Instagram For Android Now Available

We have been hearing for a while that the popular photo sharing app Instagram is coming to Google’s Android platform, and the wait is finally over as Instagram is now available for Android on Google Play.

Instagram has been extremely popular on Apple’s iOS platform with over 30 million users and we suspect that number will increase significantly which the launch on Google’s Android platform.

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Sony Acknowledges Xperia S Yellow Display Issues, Will Replace Devices

A number of owners of Sony’s new Xperia S smartphone have noticed a yellow display on the device, and now Sony has acknowledged the problem and promised to replace any devices which are suffering from the issue.

According to Sony some Xperia S devices may show a yellow tint if they are exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees, Sony has had that they have now fixed the issue and it won’t appear on any new devices they have manufactured.

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iPhone 5 Coming In June According To Parking Lot Attendant

Apple released the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, the device was later than Apple normally releases their iPhone’s as the previous years models had been released in June or July.

We are expecting Apple to stick to the one year schedule of releasing their new iPhone, which would mean that this years iPhone 5 will launch in around September or October of this year.

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Google’s Nexus Tablet Render Leaked (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors for quite some time that Google are working on their own Google Nexus tablet, and now the guys from Pocket Now have received a render of what is reported to be the Google Nexus tablet.

We are not sure whether this is the real deal or not, or whether it is a photoshop of what someone thinks the Nexus tablet will look like.

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Sony To Launch PlayStation 4 Before Xbox 720?

We heard earlier today that Microsoft are expected to launch the new Xbox 720 by Christmas 2013, and now according to a recent reports it would appear that Sony intends to launch their PlayStation 4 console before Microsoft’s next Xbox console.

The news comes from the guys over at VG247, who have been told  by a source that Sony are aiming to get their PS4 console to market before Microsoft launches the Xbox 720.

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Apple Announces Q2 Earnings Conference Call For April 24th

Apple has announced that its Q2 earnings call will take place on the 24th of April at 5PM Eastern time, and we can expect some details on how many of the new iPad Apple has sold in their earnings call.

We are expecting some high numbers from Apple on sales of the new iPad, considering that the company announced that they had sold over three millions iPads in just under four days.

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Gyroscopic Urban Vehicle Concept

We have featured a number of concept transportation devices here on Geeky Gadgets over the years but this gyroscopic vehicle concept created by designer Sanu K R looks like a lot of fun to drive. The concept is equipped with just two wheels and works in a similar why to how a Segway functions, using gyroscopic technology to self balance.

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