Raspberry Pi Sinclair TV LCD Case Mod By Nathan Chantrell

Raspberry Pi

Why use of a brand-new case for your touchscreen TFT Raspberry Pi project, when you can use a retro Sinclair TV LCD case instead and breath life back into the old hardware.

Modder and developer Nathan Chantrell has this week publish details of a modification he has carried out using an original Sinclair TV LCD case and a Raspberry Pi mini PC, modding the case to use a new 2.2″ SPI LCD QVGA 240×320 display.

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Makerbot PrintShop Vase Maker Lets You Easily Create And 3D Print Custom Vases

Makerbot Vase Maker

This month Makerbot has released a new version of its MakerBot PrintShop application which now includes a new feature called Vase Maker that allows you to create and 3D print custom vases.

Just in time for the holiday season those of you lucky enough to own a 3D printer will be able to create weird and wonderful designs as gifts and ornaments directly from the MakerBot PrintShop application on your Apple tablet.

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RetroPi Raspberry Pi Emulator In-Car Console System

Raspberry Pi Emulator

Makers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi single board computer might be interested in a new project published over on the Instructables website that provides instructions on how to create a Raspberry Pi Emulator in-car console.

The Raspberry Pi Emulator or RetroPi as it has been named, was created by Instructable’s member MoTinkerGNome and uses a Raspberry Pi B+, 3W class d amplifier together with a 5 inch TFT screen complete with mini driver HDMI purchased from Adafruit, all housed in a Pelican 1050 dry box.

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3D Stuffmaker Launches 4 New 3D Printer Kits From $445

3D Stuffmaker

3D Stuffmaker has this week announced the launch of four new 3D printer DIY kits it has added to its range in the form of the Prusa Gen 2 kit with 4.4 litre build volume retailing at $445, Mega Prusa Gen Kit, with a build volume up to 7 litres, retailing for $595 as well as the portable $695 Creator Gen2 Kit.

The flagship new DIY 3D printer kit from 3D Stuffmaker takes the form of the Evolution Gen2 Kit pictured above, that offers 8 litres of print area for an affordable $795.

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Zotac ZBOX PI320 Windows Mini PC Now Available For $199

Windows Mini PC

Back in August of this year Zotac unveiled their new Windows mini PC in the form of the new ZBOX PI320 which has been designed to provide the power of a desktop PC running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 operating system in a small form factor case.

If you have been patiently waiting for Zotac to make their new ZBOX PI320 mini PC to become available, you will be pleased to know that it is now available to purchase from just under $200 and is available from various online retailers including MacMall and Compsource.

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iBox Nano Unveiled As Worlds Smallest Resin 3D Printer For $189 (video)

iBox Nano 3D printer

If you are looking for a small resin 3D printer the new iBox Nano system priced at $189 might be worth more investigation. Created by iBox Printers the iBox Nano is the worlds smallest, most affordable 3D resin printer.

The iBox Nano resin 3D printer can be controlled using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and only requires that you have access to a browser to be able to print through the system, needing no special software to be installed on your devices.

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RaspbAIRy : Raspberry Pi Based Airplay Speaker

Raspberry Pi Airplay Speaker

Instructables member zwucki has this week unveiled details of a new project he has been working on called the RaspbAIRy which takes the form of a Raspberry Pi based Airplay speaker.

To build a RaspbAIRy you will need a Raspberry Pi Model B with SD Card, a supported USB WiFi Adapter such as a LogiLink Nano Adapter, 3.5W Mono Amplifier and speaker, and finally a power supply.

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New Apple Mac Mini Gets Official


As well as launching it new flagship iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, new Apple Retina 5K iMac and its latest Apple OS X Yosemite operating system which is now available to download. Apple also launched a new range of Mac Mini computer systems to its hardware range.

There are now three new Mac Mini computer systems to choose from ranging from £399 up to £799 or $499 to $999 depending on your preferred specifications.

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Apple iMac With Retina Display Full Specifications

Apple iMac With Retina Display

Yesterday Apple announced their new Apple iMac with Retina Display, and now we have the full specifications on Apple’s latest flagship Mac.

The new Apple iMac with Retina Display comes with some impressive specifications, the display on the device has a massive resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and according to Apple, this is the ‘world’s highest resolution display’, with a massive 14.7 million pixels.

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Neutron Palm Sized X86 Haswell 16GB Windows Mini PC (video)

Windows Mini PC

Atom Computer based in San Diego California has this week unveiled their tiny new palm sized Windows mini PC called the Neutron which they have launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website.

The new x86 based Windows mini PC is one of the smallest Intel powered Windows PCs in the world say its creators who have equipped the mini PC with the latest Intel Haswell i3 and i5 processors.

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Solus 3D Printer Offers Both XGA And HD Resin Based Printing

Solus 3D Printer

Makers and hobbyists that are looking for a resin-based personal 3D printer might be interested in a new creation unveiled this month by Reify based in Taiwan, called the Solus 3D Printer.

The Solus 3D Printer is capable of using an externally supplied DLP projector using either a standard XGA 1024 x 768 or HD 1920 x 1080 projector, with the HD option providing additional print resolution.

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