Wired Magazine’s iPad App In Action (Video)

One of the most exciting parts of Apple’s new iPad is the ability to read iPad versions of traditional magazines, which are reported to come with a range of new features, and interactive content.

We have already seen a few magazine iPad applications and the latest one to be released is from Wired Magazine, you can see what it looks like in the video below.

Wired Magazine's iPad App In Action (Video)

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Has Apple Discontinued The iPhone 3G?

If you go online to the Apple stores in the US this morning, you will see that the iPhone 3G is still listed, but you can’t actually buy it, as Apple has removed that option from the US store, does this mean that Apple has discontinued the iPhone 3G?

We just checked the UK Apple store and the iPhone 3G is still available for sale with Orange, but it isn’t available for sale with O2, this could mean that Apple are clearing out stocks of the iPhone 3G and as soon as they are gone the iPhone 3G will be discontinued.

Has Apple Discontued The iPhone 3G

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Rock Band 3 Includes Keyboards?

The latest release of  the ongoing Rock Band franchise, Rock Band 3 is again trying to revolutionise the music genre. The recently released Rock Band : Green Day demo on the Xbox included a sneak teaser image for the up and coming Rock Band 3. As you can see in the below image a new instrument is making a debut.

Rock Band 3

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BBC’s New iPlayer Features Facebook And Twitter Integration

The BBC has released details of the latest version of their popular BBC iPlayer which now comes with a range of new features and also integration with social networks life Facebook and Twitter.

The new BBC iPlayer features a re-designed user interface which is designed to make using the service easier and it now features a built in TV listing page which will show you what live programs are available.TV and Radio are now separated, making it easier to browse through each of the different channels on either radio and TV.

BBC's New iPlayer Features Facebook And Twitter Integration

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