Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Headed To AT&T

It looks like AT&T will shortly be offering another Samsung handset on their network, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which was originally released back in 2012.

The Galaxy S III Mini features a 4 inch WVGA Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, it is powered by a dual core 1GHz processor and comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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ZTE Firefox Mobile OS Smartphones Sold Out On eBay

The new ZTE smartphone running Firefox mobile OS has already sold out over on eBay after launching earlier this month to users in both the US and UK.

By the beginning of this week both the US and UK eBay stores were sold out and the unlocked ZTE smartphone running Mozilla new Firefox mobile OS is now now longer available until a new production run is generated.

Firefox mobile OS

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Supporting AT&T LTE Arrives At The FCC

A Sony Xperia Z Ultra smartphone has been spotted making its way through the FCC website, and pretty much confirms that Sony is planning to launch their Sony Xperia Z Ultra on the AT&T LTE network in the coming months.

The documents over on the FCC website reveal that the latest Sony Xperia Z Ultra smartphone is compatible with AT&T HSPA+ and LTE signals and that there is no difference between this one and the international version.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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Moto X engraving won’t be available at launch

One of the coolest features of the upcoming Motorola Moto X is not within the specs of the phone itself, but in the Moto Maker tool, which allows you to customize your device by choosing colors for the back plate, front plate, and accents. There are also wallpapers, and custom engravings. Sadly, that last one won’t be available for the device launch.
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LG Optimus G Pro in white for AT&T

If you were looking for something a bit more prone to show dirt and smudge marks, the AT&T version of the LG Optimus G Pro is about to get a new color. @evleaks has posted a press image of the yet to be announced white version of the G Pro with the AT&T logos on the front and back.
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Instagram Virus Used in Marketing Scam

Instagram is extremely popular and a great, free marketing resource for those who can build a worthwhile following. Those with large following can turn a profit by posting ads for businesses that mainly pay for access to the account’s community. A recent virus has made it possible for people to bolster their status and more readily appeal to businesses by buying a fake following.

The virus is a repurposed credit card information stealing program that generates “likes” and followers on Instagram. People with high “likes” and followers draw the attention of advertisers and sell face time with their community to them for high sums of money, making Instagram a lucrative market. With this virus, people buy 1000 “likes” for $30, and/or 1000 followers for $15, through online forums and then use the stats to trick advertisers into buying ad time on their account.

Instagram virus

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Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update Rolling Out for HTC Windows Phone 8X

The unlocked version of HTC Windows Phone 8X already joined the list of devices that received the GDR2 update few weeks back. But it appears as the update is making its ways to various carriers as well. AT&T announced on their support forums that the carrier started rolling out the GDR2 update for HTC Windows Phone 8X. The update is sized at 207MB and can be downloaded over WiFi only. Once updated, the GDR2 update will change the OS version to 8.0.10327.77.


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AT&T Galaxy Mega 6.3 Press Render Leaked

Samsung’s enormous phablet – Galaxy Mega 6.3 – is already available in various parts of the world and it now seems that it will also make its way to the US market very soon. The press render of Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 surfaces on the internet, thanks to the notorious Twitter leaker Evleaks. We have all the reasons to believe that its coming to AT&T as evleaks has leaked accurate information in the past with Moto X and LG G2 being one of them. The press render shows AT&T logo on the rear panel of the device.

Galaxy Mega 6.3 AT&T

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