Nokia Lumia 610 Budget Windows Phone In The Works?

We know that Nokia will be unveiling a number of Windows Phone devices at MWC 2012 later this month, and now details of a new budget Nokia Windows Phone handset have been rumored, the Nokia Lumia 710.

According to a recent report, the Nokia Lumia 610 will be priced lower than that of the Nokia Lumia 710, and it will come with Windows Phone Tango, which will support lower specifications that the existing version.

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More Resident Evil 6 Game Details Unveiled By Capcom (video)

Today Capcom have released new detailed information about their new upcoming new Resident Evil 6 game to whet the appetite of fans around the world. A teaser video was unveiled last month but now Capcom has also revealed that the setting for the new Resident Evil 6 game maybe China is a functional coastal town of Lanshiang.

The new Resident Evil 6 game will also feature a newly designed control system allowing players to shoot whilst moving; slide; roll in any direction and to take cover along with the addition of an enhanced melee attack.

Resident Evil 6 Game

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HTC Working On Music Streaming Service?

According to a recent report by GigaOM, HTC is working on a new music streaming service for its range of mobile devices and tablets, the service could possibly be similar to something like Spotify.

HTC purchased the controlling stake in Beat Audio last year, and since then we have seen a range of new smartphones and devices with integrated Beat Audio, so music is obviously high on the companies agenda.

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MacPad Pro Concept By Jules Moretti

Designer Jules Moretti has dreamed up a concept for a new Apple product called the MacPad Pro, which incorporates a touch screen keyboard and combines both the iPad and Macbook Pro.

The design combines two touch screens similar to the existing Apple iPad together with a hinge and sprinkles in a few thunderbolt, USB and a power connections for good measure, together with an SD card reader.

MacPad Pro

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HP Z1 All-in-one Professional Workstation Unveiled (video)

HP’s new Z1 all-in-one desktop computer system has been unveiled this week, and has been design to allow you to easily access its internal components, enabling you to upgrade and service workstations without tools.

The new HP Z1 workstations are equipped with a choice of options from Core i3 systems with integrated graphics up to a quad-core Xeon-powered workhorses with up to 32GB RAM (or 8GB ECC), together with Nvidia Q4000M graphics. Other features include a 1080p HD webcam, SRS sound, USB 3.0, Blu-ray, tool-less internal parts, and a 90% efficient PSU. Watch the promotional video after the jump for a guided tour by the Z1 developers and designers.


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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Coming 21st February?

We recently heard that RIM was offering free PlayBook tablets to developers who were creating bringing their Android apps to the PlayBook and the new version of their OS, PlayBook OS 2.0.

RIM also announced that they were extending the offer until the beginning of March, and now it would appear that we may have a possible launch date for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

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Apple Working On New Mac Pro With NVIDIA Graphics?

Apple’s Mac Pro is certainly due an upgrade, Apple last launched a new Mac Pro back in 2010, and since then we have heard a number of rumors that Apple are working on a new model.

The latest news comes from the guys over at Mic Gadget, who have received some information from a new Mac Pro from an anonymous source, and the new Mac Pro’s will apparently come with Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge chipset.

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LibreOffice Rolls Out Version 3.5 Calls Its “The best free office suite ever”

The fantastic free and open source package LibreOffice has this week rolled out a new update to its suite of software, that brings with it a number of new features and tweaks, improving the package even further.

LibreOffice developers Document Foundation have announced the launch of their latest version as “The best free office suite ever” and marks the third major release. New features in the update include a built-in Grammar checker for English and several other languages, together with improved typographical features, for professional looking documents.


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SanDisk Extreme SSD Announced

SanDisk has added another solid state drive to their range with the launch of the SanDisk Extreme SSD, which is a 2.5 inch solid state drive that features a 6GB/s SATA connection.

The SanDisk Extreme SSD features read speeds up to 550MB/s and write speeds up to 520MB/s and it will be available in a choice of storage sizes which include a 120GB version, a 240GB version and a 480GB version.

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Google Public DNS Service Now Processes Over 70 Billion Requests A Day

Back in December 2009 Google launched its Google Public DNS a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service. But today Google’s DNS service is now longer an experimental service, and has become the worlds largest DNS service.

An Internet DNS service acts like a giant phone book allowing users to look up hundreds or thousands of entries everyday, and now Google’s DNS service is processing over 70 billion requests on a daily basis.

Google DNS

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Google Releases Google Wallet Security Fix

Over the last week we have been hearing about a couple of security flaws discovered in Google Wallet, on Monday Google announced that they would be removing the provisioning of pre-paid cards for Google Wallet.

Google has now re-enabled prepaid cards on Google Wallet and has issued a security update to address the security flaws that were discovered in Google Wallet.

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Google+ For iOS Gets Updated

Google has released a new version of their Google+ application for Apple’s iOS devices, and the app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 and above.

The new Google+ iPhone app brings a range of new features to Apple’s iOS devices, which include the ability to so who has +1’d a post, a new what’s hot stream, plus a new instant upload feature for photos.

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