Microbial System Concept Looks Like A Good Idea

Until you taste the food it produces, of course. Nah, kidding! It’s a concept anyway so we can only assume the best at this point. Oh yeah, in case you missed it, it’s a kitchen and home system. The whole point is to harness the power of certain kitchen byproducts like sewage so that it’s put to better use elsewhere in the house. Sounds gross, but it makes a lot of sense.

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Peas Four Port USB Hub Looks Edible

But don’t put it in your mouth, please. This cute USB hub was designed by a pair of Italians who’ve got a flare for organic looks. It’s also the latest from Lexon, a design firm known for its odd take on everyday objects. To be honest it looks utterly bizarre, but hey, that’s how you stand out in an oversaturated market.

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Still Another Smartphone Geiger Counter: The WikiSensor

But this time it’s exclusive to the iPhone4. Geiger counters seem to be the new trend in smartphones these days, what with the huge Japanese phone market located in an area blighted with radiation. Of course, anyone familiar with Geiger counters must realize that iPhones can never work as good as the real things. The WikiSensor, however, is capable of at least performing to the user’s satisfaction.

WikiSensor 02

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Concept Raincoat Makes You Look Like The Grim Reaper

That’s when you’ve got the umbrella hood on. When you don’t, this innovative coat turns you into neo from the Matrix. Anyway, seen below is another odd fashion creature dreamed by some designer named Athanasia Leivaditou. The whole idea is an all-purpose ugly weather suit perfect for any kind of downpour. Just don’t walk around in pouring rain holding a scythe because it might scare the life out of people.

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Mysterious Lego Man Found In Florida Beach

Turns out it’s part of some strange online campaign whose intentions are a little too opaque for comfort. The eight foot curiosity that was ‘washed up’ in a Florida beach is named Ego Leonard (says so on his t-shirt) and is supposed to be on a grand tour of our reality. But wait, it gets weirder.

Ego Leonard

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Can You Build Your Own Civilization From Scratch? Meet Global Village

It’s possible and one non-profit company are at its cutting edge. Called Open Source Ecology, the loose-knit group of volunteers from different walks of life are launching a civilization from scratch. At the moment the organization have a Kickstarter funding drive going full blast. The aim is to raise enough money ($40,000) for the production of no less than 50 essential machines, including an open-source car and a 3D printer.

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Dell Latitude ST Windows Tablet Announced

Dell has launched another new tablet, although this one is designed for the business market, the Dell Latitude ST, which features a 10 inch display and comes with Windows 7 Professional.

The Dell Latitude ST features a 10.1 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, processing is provided by a single core 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 processor and it also comes with 2GB of RAM.

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The Double iPad Case, Will Let You Use Two iPad’s At Once (Video)

We have featured a number of different cases for the iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, although I think this one is a first, the Double iPad Case, and as the name suggests the case is designed to let you use two iPads at once.

The video below shows the Double iPad case in action, and it will apparently go on sale tomorrow, although there are no details on pricing as yet, we suspect the people who own two iPads ans want the case will be able to afford it.

Double iPad Case

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HTC Rhyme Lands On O2 UK

The HTC Rhyme was announced last month, and now it is available here in the UK from mobile operator O2, who are offering the device on a range of their monthly contracts.

The HTC Rhyme features a 3.7 inch multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, it will come with Android Gingerbread and HTC’s Sense 3.5 user interface.

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