Blue Artic Samsung Galaxy S4 Lands In The US November 14th

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been available for a while now, and Samsung are launching a new color version of the handset in the US, a Blue Artic Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Blue Artic Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available exclusively through Best Buy in the US, the handset will launch on the 14th of November and will go up for pre-order in best buy stores and online on the 10th of November.

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Motorola patents microphone and lie detector neck tattoo

Back in March 2012 there was news about a Nokia patent application for a removable ferromagnetic ink tattoo that would send you haptic feedback whenever your phone gets a call. The idea was that different callers could be tied to different vibration patterns so that you could tell who is calling without looking at your phone. Now, we see a similar patent from Motorola, but the functionally is better.
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Moto Maker Coming to Verizon on November 11th, HTC One Max Around November 21st

It’s raining Moto Maker leaks right now. Earlier this month, Sprint was rumored to get the Moto Maker customization on November 11th. It’s not just Sprint, rumors suggest that T-Mobile will also get Moto Maker at its stores.

If you remember, we heard a rumor last month from the prolific @evleaks suggesting that Verizon will get the Moto Maker on November 11th. It seems that he might be correct, a new rumor suggest Motorola and Verizon will launch the Moto Maker customization this Monday. This might be a good news for all Verizon users as the carrier reduced the price of the Moto X to $99.99 and is expected to launch Moto Maker.


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Motorola Slashes Price of Moto X Developer Edition to $549.99

Last month, the Google-owned company reduced the price of the Moto X on-contract to $99.99 on all major carriers. You can find it a little cheaper than $100 on some retailers as well. Motorola also sell an unlocked version of the handset, the developer edition which comes with an unlocked bootloader.

Previously, the developer edition Moto X was priced at a whopping $649.99, but it seems Motorola decided to slash its price to $549.99, a saving of $100. The price is slashed for both the GSM version which supports AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as the Verizon Moto X.

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Google Nexus 5 vs HTC One (Video)

The new Google Nexus 5 launched last week, the handset is the first device to come with Android 4.4 Kit Kat, and now the guys from Pocket Now have put together a video comparing the Google Nexus 5 vs HTC One.

The video below gives a good look at the two handsets side by side, the HTC One comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 5 comes with Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature 16 Megapixel ISOCELL Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to launch early in 2014, we previously heard that Samsung has plans to announce the handset in January, possibly at CES, and then start selling the device in early February.

Samsung recently unveiled some plans for their 64-bit mobile processors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be the first handset from Samsung that will use a 64-bit processor.

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Verizon Moto X Now $99.99 On Contract

Motorola recently dropped the price of the Motorola Moto X on contract to $99.99, and now the Verizon Moto X is available for $99.99 direct from Verizon, this is when you take out a new two year contract, the device was previously $199.99.

This now means that you can buy the Moto X on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T for $99.99, although Amazon are also offering the handset on contract with some of the carriers from $49.99.

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Round Available In The US For $1,130

The Samsung Galaxy Round is only officially available in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, the handset retails for around $1,000 in the country, Samsung will not launch the device in other countries.

Now a US retailer, Negri Electronics, is offering an unlocked version of the Samsung galaxy Round, for a massive $1,129.50, and it looks like the handset is available to pre-order.

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