Fossil Meta Watch Arriving Soon

Back in March we reported how HP and Fossil had teamed up to create a new gadget aggregator, well the new gadget has now been unveiled and is called the Fossil Meta Watch. Working with Meta Watch an advanced development group exploring technology-based opportunities for watches.

The partnership between HP, Fossil and Meta Watch has now created the first prototypes available for public viewing and this new style of gadget has some great features.

The Meta Watches are available in either analog digital or digital versions, and their platforms are based on the MSP430TM ultra-low-power microcontroller and CC2560 Bluetooth host controller interface from Texas Instruments (TI). Which allows them to receive push notifications from tablets and mobile devices, which can then be used by developers using the  Meta Watch SDK and APi’s.

Fossil Meta Watch

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Mac OS X Lion To Be Available From Mac App Store?

When Apple launches Mac OS X Lion later this year, it looks like the new version of Mac OS X will be delivered to users through the Mac App Store, according to a recent report.

Apple are currently releasing developer build of Mac OS X Lion through the Mac App Store, so it would make sense for the company to release the final version to consumers in the same way.

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Microsoft Surface 2 SDK With Input Simulator Arriving This Summer

Microsoft has announced they will be releasing a new Microsoft Surface 2 SDk this summer which will now include an input simulator feature, together with a number of other tweaks and updates.

The new Surface input simulator will allow developers to check their coding and develop applications for Microsoft’s Surface and Windows Touch Enabled PC’s without the need to be next to an actual Surface device. Being able to use the new SDK input simulator to check their functions and features within their code.

Microsoft Surface 2 SDK

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RIM Launching 10 Inch BlackBerry PlayBook This Year?

The BlackBerry PlayBook features a 7 inch display, and now it seems that RIM has a larger version in the works, and may end up launching a 10 inch version of the BlackBerry PlayBook later this year.

According to a recent report by the BGR, RIM are currently working on a 10 inch version of the PlayBook and it may go on sale as early as the fall of 2011.

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The Worlds Smallest Camera Measure 0.99mm In Diamater

Medigus has announced a new ultra tiny camera, designed to be used by doctors and surgeons, and this is now the worlds smallest camera measuring just 0.99mm in diameter.

As you can see from the photo below, this new camera is compared to the tip of a pen, which shows just how small it is, and it has a resolution of 212 x 212 pixels.

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iOS 5 May Bring OTA Updates To iPhone

The only way to update your iPhone at the moment is to connect it to iTunes, this may change in the future, and Apple may push out over the air updates to the iPhone after the release of iOS 5.

According to a recent report by 9 To 5 Mac, who are quoting multiple sources, Apple intends to launch OTA updates later this year when it introduces iOS 5, and carriers may push out the updates to iPhone owners.

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Awesome Full Sized Papercraft District 9 Gun

We recently featured a cool Lego District 9 gun, and we just got an email from one of our readers, Matt Milam to let us know about his latest creation, a full sized Papercraft district 9 gun.

This awesome papercraft district 9 gun was made by hand, and the design was done by Matt himself, without using any specialized computer software, and it measures 40 inches long, have a look at the photos below.

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Apple Releases iOS 4.3.3 Software Update

Apple has released the latest version of its iOS software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 4.3.3, and this latest update from Apple is designed to fix the location tracking bug that we have been hearing about recently.

According to the release notes, iOS 4.3.3 ‘changes to the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache’, which include the size of the cache being reduced, and also the cache is no longer backed up to iTunes.

Apple iPhone 4

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EA Says Battlefield 3 Will Be” Flat Out Superior” To COD

We love it when companies fight, because that’ means ink (or in our case pixels) will freely flow. We do like our boasts a bit more imaginative though. Put some hyperbole into it, John Riccitiello. That 700 per cent increase in pre-orders”versus the same period before the launch of Battlefield: Bad Company 2″ deserves at least some aggressive adjectives.

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New Super Soaker Water Gun Uses Clips Like Real Gun

Water guns are a staple in Texas when the summer rolls around. You will see kids everywhere running around shooting at each other and having fun. Most of those water guns have bottles that you have to fill with water, and it takes you out of the fun while you refill. A new water gun from Super Soaker called the Thunderstorm has surfaced.


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