CSDevCTRL Tools App Arrives On Android

The popular Windows Mobile app CSDevCTRL has now been ported to Android the the creator and XDA member chrisstavrou. With the port  chrisstavrou has tried to concentrate on Android areas that he thinks are lacking, and adding new features for Android users with out the need to root the device.


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Synergy Shares One Keyboard And Mouse Across Multiple Computers Over A Network

If you have multiple computers across your network that you need to administer but only require one keyboard and mouse to control them. A new piece of software called Synergy allows you to share a common keyboard and a mouse between multiple computers on a local network and supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.


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Apple Launches New iPad Dock For The iPad 2

Along with the launch of the new iPad 2, Apple also announced a new range of accessories for the second generation iPad, which include the new HDMI adapter, and also their new iPad 2 Smart Covers, they also launched a new dock which is designed for the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 Dock is designed to work with the new slimmer design on the iPad 2 and it also supports other iPad accessories like the iPad Camera Connection kit and the new Apple Digital AV Adapter.

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