So Bad Its Good: Bacon Soda Sells In Package Of Six

For some reason this reminded the writer of the Queen album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ from way back when. Though the gist of this post is humorous, Bacon Soda is no spoof—it’s as real as cardiac arrest. Promoted as ‘a mad marriage between soda and bacon,’ Bacon Soda is currently available in an affordable six pack for $24.95 but can be discounted to $19.95.

Bacon Soda

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South Korean School Showcases Its Robots (Video)

Fine, so South Korea may be second fiddle to Japan’s overall devotion to mecha-kind. That doesn’t mean South Korean conglomerates, universities, and technology startups don’t make great strides on their own. For the past several years now, a tech university has hosted a robotics festival to showcase the work of its students. What really sets it apart is the astounding variety all the kids put on display.


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US Army Trademarked Gaming Guns And Gear Now On Sale

2011 has been the biggest year ever for shooters. No wonder a new line of gaming guns and gear have recently popped up for Xbox and PS3 enthusiasts. The difference this time around is the stuff is US Army trademarked, which is probably a not so subtle-way of endorsing the perpetual good guys in the Call of Duty franchise. (Except for General Shepard though, that guy rightly deserved to be wetworked by Soap and Price.)

Gaming Gun

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Massive Rail Car Network To Rise In India

Amritsar is one of the most fascinating cities cities in the subcontinent. Not only is it the location for the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, but an engineering marvel is poised to rise above its streets and thoroughfare. Recently merged contractor UltraFairwood have announced its plans to raise a 3.3km long ‘elevated guideway’ to support a railcar network. Even on paper, the details are superlative.


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So Soon! Lockheed-Martin Teases Sexy 2030 Fighter Concept

So to clarify: At the beginning of the year Lockheed-Martin distributed copies of its 2012 calendar to media friends. The accompanying eye-candy included the aircraft seen below. It’s not quite an F22, definitely not an F35…in fact, it’s a whole new beast. But hold on, because it isn’t taking to the skies until 2030. That’s just 18 years from now. A lot can happen in 18 years.

Lockheed Martin

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Microsoft Bids Goodbye To IE6

The day has finally come. And Microsoft figures the day marking the end of Internet Explorer 6 deserves a celebration. IE6, which started finding its way to PCs way back in 2001, saw its usage drop significantly and now, even Microsoft admits the time has come to put it to rest.

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