Sleep On the Moon With Moon Shaped Floor Pillow

Since pillows and mattresses are just boring, it falls upon designers to reinvent the medium, so to speak. Seen bellow is a full moon being slept on by a model. It’s not a camera trick or some artist’s fevered vision. It’s a collaborative project between Lili Suh and Chin Wei Loon. The latter is an astrophotographer and multiple frames of the moon surface that he photogrpahed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were used to piece together the giant pillow.

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iWrench iPhone 4 Stand Is Clever But Almost Useless

There are a lot of iPhone stands in the world. Some are functional, others are plain silly. This iWrench belongs to the latter. The problem seems to be not the whole concept behind using a wrench to prop up an iPhone. The problem is the size of this wrench keeps it from being useful as a wrench. Why would you need to have an iPhone stand when you can’t fix the plumbing?

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Google+ Update Brings YouTube Hangout Support (video)

This week Google has rolled out a couple of new updates to its Google+ social networking service, which include a new feature that allows to you to start and watch YouTube videos in a Google+ Hangout. In the near future its also expected that Google will further integrate the YouTube service with features that will enable you to create and record YouTube videos from directly within Google+


Google Plus

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Ridley Scott Agrees To Create New Blade Runner Film

Ridley Scott the director of the cult classic Blade Runner film created back in 1982. Has agreed to create a new version of the fantastic film, but it still not been decided as yet if the new film will be a prequel or a sequel to the original Blade Runner.

The production company Alcon and its co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove are expected to produce the new Blade Runner movie with Bud Yorkin, Cynthia Sikes Yorkin and Ridley Scott.

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13 Year Old Uses Fibonacci Sequence To Increase Solar Panel Efficiency By 50 Percent

Aidan Dwyer is just 13 years of age, but has been able to use the Fibonacci Sequence to increase the efficiency of solar panels yielding 50 percent more with his new design than a standard flat solar panel.

Aidan had a eureka moment while hiking in the Catskills and was intrigued by the patterns tree branches produce. After a more in-depth look he discovered that the branches of the trees were created using the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, …**

Aidan Dwyer

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Sony Digital Binoculars Can Record 3D Video And Snap Photos

Sony has unveiled a new range of digital binoculars in the form of the DEV3 and DEV5 this week. The DEV Digital Binoculars are equipped with a two electronic eyepieces replacing the light-folding optical prism thats fitted to standard binoculars.

The DEV3 & 5 are also constructed using Exor R CMOS sensors supported by BIONZ image processors, fitted behind a matched pair of precision G Lens optics. The using this new technology the DEV3 and DEV5 Sony digital binoculars provide enhanced image quality while viewing at higher zoom levels.

Sony Digital Binoculars

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Russia And Europe Want To Conquer Mars

By ‘conquer’ is meant a full-fledged but otherwise benign mission to the Red Planet scheduled in the near future. A short while ago the Mars 500 simulation got featured here in the spotlight. Mars 500 is basically six guys living in the confines of a ‘spaceship’ for 500 days. The whole point is to see how well (or worse) humans are going to fare on the long trip to Mars.

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB Brings Cable TV To Windows 7 And Throughout The Home

Ceton has wasted no time launched their new InfiniTV 4 USB CableCARD TV tuners after receiving official CableLabs certification. The new  InfiniTV 4 will now be arriving in stores on September 19th and is now available to pre-order for $299.

The InfiniTV 4 with its USB connection makes it easy for you to bring cable TV to any Windows 7-based PC, including laptops, tablets, All-in-One PCs, desktops, towers and  home theatre PCs.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB

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Bloon Is The Simplest Semi-Orbital Craft Ever

Or should it be suborbital? It’s basically a large helium balloon that goes up, up, up until the passengers feel they can touch the stars. The people who got the idea of the ground is a Barcelona based company called zero2infinity and they are now accepting reservations for a 2013-2015 schedule. The whole idea of this project called ‘bloon’ is to make pseudo-space flight a little more exciting adventure without the attendant hardware, i.e. Virgin Galactic.

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Check Out This Ridiculous I.dear Wooden Zoo Whale iPhone Stand

The above is also quite a ridiculous title for a post but it couldn’t be helped considering tis subject: a whale accessory called Wooden Zoo. It also works for the iPod 4G. Seen below is the I.dear in all its glory. Of course, it’s made in South Korea, where an endless variety of electronics trinkets and little toys are the lifeblood of its own unique consumer culture. But the I.dear has its own secret that isn’t apparent upon first glance.

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Dr. R.E. Cycler Robot Crushes Cans Without Remorse

You should be glad it doesn’t crush human skulls. But that’s in the near future, when the War has begun. Anyway, for now they’re just cans. Long story short, high tech firm Florida Robotics built Dr. R.E. Cycler to educate the youth about the recycling process.

What the Dr. does is pretty visceral; each time it’s fed/given a can, it literally crushes it. Awed onlookers can then watch the scrap aluminum collect in what passes for Dr. R.E. Cycler’s stomach. Or they can pose for Facebook pics.

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