SuperDuino Arduino Color Display And Accelerometer (video)

Arduino Color Display

Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy building Arduino compatible projects may be interested in a new Arduino color display and accelerometer which have been combined together to create the SuperDuino.

The SuperDuino a coin cell operated Arduino compatible board that can be used to create Arduino projects with these offering a 1.7″ 128 x 160 resolution 16bit colour TFT LCD display for feedback and data presentation.

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Depth-VR 3D Head Tracking Eyewear Creates Screen 3D Perspective And Depth (video)


Computer users that are looking for a reasonably priced device to add realistic 3D perspective and depth to their gaming or computer viewing. Maybe interested in a new head tracking device created by the NCF Group called the Depth-VR.

Depth-VR is a pair of 3D head tracking glasses that have been specifically designed to bring “unprecedented realism” to 3D objects on your computer screen. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

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Printrbot Metal Plus 3D Printer Launches Friday For $999 (video)

Printrbot Metal Plus 3D Printer

Following on from the previously launched 3D printer created by Printrbot that was successfully funded via Kickstarter raising more than $800,000 in the process to launch the company into production.

Printrbot will this week be launching their new Printrbot Metal Plus 3D printer that will be available to purchase on Black Friday for $999. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more and see it in action.

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Bitdefender BOX Offers Protection For All Your Devices And More

Bitdefender BOX

If you find the cost of purchasing antivirus products for all your individual computers a little expensive, you might be interested in a security device, router, network firewall and intrusion prevention system in the form of the Bitdefender BOX.

The BOX has been designed by antivirus software maker Bitdefender to provide users with piece-of-mind that their home or office network is secure. By scanning network traffic to detect and block any potential security threats or malware that might be trying to worm its way on to your systems.

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Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer Arrives On Amazon For $5,999 (video)

Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer

Stratasys has today announced the availability of their Stratasys Mojo 3D printer on Amazon priced at $5,999 enabling users to create professional parts for concept models, rapid prototypes, and product mockups in ABSplus thermoplastic.

The Stratasys Mojo 3D printer uses SR-30 soluble support material and is capable of printing in a layer thickness of 0.178 mm and being available on Amazon opens up professional printing to a wider audience. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Mojo 3D printer hardware and see it in action.

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MeegoPad T01 Windows Mini PC Stick Now Available For $100

MeegoPad T01

If you have been waiting for the MeegoPad T01 Windows mini PC stick to be made available worldwide after first being launched in China during October of this year. You will be pleased to learn that the mini PC capable of running Windows 8.1 is now available in the US priced at $100.

The MeegoPad T01 is a small HDMI stick sized mini PC that is equipped with 16GB of storage for $99 or 32GB or for $110, and is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core Bay Trail processor supported by 2GB of RAM.

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CuBoxTV Linux XBMC Media Center Mini PC Launches For $100

CuBoxTV mini PC

If you are looking for a tiny XBMC Media Center to view movies and media on, this Linux-based CuBoxTV mini PC system might be perfect and is now available to pre-order priced at just $100.

The CuBoxTV mini PC system measures just 2 inches square, weighs 281g and is powered by a 1GHz Quad Core Freescale i.MX6 processor supported by supported by 1GB of RAM and Vivante GC2000 graphics.

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3D Systems Capture Mini 3D Scanner And Cloud 3D Printing Software Unveiled (video)

Capture Mini 3D scanner

3D Systems has this seek unveiled its new Capture Mini 3D scanner and cloud 3D printing software that the company has created to make the process of printing real life object after converting them to digital files as easy as possible.

The new Capture Mini scanner is a small, highly accurate blue LED structured-light scanner that has been combined with industry-leading Geomagic software products, says 3D Systems. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Capture Mini scanner and see it in action.

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Robox 3D Printer Now Available To Purchase For $1,549 (video)


After successfully launching via the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and now having fulfilled all its Kickstarter backers orders. The new Robox 3D printer is now available to purchase via retail with prices starting from $1,549.

Currently the Robox 3D printer comes fitted with a Robox 3D filament print head but the team hope to use extra funds raised by their Kickstarter campaign to created addition tooling heads. Although other methods of production and heads are still yet to be decided, such as CNC milling or laser cutting.

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New Raspberry Pi Mobile Phone Tutorial Published By Adafruit (video)

Raspberry Pi Mobile Phone

Hobbyists and makers that would like to build their own Raspberry Pi mobile phone may be interested in the new tutorial that has been published on the Adafruit website, which has been written by David Hunt the original developer that created of the PiPhone.

The Raspberry Pi mobile phone is made using a Raspberry Pi mini PC, Adafruit PiTFT touchscreen display, and a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module which is all powered by a DC-DC conveyer and a Lithium Polymer battery. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

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Imp ARM-based Ubuntu Mini PC Unveiled for $150

Imp ARM-based Ubuntu Mini PC

A new Ubuntu Mini PC has been unveiled this week in the form of the Imp, a small form factor desktop PC, that is equipped with an ARM-based processor supported by 2GB of RAM and comes complete with open source software.

The new Imp Ubuntu mini PC will soon be launched via a crowd funding campaign and prices for the system are expected to be around $150, with the operating system of choice being Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on the system versions.

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Learn Programming And Electronics Using The XPlorerBoard Student (video)

Learn Programming

If you are interested in learning how to programme or more about electronics you may be interested in the new piece of hardware that has been created by Rich Electronics in the form of the XPlorerBoard Student.

The XPlorerBoard Student Provides anyone with the ability to quickly learn more about electronics and learn programming using the custom built hardware combined with tutorial iOS and Android applications. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this new innovative way to learn programming and electronics.

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