Protexo Device Keeps Asthma Sufferers Sleeping Soundly

What appears to be a gigantic night lamp is actually an unconventional air purifier. As the title indicates, the Protexo is made exclusively for asthmatic bedtime. Small particles really suck when you’ve got a dreadful respiratory ailment. To make rest easier for asthmatics, the Protexo gently blows a modulated current at the sleeper, keeping drifting particles at bay.


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High Voltage Experiment Lights Up City Streets

In what amounts to an act of pure unrestrained nerd rage, scientists from a prominent New Zealand university illuminated strands of copper wire across a 200 foot distance. Other than the resulting spectacle that only took less than a second anyway, the real significance of this experiment is the method behind it. Turns out the scientists were ‘exploding’ a long strand of copper wire to create plasma artificially.

Plasma Experiment

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Say Hello To BoardX, The DIY Robotics Electronic Kit

Comparisons are sometimes unbecoming. In the case of BoardX, however, it’s absolutely needed. Turns out an inventive DIY enthusiast needed a platform with more oomph than your average Arduino chip. What he came up with was BoardX. The BoardX is currently being developed by entrepreneur Kevin Green and a bunch of like-minded roboticists over at Virginia Tech. There is a problem though: BoardX needs funding.


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The Wal-Mart Pepper Spray Incident And Dumb Consumerism

No use trying to pass this off as breaking news, since it happened on Friday. Besides, everyone’s probably read or heard about the mysterious Black Friday pepper spray incident at the Porter Ranch Wal-Mart. But the incident bears repeating to illustrate what a giant pool of suck shopping has become, especially in retail outlets that are riding the holiday-buildup onslaught.

Walmart Black Friday

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Awesome Beyond Words: Lego Freddie Mercury Statue

The greatest rock n roll frontman ever finally gets the Lego treatment thanks to a diehard fan. The resulting sculpture captures Freddie’s most iconic stance onstage when he still rocked a fearsome mustache that out-machoed the beardiest macho men anywhere (here’s looking at you Chuck Norris). While the sculpture isn’t big on detail, it perfectly captures the exuberance and sheer power of Freddie Mercury in his prime.

Freddie Mercury

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Finally! The Chuck Norris Plush Toy

Actually the only hints that this particular plush action figure is Walker Texas Ranger are the belt buckle and the tag. It doesn’t resemble Chuck [insert superhuman feat here] Norris; the forehead is too narrow and the prominent jaw lacks the right amount of grizzle. Also, why is he packing Uzis? Chuck always works with his hands. He’s always got a pair of WMDs at the ready remember? Then again, it’s a toy so give it a break.

Chuck Norris

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Instant Cup Noodle Turns To Robot Toy (Video)

Cup noodles are as vital to modern civilization as home-brewed liquor was to agrarian communities in previous centuries. Okay, perhaps that was a lousy comparison, the point was to show what a great revitalizer cup noodles are in our contemporary work environments. For obvious reasons it’s not messy to prepare and the taste is generic enough for everyone. That’s not to say cup noodles are healthy. If healthy instant food is what you want, try a jar of Korean kimchi. It might smell odd, but nothing beats it in the nutrition scale.

Cup Noodle Robot

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Settings Shortcuts on Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Despite all the great features that come with every iOS device, people still find something they want to tweak. To get that extra degree of convenience in accessing your iPhone’s settings for example there’s SBSettings which enables access in a single swipe. Unfortunately this is a jailbreak and aside from possibly reducing the system’s stability, this exploit doesn’t work on the newer iPhone 4S.

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Derringer Cycles Let You Run on Foot or Gas Power

These hybrid motorbike creations, from the wheels to the main body frame, look like bicycles. But right on the top tube is a 1.8 gallon gas tank and just below that is a 49cc 4-stroke engine. That’s for when your hamstrings and quadriceps get tired and would like to switch to combusting gasoline for a while.

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Human Neurons Successfully Implanted Into Mice

It is now entirely possible to put parts of one species’ brain into another. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) recently published a medical research study which demonstrated how human embryo stem cell neurons can be successfully integrated with neurons from mice. The scientists grew the stem cell neurons along with those of mice neurons in a culture and then implanted that combined tissue into a living mouse’ hippocampus.

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An iPhone That Changes Color With Heat

There are a lot of cool mobile device accessories you could put on your Christmas shopping list and one of them should probably be RF Laserworks’ heat sensitive backing for the iPhone. It’s self adhesive so you just slap it on to the back of your iPhone 4 or 4S and then watch your mobile change color depending on the temperature of the surface it comes in contact with. That would most frequently be either your hand or your pocket.

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Monster Theremin Haunts Melbourne

The theremin is 23 feet high and can be found along the Yarra River shore. Fortunately it doesn’t go around eating residents of this Australian city. It is after all just a piece of radio hardware turned electronic musical instrument, albeit built in much larger proportions than usual.

If you can recall those eerie sound and music background effects of 1950’s horror and sci-fi flicks, then you know what a theremin sounds like. And you’ll probably agree that it’s not exactly what you want to hear as you’re walking home one evening.

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