Quantum Computing Sort Of Makes History With Super-Computation

So there’s a company called D-Wave Systems over in Canada who are pushing the envelope with this whole Quantum computing stuff. It’s among the farthest technological frontiers of our time and like most cutting edge territories, it’s hard to understand. But this hasn’t kept news of a breakthrough from spreading. It turns out a qubit-powered quantum computer made by D-Wave did an impressive calculation recently, garnering much commented attention.

DWave Systems

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MIT Creates Nano-Sized Super Bandage

Turns out human blood has this incredible protein particle in it called thrombin. What makes thrombin awesome is it’s a natural coagulant, which means it’s responsible for arresting blood flow—somehow. Don’t expect thrombin to work miracles though. If you cut the jugular, thrombin doesn’t really work that well. So DON’T.

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Recently Unveiled Jaja Stylus Has Magic Powers (Video)

Nah, kidding! Sure, there are a lot of stylus pens out in the market. Inventive Australian John Atherton begs to differ though. What he has conceived and subsequently made is a standout device that uses high-frequency signals to imprint on a touchscreen surface. It comes off as unnecessarily complex, but the whole point is to improve on what various dull stylus pens have offered.


Jaja stylus

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Track Your Favorite Mutt Better With Geodog GPS Collar

The latest variant of the GeoDog tracking system is getting hyped as the best yet—for good reason. Not only is it available in different sizes to accommodate the canine, but it also has a bunch of interesting features. The GeoDog system works by allowing the dog owner to trace their pet via an SMS message with coordinates. Emergency alerts are also possible if installed and the whole GeoDog package is compatible with Windows and Android devices/PCs.


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Epic Open Source Program To Improve Raven II Surgical Robots

The Raven II robot might not look like much, but it’s the cutting edge of surgery. A new program spearheaded by the  National Science Foundation wants to push the envelope farther by distributing the Raven II among top medical institutions. Developed by the University of Washington and the University of California, the Raven II is being touted as an open source platform whose continuous use should bring about new techniques that could improve the state of the art.

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Liquipel Finally Water Proofs Your Beloved Smartphone (Video)

Because some people simply can’t afford to be separated from their smartphones, it’s imperative the cherished devices be screened from the elements. So here comes Liquipel, an awful mash of the words ‘liquid’ and ‘repel’ that’s also the name of a fascinating company over in California. a substance that keeps the smartphone dry in the wettest conditions. How does it work?


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IntelliPillow Puts A Hi-Tech Spin On Bedtime Comfort

This is a CES post, but since the writer cannot report directly from the event, he’s just sharing what he read about a very interesting device. It seems that pillows are getting a lot of scrutiny these days. In fact, different companies seem to be investing lots of imagination and tech wizardry creating pillows that do more than your average, well, pillow. Wait until you learn about the IntelliPillow. It’s not really smart, but it’s capable of adjusting itself to the person lying on it, like that dude below staring contentedly at a remote.


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Get Mars Pics On Your Smartphone Via New App

By ‘Mars pics’ is meant the real deal–photos taken from the surface of Mars. Based on what has popped up online, no evidence of long dead civilizations were caught, but the scenic tranquility of the red planet is still quite a feast for the eyes.  There are lots of rocks too. As for the principal photographer, it’s the Martian rover called Opportunity. After almost eight years of being in-planet it has amassed quite an incredible library of pics. No kidding. The really cool part is a NASA developer has created an iPhone/Android app for viewing the wealth of media.


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Hardcore Nerd News: Mysterious Particle Could Avert Climate Change

Ever been told/read/ever been informed about Criegee biradicals? If not, that’s perfectly okay. For the last six or seven decades since they were first hypothesized, Criegee biradicals were not even thought to exist. For that simple reason, no one bothered with any research on them. But wait, because at long last, Criegee biradicals could soon be getting the recognition they deserve.


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Nike Teases High End Golf Putter, Give Release Date

Truth be told, this writer isn’t much of a golf buff, but the compelling aspects that define Nike’s concept Method putter are pretty attractive. Inspired by the sexy contours and vivid profile of sports cars, the new Method putter from Nike is already being promoted as a gentleman golfer’s must-have. According to sources, it will be available for orders by the middle of next month.

Nike Concept Putter

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Sunflower Trend Catches On In Solar Power Industry

Since smart folks over at MIT and Aachen Uni get to do all the cool research no one else has the time for these days, new findings have revealed that sunflowers could make a huge difference in the nascent solar power business. It’s fundamentally about design, especially how sunflowers are themselves patterned by mother nature to optimally absorb sunlight. For proof, just mesmerize yourself with the pic below. It’s entrancing, to say the least.

Sunflower center

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