BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE Coming July 31st For $550

We recently heard that RIM would be releasing a new version of their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with 4G LTE and now it would appear that we have a launch date for the device along with some pricing information.

According to the guys over at Mobile Syrup the PlayBook 4G LTE will be launched on the 31st of July and this new 4G tablet will retail for $549.99.

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Apple Says Their 3G Isn’t Samsung’s 3G in Patent Case

Apple and Samsung are battling it out in various courts around the world, the latest patent trial between the two companies is taking place in Australia and now Apple has said that the 3G it is using in its devices is not Samsung’s 3G.

According to Apple, because of the way it is implementing the 3G on its devices it does not infringe on Samsung’s patent, Samsung holds a patent for the 3G standard.

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CyanogenMod 10 Running On The Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)

The CyanogenMod Team recently announced that they were working on a new version of their popular Android ROM, CyanogenMod 10, and now we get to have a look at CyanogenMod 10 running on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The video below shows an early release of CyanogenMod 10 running on the new Samsung Galaxy S III, the video was put together by the guys over at Pocket now.

CyanogenMod 10

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Samsung Galaxy Note II To Be Announced August 15th

On the weekend we heard that Samsung are holding a special press event on the 15th of August, and there has been some speculation on what device Samsung would announce at the event.

According to the BGR, Samsung’s event on the 15th of August will see the company officially announce the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, we had previously heard that the device would be announced at the end of August.

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Minecraft Developer Hit With Patent Lawsuit

There seems to be a lot of patent lawsuits ongoing at the moment, although most of those are between large companies like Apple and Samsung, and now unfortunately the developers of Minecraft have been hit with a patent lawsuit.

The lawsuit has been filed against the Minecraft developers by Luxemborg based Uniloc, and the lawsuit has also been filed against a number of other developers of apps for Google’s Android platform.

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Samsung’s YOUM Flexible AMOLED Displays To Go Into Production This Month

We have been hearing about Samsung’s new flexible AMOLED displays for a while now, the displays are called YOUM and we heard back in May that Samsung had received a large number of orders for these new displays.

Now according to a recent report Samsung will start producing their new YOUM flexible AMOLED displays later this month, and each one of the displays measures just 0.6mm thick.

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LG Cayenne Android Smartphone For Sprint Leaked

We have seen quite a few Android devices leaked over the last week, a number of them have come from an account on Twitter called @evleaks, which now seems to have disappeared.

One the the most recent devices which appeared on Twitter was a new Android smartphone from LG which is headed to US mobile carrier Sprint, the LG Cayenne.

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ProView Sued By Law Firm That Helped It get $60 Million Settlement In iPad Lawsuit

Earlier this month we heard that Apple settled their trademark lawsuit with Proview in China over the iPad name for $60 million US dollars, and now it would appear that ProView are the ones facing the lawsuit this time.

The law firm in China that helped ProView reach the $60 million settlement with Apple are now suing ProView for not paying their 4 percent fee of the settlement which works out at around $2.4 million.

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Apple Starts Production On The iPhone 5 (Rumor)

We have been hearing more and more rumors about Apple’s sixth generation iPhone over the last few weeks, the iPhone 5, we heard earlier today that the device is expected to feature a new 19 pin dock connector.

According to a recent report by Cnet, Apple has already started producing the new iPhone 5, of course this is just a rumor, but it would make sense if Apple intends to launch the device within the next few months.

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