Motorola Droid 4 Teardown

The iFixit team have been at its again with their screwdrivers this week, and applied their dismantling skills to Motorola’s Droid 4 smartphone, revealing its inner workings for all to see.

After taking the Motorola Droid 4 apart, iFixit only awarded the smartphone a measly 4 out of 10 for repairability, due to the poor way the Droid 4 has been put together. Making it very tricky to replace certain items now the keyboard is integrated into the motherboard. Meaning you’ll have to replace both components if a key on the keyboard becomes faulty.

Droid 4 Teardown

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Rockstar Talks L.A. Noire 2

It’s not surprising that the sequel to a game with such a rocky development process is given careful consideration. On the one hand, L.A. Noire established a franchise fit to share the pantheon of GTA and Red Dead Redemption. However, even with the game’s success, its earnings will probably not match its hefty development cost. Fortunately, sequels are nothing if not profitable, as the technology and production pipeline are already in place.

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Kickstarter Millionaire Tim Shafer Defends Traditional Publishers

Disruptive strategies for making games come along every couple of years that turn the industry on its head. Double Fine and Tim Schafer’s  nigh $2 million Kickstarter coup was unfortunately not that. It showed, if anything, that affection for a person or a company’s body of work can be monetized and is thus immensely valuable. Hopefully other companies will endeavour to build some as a result. But it’s very far from rendering publishers obsolete. Nor should it, according to the man himself.

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HTC Endeavor Specifications Revealed In Leaked ROM

A leaked ROM for the HTC Endeavor (HTC Edge) has revealed some more specifications about this new Android device from HTC which we are expecting to be released at MWC 2012 later this month.

The device will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich plus the latest version of HTC’s custom user interface, HTC Sense 4.0, a 720p resolution touchscreen display.

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ION Jukebox iPad Speaker Dock

If you are looking for a more retro styled iPad dock, you might be interested in the table top Jukebox iPad Dock launched by ION this week. The ION Jukebox iPad Dock features stereo speakers and a universal dock for either iPad or iPad 2 tablets. Charging your iPad as you listen to music using your favourite Jukebox iOS application. The retro look of the ION Jukebox iPad Dock is finished with glowing neon trim to create that authentic jukebox effect even on this smaller scaled down version.


ION Jukebox Dock

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Receives “Major” Update With Survival Mode, Zombies And More (video)

Mojang has rolled out a new “major” update to its Minecraft Pocket Edition this week. Bringing with it a new day and night survival mode together with a number of new blocks including most notably doors, fences and fence gates. As well as the ability to now fly in Creative mode, you can watch a quick play through of the new update in the video after the jump, to see what you can expect from the new survival and creative modes, complete with Zombies. Enjoy!

Minecraft Pocket Edition

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ZTE Tania Windows Phone Dropped To £199 Before Launch

The ZTE Tania was announced last month, and this new Windows Pho0ne device is due to go on sale in the UK shortly, and it was originally going to retail for £250 including taxes SIM free.

ZTE has decided to drop the price of their new Windows Phone smartphone, and it will now retail for £199 including taxes when it launches in the UK.

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CDMA Nokia Lumia 800 Headed To China In March

Nokia launched the Lumia 800 in Europe at the end of last year, the handset is due to go on sale in the US shortly, although this will be the GSM version and now it looks like a CDMA version is on the works.

According to a recent report China Telecom will be selling a CDMA Nokia Lumia 800 in March, which could mean that a CDMA version will be headed to the US in the future which would be available from both Verizon and Sprint.

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Canconical Introduces Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix

Canonical has this week introduced a new version of its Ubuntu desktop operating system, based on Ubuntu 11.10. The new versions has been created for corporate and government institutions to enable them to evaluate Ubuntu as a desktop solution. The new Remix version of Ubuntu 11.10 makes it much easier for corporate users tone able to customise the Ubuntu desktop for their exact requirements.

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix

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Call of Duty Elite 2.0 Now In Development

Not surprisingly Activision has already announced that they are currently in full production of the next Call of Duty game. Which will be the ninth in the series and will be arriving in November 2012.

As well as the new Call of Duty game which Activision announced during the company’s quarterly earnings call. A new Call of Duty Elite 2.0 service is expected to roll out at the same time and is currently in development by Activision.

Call of Duty Elite 2.0

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