Sony Xperia S Now Available From Three UK

UK mobile provider Three has just announced that the new Sony Xperia S is available on their network here in the UK, and the device is available on both their pay monthly contracts and pay as you go contracts.

The Sony Xperia S is available ion a range of their monthly contracts for free on a range of their plans and from £369.99 including taxes on their pay as you go contracts.

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CM9 Alpha For the Nook Tablet Officially Released (video)

Today CM9 Alpha has been officially released for the Nook Color, by XDA Developers. The CyanogenMod 9 alpha 0 still has a few things to be corrected such as the microphone, hw composition, hw video decoding (basically all TI ducati features are not working), Bluetooth and FM radio. But the latest release now runn smoothly on the B&N Nook Color device.

CyanogenMod 9 Nook Color

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Apple Starting To Sell Out Of 4G iPads

Apple’s iPad 3 which comes with 4G LTE only went up for pre-order yesterday, and in less than twenty four hours it looks like some 4G LTE models of the iPad are already starting to sell out for launch date.

The guys over at the BGR noticed that some models of the 4G LTE iPad for AT&T have now had their shipping date change from the 16th of March, which is the official launch date of the iPad 3 to the 19th of March.

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Google’s Chrome Hacked During Pwnium Competition

Feeling pretty confident after successfully succeeding to fend off attack in the previous three years during the annual Pwn2Own competitions. Last week Google offered a million dollars in rewards for anyone that could successfully breach their browsers security.

Google this year setup its own hacking competition called Pwnium and set up top prizes of $60,000. With that sort of incentive it didn’t take long for aSergey Glazunov, a Russian university student, to walked away with a prize after successfully hacking Chrome.

Google Chrome

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Steampunk Portal Gun

Fans of Steampunk and the Valve Portal game should enjoy this Steampunk Portal Gun created from a variety of weird and wonderful components. Including an antique alarm clock, hangers, plumbing parts, a plant pot, various lids, a plastic tub, a pocket laser disc, lightbulbs, and “metal covering from an old hairbrush”. Which has all been moulded together to create the device pictured below.

Steampunk Portal Gun

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Apple Launches Apple Configurator For Businesses And Schools

Apple has launched a new application called Apple Configurator which is designed to let organizations like schools and businesses manage multiple iOS devices at once.

The Apple Configurator will let you manage up to thirty different devices at once, including iPads, iPhone’s and the iPod Touch, and all devices can be updated to the same version of iOS at once.

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Samsung Compares iPad 3 vs Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly the best of friends, the two companies are battling it out in multiple lawsuits around the world, yesterday Apple announced the new iPad 3 and now Samsung has sent out a comparison of the new iPad 3 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The chart below was provided by Samsung, and Samsung has designed it to point out the differences between their new Galaxy Note 10.1 and Apple’s new iPad 3.

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Grove Unveils New iPad Cases

Following on from the announcement of the new iPad by Apple last night. Grove Designs haste wasted no time launched their new range of cases designed specifically for the new iPad. The main reason why Grove can start shipping and launching its new iPad cases so quickly is to to the manufacturing process being on site and not off in some distant land.


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Apple To Ditch Google For Its Own Mapping Service?

Apple currently uses Google Maps as its mapping service on its iOS devices, and Apple and Google apparently have an agreement which runs until the of 2012.

We have heard rumors in the past that Apple were working on their own mapping service to replace Google Maps, yesterday Apple released iPhoto which comes with mapping features built in, although the mapping features are not coming from Google Maps.

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Star Wars : The Old Republic 1.2 Updates Changes Showcased In New Trailer (video)

Bioware has rolled out a new update 1.2 for their Star Wars : The Old Republic this week. Which includes so many tweaks and changes that they have put together a trailer showcasing a few of the more major alterations and updates.

It seems that nearly every aspect of the Star Wars : The Old Republic will be seeing a tweak within the update including the user interface and the mysterious Legacy System. watch the update 1.2 trailer after the jump to see what you can expect after its installed.

Star Wars : The Old Republic

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Skyrim Wins ‘Game of the Year’ 2012

The fantastic Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game created by Bethesda has this week won the prestigious ‘Game of the Year’ 2012 at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Skyrim which was released on November 11th 2011 is the fifth instalment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series. Skyrim is an action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and allows you to explore vast kingdoms and partake in endless quests.


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