Zooka Bluetooth Speakers Now Available To Pre-Order (video)

Readers might remember the Zooka Bluetooth speaker we featured here on Geeky Gadgets back in February, as they made their way successfully through the Kickstarter crowd funding process.

Well if you missed the project on the Kickstarter website and didn’t get your hands on a set, you will be pleased to know that the Carbon Audio Zooka speakers are now available to pre-order. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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All 4 Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Endings Revealed (video)

Need I say that the videos are obviously a massive spoiler for the new Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC which rolled out yesterday for the Xbox 360 and PC. So look away if you are still playing through Mass Effect 3, if you want to savour the endings via gameplay look away now. Unfortunately PS3 gamers are still waiting for the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC to land on their consoles.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Endings

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Sony Xperia Neo L Appears At The FCC

Sony originally announced the Xperia Neo L back in March, the device was initially available in China, back in May Sony said that they would start rolling out the Xperia Neo L globally although they did not give an exact launch date.

Now it would appear that Sony are getting ready to launch the Xperia Neo L in the US, as the device has just appeared at the FCC, which hints that Sony will soon be releasing the Xperia Neo L.

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EU Court Upholds Microsoft’s Antitrust Ruling, But Reduces Fine To $1.07 Billion

A European Court has finally ruled on Microsoft’s appeal relating to the EU Antitrust ruling from 2008, and the court has decided that the ruling against Microsoft is to be upheld.

Microsoft were originally fined 899 million Euros, the European court has now decided to reduce the fine which Microsoft has to pay to 860 million Euros, at today’s exchange rate this works out at around $1.07 billion US dollars.

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DC Comics Arrive On Nook Color And Tablets

Barnes & Noble has today announced that DC Comics are now available on their Nook Color and Tablets, with Nook Zoom view support. Joining the already available Marvel Comic collection.

The latest Nook Zoom technology which has been created for the Nook, allows users to zoom in on single panels, and enjoy reading the comics one panel at a time rather than from full pages.

DC Comics

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TV Shows And Magazines Headed To Google Play?

It looks like Google may be getting ready to add a couple of new features to their Google Play Store, as Reddit user ‘derpodactyl has discovered some references to both TV shows and magazines on Google Play, which could mean that they will be available for Android devices and Google TV devices shortly.

The references were discovered in a Javascript file hosted on Google Play, you can see a list of the references that were found below.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets Receive Android 4.0 Update

Its been on the cards for sometime that Lenovo was going to roll out an update to its Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets, updating them to Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

Originally it was thought the update would arrive in May, but if you have been patiently waiting for Android 4.0 you will be pleased to learn that it started rolling out across the US this week and is now available to install.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

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Apple Launches Its Own Podcast iOS App

Apple has this week rolled out a new podcast iOS application its created to allow users to listen and subscribe to podcasts outside of their traditional iTunes app.

It was rumoured earlier this month that Apple was working on the new application, but official release dates were unknown at the time.

Apple Podcast iOS App

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Instagram For Android Gets Updated Again

Yesterday the Instagram team released a new version of their popular photo sharing app for Apple’s iOS, and they have now also released a new version of Instagram for Android, which adds a range of new feature to the app.

As well as a number of bug fixes, the new Instagram app for Android now with deeper Facebook integration, you can now easily share any Instagram photos with your Facebook friends, the option is optional and can be turned on by going to Profile > Settings > Sharing settings > Facebook within the app.

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Sony PS Vita YouTube App Launches

As expected Sony has this week launched a new YouTube app for its PS Vita gaming console, allowing users to now watch HD YouTube videos up to 720p from Sony’s portable gaming console.

The new PS Vita YouTube application is now available to download for free from the PS Vita Store via the PlayStation Network. The new PS Vita YouTube app can also be used via 3G if you prefer. rather than a Wi-Fi connection.

PS Vita YouTube App

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Mascot Arrives On Google’s Lawn

Google’s I/O developer conference kicks off later today, one of the announcement we are expecting from Google is a new version of their mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

As with every release of a new version of Android, Google places a new Android mascot on their lawn, and yesterday they put up a new one, which as you can see from the photos is clearly for Android Jelly Bean.

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