iPads Running iOS 6 Discovered In Server Logs

The new iPad 3 which is expected to be announced this Wednesday is rumored to come with iOS 5.1, but now the guys over at Ars Technica have discovered another version of Apple’s mobile OS in their server logs, iOS 6.0.

As well as iPads running iOS 6.0, the guys from Ars also discovered a device with a 2048 x 1536 resolution display, which could be that of the new iPad 3.

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Android ‘Key Lime Pie’ To Be Next Android Codename After Jelly Bean

The next major release of Google’s Android OS will be called Android Jelly Bean, and this will be Android 5.0, and now it would appear that we have some details on what the next version after Android Jelly Bean will be called.

According to the guys over at The Verge, After Android Jelly Bean comes Android Key Lime Pie, which we presume will be Android 6.0, and we can expect it to be release next year if Google continues with their one major release a year schedule.

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iPad 3 Parts Shown Off On Video

Apple will announce the new iPad 3 or iPad HD later this week on Wednesday, we have heard lots of rumors about the new iPad 3, the device is reported to come with a HD display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

We have also seen a few parts which are reported to be from the iPad 3, and now the guys from MICgadget decided to put them together and compare them to the existing iPad 2, which you can see in the video below.

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Feed Me iPhone 4/4S Case Holds All Your Stuff

Here’s a clever and cute design that is actually useful. It also keeps things simple and doesn’t make you carry an extra thing around with you. In fact, this Feed Me case for iPhone 4/4S will help you consolidate all of your small things. Plus it has a smiley face. Who doesn’t like a smiley face?
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BlackBerry PlayBook Outsells iPad In Canadian Stores

You rarely ever see news that anyone is beating the iPad in sales. It just doesn’t happen very often as Apple dominates the market, but this is one exception. According to RIM, Best Buy Canada and its sister chain Future Shop have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook become the top-selling tablet at their stores this week.
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Online Store Sells Star Wars Crayons And Chalk

Extramoneyformommy, an online seller through Etsy, makes extra money through selling sets of homemade Star Wars crayons made through pouring melted crayon wax in ice molds. Star Wars fans are sure to be delighted because “mommy” also sells lightsaber candies , R2D2 bath soaps, Yoda and Darth Vader sidewalk chalks among others.

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