New Google Chrome Logo

Following on from the new logo design for Google Chromium, Google has now released a new logo design for its Chrome browser which follows in the same flattened style of the Chromium one.

The new Chrome logo is currently only available within the Developer channel and was released in the Chrome 11.0.696.12 version released yesterday. As with the Chromium logo the new Chrome logo is expected to roll out across other stable versions in the future.


New Chrome Logo

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Teaser Video Released

Samsung will unveil their new 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab tablet next week on Tuesday the 22nd of March, so far we don’t really no much about it apart from it will feature an 8.9 inch display.

Now Samsung has posted a new teaser video for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 on YouTube, and it gives us our first look (albeit brief) of the new 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab from Samsung.

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Apple TV Flickering Screen Fix On Its Way Says Apple

If you are one  of the unlucky users of Apple’s new Apple TV device and have been plagued with a flickering screen since upgrading to the 4.2 update. An Apple representative has now announced that Apple are aware of the problem and are currently working on an Apple TV fix for the issue but as yet no time scales are available on a release date.

The flickering image issue on Apple’s new Apple TV appears to effect older high definition TVs and has been reported to happen both with direct HDMI video connections, and connections using HDMI to DVI video adapters.


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Facebook For Android Gets Updated

Facebook has updated their official Facebook for Android, the latest version Facebook 1.5.2 for Android brings a range of new features, which include the ability to upload photos directly to your friends walls.

Other new features include the ability to upload photos to groups, and photos will now always be uploaded in the correct orientation, and there are also some improvements to landscape mode.

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AVG AirSpace Cloud Storage For Windows Reaches Beta

AVG has announced that their new cloud storage and backup service code named AirSpace has now entered a beta stage of development. AVG the antivirus specialists first announced it would be moving into the cloud storage market last month with AVG LiveKive which will be in direct competition with other providers such as SugarSync, Dropbox and SpiderOak.

The beta version of AVG LiveKive named AirSpace is now available to try and comes with an initial limit of 5GB, which is free for a year. AVG says the new service will allow users to automatically backup all their content online, allowing them to sync, access, and share anything from anywhere.

AVG LiveKive

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HTC Prime And HTC Ignite Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Leaked

We just saw some photos of the new dual core Android smartphone from HTC, the HTC Pyramid, now we have some details of two new Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC, the HTC Ignite and the HTC Prime.

The photos come from the they guys over at who brought us the HTC Pyramid ones, and we also get a look at some of the possible specifications on these two new HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

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HTC Pyramid Dual Core Android Smartphone Images Leaked

We first heard about the HTC Pyramid last month, we had sum rumored specifications but didn’t have and actual photos of this new Android smartphone from HTC.

Now some leaked photos of the HTC Pyramid have appeared on the web, along with some more specifications, which tie in with the specifications that we reported previously.

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iPad 2 Japan Launch Delayed By Apple

The iPad 2 went on sale in the US last week, and it is scheduled to go on sale in the UK, Europe and Japan on the 25th of March, but now it looks like Apple has decided to delay the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Apple hasn’t given a new date for when the iPad 2 will be available in Japan, although an Apple spokesperson did tell Reuters that the launch has been delayed.

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Google Search App For iPhone Gets Updated

Google has updated its Google Mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, along with the update comes a new name, it is now called the Google Search App.

The Google Search app for the iPhone and iPod Touch features a new interface, with a new toolbar which is designed to make it easier to filter your search results, there is also a new apps section at the bottom of the screen which lets you access other mobile Google apps.

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Motorola Milestone Finally Gets Android 2.2

Motorola Milestone owners here in the UK will be pleased to know that Motorola has finally released the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Milestone, the update comes almost a year after the Milestone received Android 2.1, which was made available in May of 2010.

Android 2.2 will bring a range of new features to the Motorola Milestone, which include support for Adobe’s flash 10.1, plus 3G mobile hotspot connecivity.

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Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Now Available

The highly anticipated Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack has now arrived and is ready to download and is available exclusively on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft Points. The new Defiant Map Pack features three majestic battlefields: Condemned, Highlands and Unearthed set on the besieged planet, together with the first ever downloadable Firefight map!

The new Halo : Reach Defiant Map Pack brings with it some awesome new environments for Firefight matches and all competitive multiplayer modes. Watch the video after the jump to get a taste of the new maps and multiplayer gameplay.

Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack

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