Skype Video Arriving On PS Vita Consoles Today

As well as launching Skype for Windows Phone earlier this week. Skype has also rolled out a new version for Sony’s PS Vita console. PS Vita owners might be pleased to learn that the Skype video app for PS Vita is now available to download. Once installed Skype for PS Vita will run in the background, while you are gaming or using other applications.

Skype PS Vita

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Sniper Elite V2 Demo Now On Steam (video)

Gamers looking forward to the release of the new Sniper Elite V2 game on consoles have already been able to to get a taster of the upcoming new game via its console demos. But PC gamers have been a little left out in the cold, until now.

PC gamers can now also enjoy the new Sniper Elite V2 in all its stealthy glory, as its now arrived on Steam in demo form and can be download right now to enjoy.


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Phillips Pocket Sized PicoPix 2480 Projector (video)

Anyone in the market for a pocket sized pico projector might be interested in the new Phillips PicoPix 2480, which was first unveiled back in February of their year and measure just (W x H x D) 190 x 80 x 190 mm.

The Phillips PicoPix 2480 is equipped with a 80 lumens LED bulb whilst on power or 55 lumens when powered by its internal battery, enabling you to project an image up to 120 inches or 320cm across.

Phillips PicoPix 2480

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Rubicon Atomic Preamp With Integrated Atomic Clock Unveiled

Antelope has created a new product which is has added to its range in the form of the Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp, which comes fitted with a Rubidium atomic clock, which is 100,000 times more stable than a traditional crystal oscillator. The Rubicon Atomic Preamp is the world’s first 384 kHz converter, phono stage preamp and headphone amplifier with an integrated atomic clock, says Antelope.


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Diablo III Witch Doctor Detailed (video)

In the run up to Diablo III’s official launch on May 15th, Blizzard have released a few more details on the games Witch Doctor, character gamers will be able to play within Diablo III.

Diablo III has been in development for some 10 years and is the highly anticipated upcoming dark fantasy,horror-themed action role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment, following on from Diablo II launched in 2000.

Diablo III Witch Doctor

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Acer Intel Ivy Bridge Equipped Desktops Unveiled, Acer Predator AG3620 And Gateway DX4870 – FX6860

As you would expect over the newt few weeks there are going to be lots of press releases announcing new Ivy Bridge equipped desktop, laptops and all-in-one systems, now that Intel has officially launched their new Ivy Bridge next generation processor, with its 22 nanometer transistor design.

One of the first in whats expected to be a long line of announcements from Acer, are the new Acer Predator AG3620 and Gateway DX4870 / FX6860 desktop systems. Which are now equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and available with a range of options available for you to build your perfect system.

Acer Ivy Bridge Desktop Systems

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Intel launches Next Generation Ivy Bridge Processors

As expected Intel has now officially launched its new next generation Ivy Bridge processors this week. Which are equipped with a 22 nanometer transistor design, in contrast to Intel’s older Sandy Bridge processor, which has 32 nanometer transistors.

The new higher density Ivy Bridge processors have been designed to be faster and be able to handle a multitude of multimedia functions than previous processors.

Ivy Bridge processors

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Massive Nikon 6mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens, Yours For $160,000

A unique lens which has been classed as the world’s most extreme wideangle lens, has recently been put up for sale for a cool $160,000 or £100,000. The massive Nikon 6mm F/2.8 Fisheye lens was created as the world’s most extreme wideangle lens to cover the 24 x 36mm image area, when it was unveiled at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany in 1970,

Nikon 6mm F/2.8 Fisheye Lens

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