and he is apparently also more intelligent and able to adapt to more situations and tasks.

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