Fuuvi Bee Video Recorder Inspired By Retro 8mm Cameras (video)

If you are becoming a little bored of always having a camera in your pocket via your smartphone and would like a slightly different way to capture, more original footage. Then the Fuuvi Bee video recorder might be worth a look.

The Fuuvi Bee has been inspired by retro 8mm cameras and provides a more retro feel to your footage without the need for any smartphones or filtering applications. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Fuuvi Bee

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Fujifilm Rugged And Waterproof XP150 And XP100 Compact Cameras Unveiled

Fujifilm has announced a variety of new cameras to its range today ahead of them being showcased and CES next week. Two of these are the Fujifilm XP150 and XP100 rugged waterproof compact cameras.

Both have been designed with a rugged case and rubberised finish to protected them against hostile environments. Allowing them to be used in up to 10m of water, as well s being shockproof from drops upto 2m, dust/sand proof and freezeproof to –10°C.

Fujifilm XP

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Logitech C920HD 1080p Webcam Announced

As well as unveiling a their new Logitech Cube Mouse, which will be making an appearance at this years CES. Logitech has also announced a new HD webcamera in the form of the Logitech C920 HD. Which allows you to communicate via video in full 1080p high definition.

The new Logitech C920 is the first webcamera to offer full 1080p HD video conferencing with the latest version of Skype, and will provide a lower 720p when used with Microsoft Live Messenger.

Logitech C920

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Fujilfim X-S1 Bridge Camera Headed To The US

The Fujilfim X-S1 was announced back in November, and it will go on sale in the UK next month, now Fujifilm has announced that the X-S1 will go on sale in the US for $799 at the end of January.

As a reminder the Fujifilm X-S1 is a bridge camera with a a Fujinon 26x optical zoom lens, plus digital zoom of up to 52x with a 35mm equivalent range of 24-1248mm.

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FujiFilm Mirrorless Camera Teaser Images Leaked

This week a couple of images have been leaked on the new FujiFilm mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, which is to be shown at the PMA show next week, and officially announced next month.

According to the Photo Rumours website the name for the new camera is expected to be X 1 or LX10, and it will be equipped with a proprietary mount.

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New Olympus Camera Range Expected To Launch Next Month

Olympus is expected to launch a new range of cameras in early February according to rumours that are currently circulating. The new range is expected to be unveiled by Olympus just after this months CES show and may reveal a new line incorporating weatherproof sealing and in-built viewfinders.

Concepts images of the new range have already been circulating the Internet, but no official information about the new range of cameras specifications has been released by Olympus as yet. The image below is a an imaginary Micro Four Thirds camera with build-in viewfinder created by Livedoor.


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Samsung DualView DV300F WiFi Enabled Compact Camera Unveiled

Samsung has this week unveiled a new compact camera to their range in the form of the Samsung DualView DV300F. Which is equipped with dual screens, with one positioned on the front allowing you to take photos at arm length with ease and see the image you will capture.

The Samsung DualView DV300F is also equipped with a 16 megapixel sensor, WiFi connectivity, and sharing options for Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube. Its also equipped with a 5x optical zoom and a 25mm wide-angle lens.

Samsung DV300F

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Holga Galaxy S II Lens Filter Case Kit Arrives

Back in November we featured a new style of Holga smartphone lens filter case for the iPhone, in the form of the Holga Lens Filter kit. Which has been designed to allow you to add creative effects to your photos without the need for additional software, using physical filters that can be selected from a revolving dial.

Well, this week Holga has now unveiled their latest version created for the Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone. Once fitted to your smartphone the Holga kit provides you with access to 9 different special effects and filters without any software or app installed.

Holga Galaxy SII

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Hipstamatic D-Series App Brings Back Click And Wait To Photography

Today Hipstamatic is launching it new D-Series App, which will bring back a retro style of photography, long forgotten with digital cameras. The new Disposable Series iOS app, or D-Series is a free program that doesn’t allow you to view your images as you take them. But forces you to wait until a virtual real has been fully used.

But that’s not all you can also invite others via Facebook to use the virtual roll. Just like a real old school film reel, once a person in the group takes a shot the, real image counter clicks down on everyone’s app in the group.

D-Series App

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MIT Researches Create A Camera That Makes Light Look Slow (video)

Researchers at MIT has created a new camera that is capable of capturing one trillion exposures per second. Enabling it to capture light as it travels down the length of a one-litre bottle and back again, after the light has bounced off the cap. The new camera uses a new technology called a streak camera, which uses a narrow slit as its aperture. Watch a video of the camera in action after the break.

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Optrix HD Case Transforms Your iPhone Into An Outdoor Sports Camera

Optrix the maker of sports video cam cases, has this week unveiled a new addition to their range in the form of the Optrix HD. Which has been designed to transform your iPhone in to a fully fledged outdoor sports camera, that can by mounted to your helmet.

The weatherproof case is fully waterproof and has ultrasonic welds and silicon gaskets, enabling you to take the Optrix out in all types of weather conditions, keeping your iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch safe.

Optrix HD

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