Diablo 3 Very Close To Public Beta Launch Announces Blizzard

In a recent  interview Blizzard has revealed that they are ” very close” to launching a public beta for the highly anticipated Diablo 3 game. You can also expect a wave of new reports and details about the new Diablo 3 game as current testers will soon be able to reveal their thoughts and be free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the content they have access, as the beta test will not confidential, explains Blizzard to the VG247 gaming website.

Diablo 3

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iPhone 5 To Be Officially Announced 19th Or 26th Of September (Rumor)

Over the last few weeks there have been rumors that the iPhone 5 would launch at the start of October, which would mean that Apple would officially announce the iPhone 5 some time this month.

Now according to Fast Company, who have received information from a source inside Apple, the iPhone 5 will officially be announced in the week of either the 19th of September or the 26th of September.

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Sony HMZ-T1 3D Headset Creates A 750 inch Virtual Screen

Sony has unveiled pricing details about its new HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer headset which is equipped with two OLED panels with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and equipped with full 3D support, allowing you to enjoy both 2D and 3D media.

When worn the Sony HMZ-T1 has been designed to provide the equivalent of a 750-inch screen viewed from 20m away and is equipped with 5.1-channel virtual surround sound. The virtual screen has been designed to be wider than most peoples field of vision to create a more immersive experience explains Sony.

Sony HMZ-T1 3D headset

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CyanogenMod 7 Running On HP TouchPad (Video)

Yesterday we saw another video of Android running on the HP TouchPad, this time with multi-touch support, today we have another video, this one is from the CyanogenMod Team.

The video below shows CyanogenMod 7 running on the HP TouchPad, with the majority of things working including the touchscreen with multi-touch, the only thing that isn’t working so far is WiFi, although we suspect it wont take them long to et it working.

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Turntable FM iPhone App Arriving Soon

If you are a fan of the new music startup Turntable.fm or just hoping to start using it when it arrives in your country. You might be pleased to know that a new iPhone app is currently in development.

Details of the new application have been obtained by the Tech Crunch website that reveal the app might be arriving as early as next week. The Turntable.fm iPhone app is currently being tested by a few dozen or so luckily users and apparently works great over a Wifi connection, but suffers a little over a 3G connection.


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Lamp Comes To Life In Pixar Logo Style With a Little Arduino Wizardry (video)

Industrial engineer Javier Lander has taken a €5 lamp purchased from Ikea and transformed it into a voice activated moving lamp creating a real-life version of the Pixar Animation Studio logo lamp.

Lander has used a couple of servos positioned in the lamps base and one in the shade, sound and motions senors and a three axis accelerometer to bring the lamp to life. Watch the video after the jump to see how the lamp has been created and how it moves.

Pixar Lamp

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LG LW9800 3D HDTV Becomes First 3D TV To Receive THX Certification

Earlier this week we reported on THX plans to start issuing certificates to tablets, smartphones and mobile devices, well THX have also this week issued their first THX certificate to a 3D HDTV.

LG’s new LW9800 55-inch passive 3D HDTV is the proud owner of the THX certificate and is currently one of LG’s flagship TVs retailing for around $3,800. The new THX certification is a seal of approval that the HDTV has passed crucial gamma, luminance and colour temperature benchmarks after over 400 individual tests were carried out on the LG LW9800 HDTV.


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Apple Suing Samsung In Japan, Want’s Sales of Galaxy Smartphones Suspended

It looks like Apple is stepping up its legal case against Samsung, as Reuters is reporting that Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Japan for alleged infringement of  Apple’s patents.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Tokyo District Court, and Apple is looking to get sales of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones suspended in Japan as well as seeking damages of 100 million yen, about $1.3 million.

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Magma ExpressBox 3T Thunderbolt 3 Slot Expansion Chassis

If you need to add a few extra cards to your new Thunderbolt-equipped Mac system, you will be pleased to know that Magma have created the perfect solution for you with the launch of the Magma ExpressBox 3T expansion chassis, complete with Thunderbolt connection.

The ExpressBox 3T enables you to connect up to three PCIe cards to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, perfect if you need to add cards for video editing or audio.

Magma ExpressBox 3T

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LG Optimus Note Qwerty Slider Android Smartphone Leaked

It looks like LG has a new Android smartphone to add it its Optimus range, called the LG Optimus Note, this new Android smartphone features a slide out Qwerty keyboard and will be powered by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

The LG Optimus Note features a 4 inch WVGA multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and processing is provided by a dual core 1.2GHz Tegra 2 processor.

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Opera TV Store Brings Apps To Smart TVs (video)

Opera has launched a new HTML5 based TV Store this week that will now provide applications and web browsing support to Smart TVs. Using the Cloud based Opera Store users will be able to store and upgrade applications without the need for any additional hardware. The apps are also cross-platforms allowing you to use the apps on any Smart TV you may have or purchase in the future.

Opera TV Store

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