Valve Early Access Opens It Doors For Pre-Release Gaming Fun

Valve has today announced that its open the doors on its new Valve Early Access area which allows the Steam gaming community to purchase pre-release game titles.

The new Valve Early Access website will be receiving a number of new pre-release games over the coming months allowing the Steam community to provide feedback on gameplay, bugs and anything else that might grab your attention.

Valve Early Access

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Reactor iPhone 5 Case Lets You Handcrank Your Battery Back To Life (video)

A new an innovative Reactor iPhone 5 case has been developed which provides a unique addition to the case in the form of a hand crank, and has just started its funding process over on the Crowd Supply website.

The Reactor iPhone 5 case hand crank handle fits securely and snuggly into the case until it required to charge a flat battery. Simply remove the Reactor iPhone 5 case handle and insert it into the back of the case and turn. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Reactor iPhone 5 Case

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HP Holographic Glasses Free Portable 3D Display Demonstrated (video)

This week HP have announced and been demonstrating a new HP Holographic Glasses Free Portable 3D Display, which has been created by modifying a conventional liquid-crystal display (LCD) that can be found in many devices.

HP researches based in HP Labs in Palo Alto, California, hope the new HP Holographic screens will enable a variety new and innovative user interfaces for portable electronics, gaming, and data visualisation.

HP Glasses Free Portable 3D Display

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Evasi0n Jailbreak Disabled By iOS 6.1.3 Update

Yesterday Apple released a new update to its iOS operating system taking the software to iOS 6.1.3, and bringing with it a number of new tweaks and fixes, but bad news for the Evasi0n Jailbreak.

The new iOS 6.1.3 update includes a fix to stop anyone bypassing the iOS device passcode screen and accessing an iPhone, together with improvements for Maps in Japan. However it does still seem that the passcode issue still exists.

Evasi0n Jailbreak

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Onda V818 Android 4.1 Tablet Announced For $170

Onda the Chinese tablet manufacture has this week announced a new addition to their range of tablets in the form of the new Onda V818 Android tablet.

The Onda V818 tablet is equipped with a 7.9 inch screen sporting a resolution of 1024 x 768, and is powered by Allwinner A31S quad-core processor, supported by 2GB of RAM.

Onda V818

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Google Keep Note Taking Service Goes Live

After being leaked earlier this week Google Keep has now been released by Google and is now live on the web and Android devices, running Android 4.0+.

Google Keep was revealed earlier this week after details were found in the source code of Google Drive, revealing that Google was developing the note taking service for their Google Drive cloud storage service.

Google Keep

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PlayStation 4 Carmageddon Reincarnation Game Confirmed

After a successful Kickstarter campaign rekindled the Carmageddon Reincarnation game, it now been announced that the game will be arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and next generation games consoles, such as the Xbox 720.

The news was announced by Stainless Games and director Jason Garber explained to the Eurogamer website that at the moment the company doesn’t have development kits for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720.

PlayStation 4

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Logitech G Gaming Range Of Peripherals Launch (video)

Logitech has re-branded their gaming peripheral range into a new brand called Logitech G, making it the first time that Logitech gaming devices have had their own individual branding.

The new Logitech G gaming range of devices includes six redesigned mice and keyboard favourites, together with two new Logitech gaming headsets, for you to enjoy.

Logitech G

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Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920 In Microsoft Windows Phone Challenge (video)

Microsoft has released a new promotional video for the Nokia Lumia 920 which runs Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system, in a Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920 camera showdown.

Within the latest promotional video from Microsoft Ben bets Brittany $100 that in a Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920. His Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone can take a better low-light photo than her Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920

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