Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri Works With Your Cars Bluetooth (Video)

Here is something we didn’t know about Siri on the iPhone 4S, Siri will work with your Bluetooth in your car and can be used to set reminders, and basically anything you can normally do with Siri through your cars hands-free kit.

The video below shows Siri in action with a bluetooth hands-free kit in a car, and the guys from Autoblog tested it out with a number of different hands free systems.

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Star Wars AT-AT Cake

We have featured a number of different Star Wars cakes here on Geeky Gadgets over the years. But this one by BlackMarket Bakery in Irvine, CA, is fantastic and sure to go down well at any Star Wars party.

The AT-AT cake has been baked and created by Rachel Klemek, owner of the BlackMarket Bakery, and has been constructed using gingerbread to created the main panels of the AT-AT, and finished using icing to pick out the details.

Star Wars AT-AT Cake

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3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Create For 3D Designers Unveiled

3Dconnexion have this week launched their new SpaceMouse Pro, which has been specially designed for 3D software designers and engineers. The new SpaceMouse Pro ergonomic design combines 3Dconnexion’s patented six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor, to provide intuitive and precise 3D navigation together with an innovative On-screen Display.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro

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Sonos Android App Receives Honeycomb Tablet Support

Android Honeycomb tablet users will be please to know that Sonos has today rolled out a new update for its Android application. Which brings with it support for Honeycomb tablets running Android 3.0 and above.

The Sonos Android application has always been compatible with tablets, but the new release brings with it an updated and much cleaner user interface which takes advantage of the 10.1 inch tablet screen.


Sonos Android Honeycomb

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Lenovo To Launch LeTV Smart TV Next Year

Lenovo is the latest company to announce that they are getting into the TV market, and they will be launching Internet connected TV in early 2012, called the Lenovo LeTV, although they haven’t released an specific information about the device.

It isn’t clear as yet whether Lenovo will be developing their own software for their Internet connected LeTV, they could possibly use Google’s TV platform for the device, although this has not been confirmed.

Lenovo To Launch LeTV Smart TV Next Year

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Vuzix Tac-Eye LT Monocular Display System Launched

Vuzix has launched their new Tac-Eye LT Monocular Display System this week. Which enables you to add a AMOLED display in front of one of your eyes.

The Tac-Eye LT provides a 800 x 600 see-through display and comes in three different configurations: VGA-in, video-in or a combination of both, and accepts NTSC, PAL, and RS-170 video signals.


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Microsoft Sold Almost 1 Million Xbox Consoles Last Week

Microsoft has announced the sales figures for its Xbox console for last week, and it would appear that the black Friday shopping week was Microsoft’s most popular week as they have announced sales of nearly 1 million Xbox 360 consoles last week.

Microsoft sold a total of 960,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the US last week and a total of 750,000 Microsoft Kinects, with more than 800,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold within 24 hours.

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PS3 System Software Update Version 4.00 Goes Live

After announcing they would roll out their new PS3 update this week. Sony has now met their deadline and released their PS3 system software update version 4.00.

The new update is in preparation for the launch of Sony’s new PlayStation Vita gaming console, and will prepare PlayStation 3 consoles to serve as a content management device.¬†Enabling users to be able to copy their games, music, photos, and videos between their PS Vita and PlayStation 3. Together with other features that will allow you to backup PS Vita games including saved data directly onto your PS3 hard drive.

PlayStation Vita

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iTether App Removed From Apple App Store

Well that didn’t last long, yesterday we reported on a tethering application for the iPhone that had turned up in the iTunes App store, called iTether, and now Apple has removed the application form the app store.

The developers of the application, Tether, were contacted by Apple yesterday and told that the application would be removed from the app store, and Apple told them that the application would be a burden to the carrier networks.

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Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fix Coming Next Week

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been suffering from a volume bug, and Samsung has already updated new Galaxy Nexus devices with the software update before they are sent out to retailers.

The software update has also been leaked and has been available to download online, and now Google has confirmed that they will release the official software update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next week.

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