Sony Tablet S Goes Up For Pre-Order In The US

Last week Sony’s new Android tablet, the Sony Tablet S went up for pre-order here in the UK, and now it looks like it is available to pre-order in the US from retailer Best Buy, and should be available within the next few days.

As with the UK there are two models available, the 16GB Sony Tablet S retails for $499.99 whilst the 32GB model retails for $599.99, and it comes with a 9.4 inch multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, processing is provided by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and it comes with Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

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Plastic Logic 100 Shatterproof eReader Unveiled

Plastic Logic has unveiled their new eReader which has been designed specifically for schools, in the form of the Plastic Logic 100 shatterproof eReader. The Plastic Logic 100 is equipped with a large 10.7” shatterproof display and is powered by a 800MHz processor with 4GB of storage. It runs Windows CE although the user interface has been custom designed to suit the device.

The Plastic Logic 100 has been designed to provide students with a simple, yet powerful eReader, capable of securely delivering an entire year’s worth of textbooks in one place enabling students to always have what they need wherever they maybe.

Plastic Logic 100

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Nokia N9 Goes Up For Pre-Order In Australia

Nokia N9 fans will be pleased to know that the device has gone up for pre-order in Australia, and it looks like it is available with prices starting at around $829 AUD, which works out at about $865 US.

The Nokia N9  features a 3.9 inch multi-touch AMOLED display with curved Gorilla Glas, plus  a uni-body design and the body of the smartphone is made from a polycarbonate material, there is also an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, plus built in auto-focus and touch to focus, processing is provided by an ARM Cortex A8 OMAP3630 1GHz processor.

Nokia N9
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iPatch Gives Your iPhone 4 A Glowing Apple Logo

If you want to give your iPhone 4 the same glowing Apple logo that can be found on the back of the MacBook, a UK company called iPatch will be offering a mode for the iPhone 4 that will give it a glowing Apple logo.

The mod is expected to cost around £100, about $159, and the company will be offering the service later this month, and don’t worry if you live outside of the UK as they will be offering the service by mail outside the UK.

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Adobe Unveils New Adobe Pass, Flash Access 3.0 And Flash Media Server 4.5

Even though Flash is still not supported on Apple’s iOS device,s Adobe still hasn’t given up trying to get the device to be able to play Flash in some way or another. At the International Broadcasters Convention Adobe unveiled three new flagship products in the form of their new Adobe Pass, Flash Access 3.0 and Flash Media Server 4.5.

Using the Flash Access 3.0 and Flash Media Server 4.5 it is now possible to for developers to stream Flash content to iPad devices but Flash is still a huge way from being seamlessly integrated with iOS.

Flash Media Server

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HTC Considering Purchasing A Mobile OS

It looks like HTC may be looking to get their hands on a mobile OS for their range of HTC smartphones, according to a recent report by The Next Web, although HTC hasn’t confirmed which mobile OS they are interested in.

One that springs to mind, and the most obvious choice, would be HP’s webOS, which the company basically cancelled recently, although they haven’t as yet confirmed that webOS is for sale.

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NEC Unveils LaVie Touch Windows 7 Tablet Complete With DVD Dock

NEC has launched a new Windows 7 tablet this week with the unveiling of their new LaVie Touch tablet complete with docking station and keyboard. The new LaVie Touch is powered by a 1.5 GHz Atom Z670 processor, supported by 2GB of RAM and fitted with 64GB of internal storage thanks to an integrated solid state drive.

Its equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and has a battery capable of providing over 10 hours of use on a full charge. The provided docking station also enables you to use a DVD player and Bluetooth keyboard with the LaVie Touch.

LaVie Touch

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Samsung’s Windows 8 Tablet To Use Intel Processor?

We are expecting to get out first look at Microsoft’s very first Windows 8 tablet this week, which is reported to have been made by Samsung, and now it would appear that this new Windows 8 Tablet will come with an Intel processor.

The majority of the tablets available at the moment use ARM processors, and Windows 8 will apparently support both ARM and Intel’s Sandy Bridge platforms.

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Awesome Steampunk Gaming Stick

If you enjoy all things Steampunked, feast your eyes on this newly created Steampunk fight stick created by Sam Kurd from B15SDM Designs. Kurd has used a set of Seimitsu buttons from the famed Japanese arcade button maker and added lashings of Steampunk goodness to create a very unique fight stick.

Looking underneath the game stick allows you to see the detailing that has gone into making this awesome fight stick, which even has a clock (non working) built into the joystick component of the controller together with buttons that light up in white light when pressed. View a gallery of images after the jump.

Steampunk Fight Stick

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Samsung To Abandon Windows Phone 7 By The End Of 2012?

According to a recent report, Samsung may be putting an end to its Windows Phone 7 smartphones in favor of its own Bada OS by the end of 2012 and we may only see a few more Windows phone 7 devices from Samsung between now and then.

Of course this is just a rumor at the moment, and is yet to be confirmed by Samsung, but there have been rumors over the last few weeks that Samsung are looking for alternative mobile OS’s to Android and Windows Phone 7.

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