Opinion: Why Sony & PSN Will Probably Be Fine

The previous week has probably been as dark as any in Sony history. This is seriously going in their Wikipedia page, right next to the BMG rootkit mess, the laptop battery boondoggle and any other synonym for unfortunate incident you can think of. About the only silver lining to this whole PSN fiasco is probably that it’s shifted attention both from the Wii 2 announcement, and let’s face it, Sony couldn’t have timed it better if it tried (except maybe during E3, but that would have been.. counter-intuitive) and the George Hotz lawsuit.

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LA Noire Occupying Three Xbox360 Discs

Despite Microsoft testing out a new disc format, it’s currently stuck with the old 9 GB a pop DVDs. And that can only mean one thing for ambitious titles that tend to bring entire cities and possibly hundreds of thousands of virtual people to life. PS3 exclusivity, zing! Or they can just go the multi-disc round, like LA Noire is. “Please insert the next game disc to continue.”

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Sony May Be Facing Third Attack Over Weekend

By now, if you’re a PS3 owner and habitual PSN user you’re either contemplating a life without multiplayer, elbow deep in some sort of Hamachi installation/ ingenious tunelling scheme or busy getting the hang of Halo on your new Xbox while wincing at the occasional pang of guilt and flashback of your PS3 going in the pawn shop window. We kid, we know you’re out there feverishly refreshing PlayStation Blog and waiting for a sign. Unfortunately, this newest rumor suggests you may have more to wait.

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Blackberry Playbook to Get Keyboard Dock Soon

It’s rather interesting to me that to separate the PlayBook from the other tablets on the market RIM tried to position it as a content creation device, not just one for consumption of content. With the focus on making content, the PlayBook had no official keyboard. That keyboard oversight is about to change with a new accessory on the way.

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Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar To Go Into Production

UK Car manufacturer Jaguar has announced that it will put its C-X75 hybrid supercar concept, that it showed off at the Paris Motor Show into production, and it will cost £700,000 about $1.15 Million.

The Jaguar C-X75 hybrid supercar will feature a carbon composite chassis and a hybrid engine which consists of a high powered small petrol engine, and a range of electric motors.

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Asus Says Shortages Are Demand Based, Rather Than Supply Chain Problems

Earlier this week sources close to Asus were reporting that shortages their Asus Eee Pad Transformer were due to supply chain problems and only allowed them to produce 10,000 units a month. Well Asus have now been approached and officially replied to the speculation explaining the shortages are completely demand based an not to do with supply chain problems, as earlier thought.

Asus was contacted by the Net Book News website who asked about the supply shortages and spoke to ASUSTek Spokesperson David Chang to get a definitive answer.

asus eee pad transformer

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This DIY PC Is One Big Mess Of Wires

So there’s this dude named Steve who does something few people would even bother thinking about: he builds his own PC from scratch. Pictured below are the thousands of connectors he assembled by hand for a CPU.  You just gotta admire the dedication involved here. An compulsive tinkerer who likes to tackle big jobs, Steve kept a journal of his work on his website.

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Minimalist Eclipsion Wall Clock

This unique and very minimalist wall clock designed by Jay Jiwoong Baek named the ‘Eclipsion’ has been created by the newly opened Korean design studio Cauca.

Inspiration for the Eclipsion wall clock has been taken from the imagery of solar eclipses. Time eclipses occurs a number of times a day on the Eclipsion as the circles, which have replaced the traditional hands of a clock revolve and line up with each other, during 24hrs.

Eclipsion wall clock

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Goodbye Hallmark, Hello TV In A Card

With offices in the UK and Dubai (another one is about to open Down Under), the people behind TV in a Card want to change a very long tradition. Instead of the usual run of feel-good stuff printed on paper bought at the corner store, TV in a Card offer TVs in a card. A 3.4 inch LCD display embedded in a cardboard case, to be specific.

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LG Optimus Black Hands On

We just got our hands on the new LG Optimus Black, which is scheduled to go on sale in the UK later this month, and we are expecting it to be available from the 16th of May.

The LG Optimus Black features a 4 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and from our initial hands on the display looks very good, it certainly is bright.

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Raspberry PI USB Computer, Designed For Schools, Costs £15 (video)

A new tiny USB computer called the Raspberry PI has been developed by David Braben a UK game developer and has been designed to provide a cost effect way to allow school children to enjoy computer programming with their own PC in school.

The Raspberry PI computer is a narrow stick device, fitted with a USB port on one end and a HDMI port on the other. In between the two ports sits its cpu and memory, provided by a 700MHz ARM11 processor supported by 128MB of RAM. The components of the Raspberry PI only cost around £15 ($25) and the system is capable of running Linux together with other Open Source operating systems.

Raspberry PI PC

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