WIN&I Touchless Gesture Control Software For Windows 7 And Kinect (Video)

We have already seen lots of cool Kinect hacks here at Geeky Gadgets, now a company called Evoluce has released some software that will let you use your Microsoft Kinect with your Windows 7 PC to control a range of functions on your PC, called WIN&I.

You can see the software in action in the video below, and some of the features look pretty interesting, and certainly looks a lot more fun than using your keyboard and mouse.

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Gmail Adverts Become Even More Targeted Using Your Priority Inbox

Google is preparing to gear up its advertising within Gmail to be even more personal than ever using your email and priority inbox to help advertisers target their adverts more effectively.

You may already have noticed the small banner notifying Gmail users of the up an coming changes to their accounts as yellow alert just under the search buttons. Google have also confirmed that they are currently in the process of rolling the ne advertising out worldwide.


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Official HTC Flyer Video Shows Off New UI And Features

The HTC Flyer was announced last month, and we have already seen a brief promo video from HTC, and they have released a new one which gives is a much better look at the Flyer.

In the video below, you will see the HTC Flyer’s UI in action as well as a range of features, including HTC’s new stylus, and it looks pretty impressive from the video.

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Google Looks To Put And End To Android Fragmentation

Fragmentation has been a problem for Google’s Android OS for quite some time, with some companies taking for ever to update their version of Android on handsets to the latest version.

Now it looks like Google is trying to do something about Android Fragmentation, according to a recent report from Business Week, and it looks like companies who want to tweak Android with custom UI’s will now need approval from Google, and it looks like the head of Android, Andy Rubin will be responsible for the approval.

Google Android

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Twitter Embedded Tweets Receive New Functionality Via Update

Twitter has today unveils a new update that is has rolled out to developers that allows them to make embedded tweets more functional and interactive for users, and are now much easier to setup and install on your website.

The new functions comes from a new Twitter tool called Web Intents that provides popup-optimised flows for working with Tweets & Twitter Users. Using the new embedded tweets allows visitors to a web site to interact with the context of your site, without have to leave the page or the need to authorise a new app, making it easier to re-tweet and reply or share information.

Twitter Embedded Tweets

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Sony PlayStation Emulator Removed From Android Market

Some of our readers will remember the Android PlayStation emulator app, PSX4Droid that we featured on the site a while back, it has now been removed from the Android market, just a day before the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play launches.

The PSX4Droid app has been available in the Android Market for about eight months, so why has Google decided to remove it one day before the official launch of the Xperia Play.

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Adobe Unveils ‘Real’ Photoshop App For The iPad

During the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote Adobe took the opportunity to unveil their new ‘Real’ Photoshop iPad application which is currently under development by Adobe.

The live demo showcased the layer animation feature within the new app together with a couple examples of some of the standard functions any Photoshop user would expect. Taking a more advance approach to photo editing when compared to the already available Adobe Photoshop Express application, that allows a few tweaks to be made on photos.

Photoshop iPad

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Microsoft Shares WP7 Stats Charting Progress In Its First Year

A year has now passed since the first release of Windows Phone 7, and Microsoft has now released figures measuring the progress of their new Windows Phone 7 platform over the past year.

From the figures released by Microsoft it shows that their app store now contains over 11,500 apps of  which 7,500 are paid apps for WP7. Microsoft also notes in their release that they have concentrated on quality rather than quantity, which would explain while they are a little way behind Apple’s 350,000 applications.


windows phone 7

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8-Bit Pocket Camera App Turns Your iPhone Into A Game Boy Camera

We have featured quite a few different camera apps for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one certainly looks like a lot of fun, and will appeal to all the Game Boy fans out there who remember the Game Boy camera.

Thee 8-Bit Pocket Camera app will give your photos a cool retro video game look, and it comes with a range of effects that will make your photos more fun.

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HTC Pyramid, More Photos And Specifications

We have been hearing about the new HTC Pyramid Android smartphone for some time now, earlier this month we showed you some photos and specifications of the yet to be announced HTC Pyramid.

Now we have some more photos and details, thanks to the guys over at the XDA Developers, and these latest photos also give us a look at the UI on the HTC Pyramid.

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Samsung Galaxy S Plus Smartphone Announced

Samsung has released details of a new smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S range, the Samsung Galaxy S Plus, which will go on sale in Russia and will be called the Samsung Galaxy S 2011 edition.

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus features a 1.4GHz processor, and a 4 inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, plus 8GB of built in storage, the ability to record HD video and it also features a larger 1,650mAh battery.

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HSPA+ USB Modems Arrive At Three UK

A new line of HSPA+ USB modems have now arrived at Three the UK mobile phone provider and will start shipping n April 7th 2011. The new HSPA+ USB modems provide a 40 percent increase in connection speeds when compared to their existing HSDPA dongles.

Three UK will start selling the dongles on a number of different packages including a 1GB ready to go packages for £69.99 or on a monthly tariff for £15.99 per month for 5GB  with the modem costing £49.99 initial. Or if you prefer a longer contract with no payment for the modem a 5GB for £18.03 per month on a 24 month contract. Three UK are also offering an upgrade path for existing Three dongle owners for a one-off payment of £59.99.

3 HSPA+ USB Modem

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