Lockheed Martin Have Portable Samarai Drone In the Works

While there’s no real world equivalent to Tony Stark living today, Stark Industries does have cutting edge equivalents among today’s defense contractors. Since defense contactors are generally in a sweet spot financially thanks to their government ties, they have more than enough capital set aside to embark on projects that would otherwise be deemed crazy.

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Diesel SBA Black Out Watch Looks Like It Can Survive An Atomic Bomb Blast

That’s even if the person wearing it is reduced to radioactive cinder. When it comes to engineering large complex wristwatches, no one comes as close to total awesome as Diesel. They put more dials in a watch than most airplane manufacturers put in a cockpit. Okay, that was a little exaggerated but our point was Diesel watches usually look much better suited for tasks other than telling time.

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Emergency Affirmation Button Spreads The Awesome

It works real simple. Once you’ve got it lying somewhere just give the smiley face a pop and it goes “You’re Awesome!” Really? Well, the machine says so. As for whether you are an awesome person, uh, that’s subjective. It’s like a Transformers movie, liking it or not liking it is subjective. Right.

Affirmation Button
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DIY Shuriken USB Gratifies The Ninja Fanboys

Indeed, the world is full of ninja fanboys. They obsessively watch Naruto and fantasize about embarking on a suicide mission someday for a noble cause–like avenging their sworn enemies.  Ever heard of the shadowy assassin who attacked an Apple store under cover of darkness by ramming his car through the glass plate window? Actually, that’s old (read: stale) news but we were trying to make a point.

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The Walnut Valet iPhone Dock

We have featured quite a few different iPhone docks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is probably one of the most useful ones we have seen, the Walnut Valet iPhone Dock.

As well as being able to dock your iPhone, it can also store a white range of things, like your watch, wallet, a pen, your keys and much more, and you can even use it with your iPhone cable to charge or sync your iPhone.

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Valve Launching A New Counter-Strike Game In 2012?

Rumours have escalated over the last few days that Valve could be looking to launch a new version of its classic Counter-Strike Game in 2012, called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Posts on the Steam forums seem to suggest that the new game is real, together with mentions of the new game on Twitter and gaming blogs.


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HTC Vigor To Be The First Beats By Dre HTC Smartphone?

Yesterday we heard that HTC had invested $300 million for a stake of 51 percent in Beats Audio, that makes the popular Beats By Dre headphones, HTC also announced that they would be integrating Beats Audio into future HTC smartphones.

Now according to the guys over at Gizmodo, it looks like the first smartphone that will come with the Beats Audio is the HTC Vigor that we heard about a while back.

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Tivo Premiere Elite Set-Top Box Arriving Next Month

This coming September Tivo will be introducing a new flagship set-top box called the Tivo Premiere Elite equipped with four tuners. But unlike the Tivo Premiere the Tivo Premiere Elite is restricted to digital cable broadcasts and no analogue channels will be supported. To sum up Digital Cable (via CableCards + decoder), or Verizon’s FiOS will work fine but analog cable, ATSC, satellite and AT&T U-Verse will not.

Tivo Premiere Elite

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HTC Sensation Gets Android 2.3.4 Update In Europe

It looks like HTC may have started releasing the Android 2.3.4 OTA update for the HTC Sensation in Europe, and the update is reported to be around 41MB in size and takes the HTC Sensation’s firmware up to version1.45.401.2.

According to the guys over at Euro Droid the update has started rolling out in Germany, and there are no details as yet on which other European countries have received the update.

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Chinse Company Copies Japanese PaPeRo Robot (Video)

It seems that another device has been cloned in China, this time it isn’t an iPhone or an Android tablet, instead a Chinese company has decided to produce a copy of the Japanese PaPeRo Robot.

The robot which ic called the UNISROBO is almost identical to Japan’s NEC PaPeRo robot, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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