XBLA Game Prices Increasing

The rising prices of games on your platform isn’t something you usually want to draw attention to, but XBLA portfolio director Chris Charla can apparently also point to a rise in quality to go with it. We guess XBLA needed a bit of an image boost after the unfavorable comparison to Steam the success of indie RPG “Cthulhu Saves The World” on Valve’s service has fostered. Too bad it comes with caveats.

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Mortal Kombat Freddy Krueger DLC Explained

We’ll admit we were more than a little intrigued by yesterday’s news that Freddy Krueger will be putting in an appearance as a DLC fighter for Mortal Kombat. Good thing Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon was on hand to explain it to the PlayStation Blog, because while we do get it in the general sense that both franchises are more than a little violent, there’s got to be more there than the fact that Freddy Krueger has claws, right?

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Fruit Ninja Free Hits Android

There are hoards of game apps out there for Android and iPhone users. Many of the game apps are crap games that no one really wants to play. If you want a new game that is a lot of fun and you can get for free, you need to hit the Android Market right now and get Fruit Ninja Free. This is the free version of the popular game.

Fruit Ninja

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Robotic Tentacle Is Alien Creepy

An elite team of scientists from Italy and other places are developing a flexible robotic tentacle for conceptual purposes. ‘Conceptual’ because we can’t really say what it’s going to be used for—a giant octopus for rescuing people, perhaps? Or maybe a research tool/toy for deep sea adventures. It’s hard to tell.

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Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Want To Reinvent Toilets (Video)

It’s about time, we say. Sure, you might think that the throne in your john is the pinnacle of human genius but the awful truth is it’s not. The way toilets work in our day and age, they use up valuable water resources and clog sewers with human waste, not to mention pollute natural habitats. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation thinks a overhaul is needed for the sake of humanity and our planet.

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White iPod Touch Parts Leaked

The guys over at 9 to 5 Mac have received some photos of parts that are reported to be for a white version of the iPod Touch, which means that if these are real Apple parts Apple will launch a white version alongside the black version of the new iPod Touch in the fall.

The new iPod Touch is expected to debut at the same time as the iPhone 5 and Apple’s iOS 5 in September and it will probably come with Apple’s A5 processor.

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Nintendo Launches 3D Video Service On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has today launched its new 3D video service for Nintendo 3DS users bringing exclusive 3D video content to the games console with short 3D videos from the worlds of music, comedy, animation and Hollywood.

The new 3D video movies are available from Nintendo’s online store and currently includes a movie trailer for Captain America. The new store has four video slots at the current time that will be updated with new clips of the coming weeks at irregular intervals.

Nintendo 3DS

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Flipphandle Enables Bike Handlebars To Fold Inline With Frame

If you are short of a little bike storage space and need to make the most of every little bit you have. A new device called the Flipphandle might be able to help provide just a little extra, by enabling you to twist your handle bars 90 degrees inline with your frame without the need for any allen keys or spanners.

Flipphandle has been designed by Alejandro Lacreu to help solve the problem of storing bikes in small, narrow spaces and is currently looking to make the jump form concept to production over on the Kickstarter website.


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The Difference Between Touch Screen Technology Explained (Infographic)(video)

If you have ever wondered what the main differences are between the current smartphone or tablet touchscreen technology, this quick infographic and video will explain the Difference between touch screen technology.

The infographic doesn’t explain details of the technologies but provides a quick reference chart which might help make a decision between the three technologies and explain a little more about technology involved and mentioned on a daily basis by tablet and phone manufacturers. Especially between the two lower end touchscreen technologies resistive and capacitive.

For a more detailed description comparing the properties of resistive and capacitive touchscreen and more details on the difference between touch screen technology watch the video after the jump.

Touchscreen technology explained

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AndyPad Budget Android Gingerbread Tablet Poses For The Camera, Again

We have already seen one photo of the new AndyPad budget tablet, although ti wasn’t a very good one, some new ones have now appeared online and we finally get a look at what this budget Android tablet looks like

The photos were leaked by the guys over at Android Tablets, what we know so far is that the AndyPad will feature a 7 inch touchscreen display, and a 1.2GHz A8 processor, plus a 3D GPU.

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Boss Micro BR-80 Micro-recorder Unveiled

Boss the division of Roland mostly recognised for its legendary line of colourful guitar and bass effects pedals has today unveiled their latest micro-recorder in the form of the Boss Micro BR-80.

The pocket sized micro-recorder is equipped with three modes to create, record, and perform your music. These include an eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode, an eBand mode for onstage backing tracks and phrase training, together with a Live Rec mode for instantly capturing high-quality stereo recordings, where ever you may be.


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