Bastion, Limbo, Amnesia, Psychonauts Part Of New Humble Indie Bundle

It’s that time again, with a new Humble Indie Bundle up for grabs. Previous ones have had a tradition of including a few top notch entries padded with a few less than stellar additions, but this latest one sees an all-star roster. The only danger here is that you might already have picked some of these up, but with Steam keys on offer, gifting the extras will more than take care o that problem.

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New Gears Of War On The Way

With the end of the trilogy so clearly defined, a new Gears of War would be free to take the franchise into new, unexplored territory. What little has come to light via Game Informer doesn’t necessarily point in that direction, as only a shadowed prisoner is visible against a backdrop of explosions (not far from where the first game starts).

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IGN to Stream E3 Coverage Via Xbox Live

If you’re gamer that can’t make it to California for E3 this year, but you want to watch all the goings-on at the press conferences, IGN has announced it will be streaming coverage on just about every platform. E3 press conference coverage will be streamed via the Internet, YouTube, and all mobile platforms.

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Sony PS4 to stick with discs

There has been much speculation on Sony’s next gen Playstation console. With E3 just around the corner, everyone wants to know what Sony is planning. The latest info to leak via some loose lips is that, despite Sony’s cloud-streaming plans, the PS4 will still have a good old fashioned optical disc drive.
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New Dark Souls Content Coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

If you’ve never played Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, you are really missing out on some great gaming. If you have played these games, then you know how awesome and addictive they are. Now Namco Bandai has announced some new content in the form of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die for the PC version. It will be coming for consoles as well.
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Netflix 2.2 iOS App Update Brings New User Interface And Player Enhancements

Netflix has today rolled out a major update to its iOS applications taking the app to version 2.2. The update brings with it a totally new user interface for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Together with a number of enhancements which make using the application more enjoyable. Thumbnails have now been added to the navigation bar whilst you scrub through a file, as well as larger player controls, making it easier to control your viewing on smaller screens.

Netflix iOS Update

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CD Projekt Unveils Their Next Project: Cyberpunk, Triple-A RPG

Creators of the fantastic Witcher series of games, CD Projeckt, has this week unveiled its plans to create a new triple-A RPG game called Cyberpunk. The announcement was made at the Summer Conference Event, where CD Projeckt revealed what their next big project would be. The new Cyberpunk RPG game set in the future, will be based on the iconic desktop pen and paper game of the same name.

CD Projekt Cyberpunk

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Battlefield 3 Premium Service Details Leaked

Details of EA’s new Battlefield 3 Premium service have been leaked in a document which Sony inadvertently let out of the bag. The new yet to be launched Battlefield 3 Premium service is a paid for service for Battlefield 3 players, in the style of the Call of Duty: Elite service, offered by Battlefields competing FPS shooter Call of Duty.

Battlefield 3

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