Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Headed To GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus First?

The next version of Google’s Android OS, which will be Android 5.0 is rumored to be codenamed Android Jelly Bean, and it is rumored to launch some time in quarter three of 2012.

It looks like the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be the first handset to get the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean update, the information regarding the update comes from a crash log that refers to a mysterious software profile called ‘takju’ which was discovered by the guys from Android Police.

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Nokia Earned More From iPhone Than Its Nokia Lumia Windows Phones?

According to a recent report Nokia is making more from Apple’s iPhone than it is currently making from its own Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices, the company recently announced that its mobile phone division made a loss.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider, Nokia made around 600 million from patents that it licensed to Apple relating to Apple’s iPhone range which include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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Another Samsung Galaxy S III Photo Leaked?

We have already seen a couple of photos of the new Samsung Galaxy S III, although the photos we saw were of the device in dummy boxes, and now another photo has appeared online, which is reported to be the next Galaxy smartphone.

Unfortunately the photo isn’t the best quality, have a look at it below, we don’t know if this is the final design or just another dummy case, what do you guys think?

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Wii U Coming With Android App Support?

Its been rumoured that the new Nintendo Wii U expected to make an appearance later this year, will come with ability to run Android applications directly out of the box.

But rather than just trying to make the system accommodate the Android apps, Nintendo is apparently building Android into their system, for real, working alongside the Wii U’s own user interface and software.

Wii U

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Samsung Stages Fake Protest Outside Apple Store (Video) (Updated)

Samsung latest adverts and marketing campaigns have been having a dig at Apple, their latest one is somewhat strange as Samsung decided to stage a fake protest outside an Apple Store in Australia.

Samsung sent a bus load of protesters to  an Apple Store in Australia, and then had the protesters chant ‘Wake Up’ outside the store while brandishing some ‘Wake Up signs’.

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Google Launches New Google Maps Photo Tour Feature (video)

Google has this week launched a new features on its Google Maps service that allows users to now view photo tours of specific places worldwide.Google photo tours are now available for more than 15,000 popular sites around the world, from famous landmarks such as St. Mark’s Basilica in Italy to scenic treasures like Half Dome in Yosemite.

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Galaxy S III, Droid RAZR HD And New 5 Inch HTC Smartphone Headed To Verizon

According to a recent report from the BGR, there are a number of new devices headed to Verizon Wireless this summer, which will include the new Samsung Galaxy S III.

Other devices reported to be landing on version include a Droid RAZR HD, which we presume will feature a HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, plus a yet to be announced device from HTC that will feature a 5 inch touchscreen display.

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Dropbox Enables Automatic Photo Uploading For PC And Mac Systems

Dropbox has this week enabled a new feature on its service which follows on from the roll out of their Android app back in February, that automatically uploaded images directly to your Dropbox account.

Now Dropbox has enabled the automatic service to work with just about any camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone. Making storing your images and memories to your Cloud storage even easier. Dropbox explains the implementation of the new service:


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Apple’s New iPad Launched In Nine More Countries

Apple’s new iPad has already become very popular for the company, and now Apple has launched their new iPad in nine more countries around the world, making the device available in a total of 57 different countries.

From today the new iPad is available Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand, which are bound to add to Apple’s massive sales of the new device.

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 Press Shots Revealed

The guys over at the Verge have got their hands on some press shots of RIM’s latest BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 9320, the device is designed for the budget and emerging markets.

RIM has yet to officially announce the new BlackBerry Curve 9320, so we don’t have the full specifications, what we do know is that it will comer with a physical QWERTY keyboard and will run BlackBerry OS 7.1.

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Panasonic And NHK Working On New 145 Inch Plasma TV With 8K Resolution

Panasonic has announced that it will be working with NHK to produce a new plasma TV which will measure a massive 145 inches, and will come with a whopping 8K resolution.

The hew Panasonic 145 inch plasma TV will feature a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is known as Super Hi-Vision in Japan, and it will be the worlds first 8K display that doesn’t need a backlight.

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