iOS 5 Battery Problems Confirmed By Apple, Update In The Works

Apple has confirmed that they have found a problem within iOS 5 that is causing some users of the new iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to have problems with battery life on their devices, something which has been widely reported over the last week.

Apple will be releasing an update for iOS 5, which it has already released to developers, and the update iOS 5.0.1 is designed to fix the battery life problems as well as some other bug fixes.

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Amazon Launches Kindle Owners Lending Library

Amazon has launched a new service for owners of its Kindle devices, the Kindle Owners Lending Library, which is available to anyone who has an Amazon Prime membership, and users will be able to borrow books from the library for free.

According to Amazon, the Kindle Owners Lending Library comes with thousands of books which users can borrow for free, and the list includes over 100 books from the current and formers New York Times bestseller list.

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iTunes Match Shows Up On Apple TV

We were expecting Apple to launch its new iTunes Match service before the end of October, it would appear Apple are getting closer to releasing iTunes Match, as Apple has released a new version of iTunes Beta to developers which includes iTunes Match.

iTunes Match has now appeared on the Apple TV device, although the only people who are able to use iTunes Match at the moment are developers, who can activate the service via their Mac.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Goes On Sale In The UK

Probably one one the most anticipated Android devices from Samsung, apart from the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is the Samsung Galaxy note which has gone on sale in the UK today, have a look at our Samsung Galaxy note hands on.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is now available from a number of mobile operators here in the UK, it is also available SIM free from a number of mobile stores, and it is available for £594 including taxes SIM free.

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Google Gmail App For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Released

Google has launched its Gmail app for Apple’s iOS devices, and it works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and it comes with a range of features which include push notifications, the ability to search your inbox and lots more.

According to Google the Gmail app for iOS will let you upload photos to your emails from your iOS device, and it also comes with auto complete for your email addresses from your Gmail contacts and also your iOS device contacts.

Gmail iOS App

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Pour Your Heart Out In These Battlestar Galactica Notebooks

Everyone needs a “dear diary” outlet, right? Other than a Tumblr blog, for those seeking personal expression old school like Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank, then a new line of notebooks has arrived to sate such a need. Too bad there aren’t any Battlestar Galactica quills included. Oh wait, no. Quills are boring! So these notebooks come with a pen.

Battlestar Galactica

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Headscratcher: Facedrink Is Allegedly A Non-Alcoholic Social Drink

Can’t argue the veracity of its claims because it says so on the product page. Apparently, judging by the promotional material available, a certain Barry Moustapha is the entrepreneur behind Facedrink. It’s a suspiciously blue liquid that you’re supposed to ingest for “the extra energy needed to be social or to deal with your boss.” So how horrible does your boss need to be for a pseudo-energy drink to work?

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XtremeMac outs thin Luna Voyager II iOS Dock

If you have a bunch of different iOS devices in your home and want one docking alarm clock that can charge them all and looks good doing it, the Luna Voyager II from XtremeMac is the device for you. This dock is very thin and will work with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Luna Voyager II

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Opera Mini And Mobile Browser Updated Across Multiple Platforms

Opera has today rolled out a new update for both its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers bringing all its browsers to the same version across multiple platforms.

Opera Mini has now reached  6.5 on iOS, S60, J2ME, and BlackBerry, and the more powerful Opera Mobile has now reached version 11.5 for S60 and MeeGo. New features in the new update include a usage tracker which shows you how much data you have saved using Opera over other mobile browsers with their compression engine technology.

Opera browser

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Xbox LIVE Preview Kicks Off

If you have been waiting for the new Xbox LIVE Preview program to start, you will be pleased to know that as of today you can now download use the update.

To be able to access the new update you when needed to have received a 25 digit key from Microsoft which will work on all 3 models of Xbox 360. Users of the update are still under a non-disclosure until a later date so keep your thoughts to yourself for the time being.

Xbox Live Preview

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Google To Start Charging Developers For Google Maps API Usage

Google has announced today that it will soon start charging developers for usage of its Google Maps API. The new charges will start on 1st January 2012, when Google intends to charge for excessive use of the Google Maps API on third-party websites.

The move by Google has been expected for some time and most website owners will not need to worry, but if you application or website uses more than 25,000 loads per day then Google will then start to charge you.

Google Maps

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