Google Wallet Now Available On All Nexus S Phones (rooted)

Google Wallet the NFC based payment system which was launched a couple of weeks ago by Google was originally only intended to be currently used on the Sprint Nexus S.

However if you have been waiting to load Google Wallet on your non-Sprint Nexus S you will be pleased to know that XDA has been able to make it available to all Nexus S rooted devices. The new Google Wallet update has been created by XDA users kibmcz, venumx, and got2best.

google wallet

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The Moss Table Uses Plants To Power You Gadgets

Design firm Object & Line have shown off a new design concept at the 2011 London Design Festival, the Moss Table, which is a table that uses plants to to generate energy.

The Moss Table is based on the research of Cambridge University, and the designers and scientists have been looking into how plants like moss and algae can be used to power lights and other small scale domestic appliances.

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Gears Of War 3 Horde Command Pack Arriving November 1st

If you have been enjoying the new Gear of War 3 game you might be pleased to know that its first DLC download called Horde Command Pack will be arriving on November 1 st.

The new Horde Command Pack includes three new maps, new weapons, skins and new characters : Onyx Guard, Big Rig Dizzy, Bernie. Together with new fortifications for Horde mode. The maps are Blood Drive, Azura and Rustlung, Blood Drive goes back to the classic maps style tradition of Gears which is sure to please long term fans of the series.

Horde Command Pack

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QR Code Clock, The Robot Readable Wall Clock (Video)

QR Codes are becoming more and more popular, but I think this may be the first clock to actually use QR codes to tell the time, and it is the work of the guys over at Berg, who describe it as a clock for the Robot Readable World.

The clock is designed to be read by robots, but it looks like it can also be read by us humans as well, have a look at the video below which explains the idea behind it.

QR Code Clock

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Yahoo Launches Revamped Video Site : Yahoo Screen

Yahoo has today unveiled a newly revamped Yahoo Screen hub that enables you to choose from thousands of original and licensed video clips that are contained within Yahoo content network.

The newly designed user interface is much easier to use and currently a team of human editors are storing the media into distinct channels making it simply for you to find exactly what you fancy watching. Yahoo Screen is currently only available on laptops and desktops but Yahoo plans to make the new service available via mobile devices as well in the near future.

Yahoo Screen

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iPhone 5 To Go On Sale On The 14th Of October?

Apple will announce the fifth generation iPhone in just a few hours,and we are expecting to see the new iPhone 5 with a new design, larger display and a range of new features, as well as a cheaper iPhone 4S model.

We have already seen quite a bit of evidence which points to Apple release two models, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, but when will these devices actually become available, it looks like we may be able to get our hands on the new iPhone’s around the 14th of October.

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Art Lebedev Svintus Power Strip Pig

If you would prefer to use something a little more interesting rather than an old tradition and boring white power strip to plug you devices into. Art Lebedev has taken the humble power extension and transformed it into something very unique and pig like with the unveiling of their Svintus Power Strip Pig concept.

Art Lebedev Svintus Power Strip Pig

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Luxa2 Reveals iPhone 5 Cases Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

We just got an email from the guys over at VR-Zone, who have received a press release form an iPhone case maker, Luxa2, detailing their new range of iPhone 5 cases ahead of Apple’s official launch of the iPhone 5.

As you can see from the photos below the new cases look like what we have seen previously from other manufactures, so they could possibly be based on the actual design of the iPhone 5.

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Amazon Limits Kindle Touch 3G Web Access To A Handful Of Sites

If you thought you would be able to happily surf the web on your new Kindle Touch 3G device you might be a little disappoint to learn that Amazon is no longer offering an open 3G web access through its new Kindle Touch 3G reader.

When the new Kindle Touch 3G was launched last week there was a little confusion over the wording used to explain the web surfing features of the new device, which said “experimental web browsing is available via Wi-Fi.”


Kindle Touch 3G

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Google Nexus Prime Photo Leaked

We have been hearing more and more about Google’s latest smartphone, the Google Nexus Prime, which is being made for Google by Samsung, and now the guys over at GSM Arena have got their hands of a photo of what is reported to be the new Google Nexus Prime.

Unfortunately we don’t get to look at the full device, but what we can tell from the photo, if this is actually of the new Nexus Prime, is that it will feature a HD display with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, this is something we heard previously, and the display is reported to measure 4.6 inch and be a Super AMOLED display.

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More Than One Nokia Windows Phone Smartphone Launching Before The End Of 2011?

Nokia is expected to launch its first Windows Phone smartphone later this month, at Nokia World 2011 which takes place in London on the 26th of October, but now it would appear that we may see more than one Windows Phone smartphone launch before the end of the year.

Based on what we had previously heard we were expecting just one Windows Phone 7 smartphone from Nokia, but according to a recent report by Reuters, Nokia’s CEO said that Nokia will introduce its first ‘products based on Windows’ this quarter.

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iLoveHandles Unique Barnacle iPhone 4 Stand (video)

iLoveHandles have developed a very innovative and unique iPhone 4 stand called the Barnacle that will allow you to attach your iPhone 4 to any smooth surface using suction cups. Allowing you to use your iPhone as a stand on your desk, a mount on your car windshield, on a wall, or any slick surface all for a great price of just $4.99.

The Barnacle is available in three colours red, black and white, watch a video after the jump to see how easy it is to use.

iLoveHandles Barnacle

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