CSQ CSW9 Mini PC And Set-Top Box Launches For $200


Chinese hardware manufacturer CSQ has this month launched a new addition to their range of systems in the form of a new mini PC, set-top box which is priced at around $200 and comes equipped with a Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core processor.

The new mini PC that can also be used as as set-top box is not equipped with a battery and is not fanless but does provide a small form factorr system for a variety of applications.

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DREAM-1 32-bit Microcontroller Chip Design For IoT And Wearables

DREAM-1 32-bit Microcontroller Chip

Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy creating wearable electronic projects or anything that is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) may be interested in a new 32-bit microcontroller development board that has been created by DreamMICRO.

The eco-Inspired 32-bit microcontroller chip is called the DREAM-1 and has been specifically designed for wearable and IoT projects using minimal energy yet providing maximum speed.

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mDrawBot 4-in-1 Arduino Drawing Robot Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Drawing Robot

Here on Geeky Gadgets we have featured a number of different drawing robots over the years, but now Makeblock has combined four different drawing robots into one robotic kit called mDrawBot based on the Arduino platform.

The mDrawBot drawing robot kit includes everything you need to create four different drawing robots in the form of the mScara, mCar, mSpider and mEggBot, watch the video below to learn more about this awesome Kickstarter project which has already blasted past its $50,000 pledge goal.

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MSI Cubi Mini PC Systems Now Available To Pre-Order From $150

MSI Cubi

Earlier this month MSI launched their new mini desktop systems in the form of the MSI Cubi, that have been designed to compete with systems created by Zotac, Intel and Gigabyte in the form of the Brix.

If you have been patiently waiting for the MSI Cubi mini desktop PC systems to become available you will be pleased to know that MSI has now made the Cubi system is available to preorder with prices starting from just $150 for a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 3205U processor.

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DuoPad Multi Touch TrackPad Equipped With Touchscreen Mode (video)

DuoPad Multi Touch TrackPad

Anyone looking for a new way to control their computer system and already in enjoy using a trackpad might be interested in a new design created by Rafal Krepec called the DuoPad that promises to provide users with a next-generation trackpad.

The next-generation DuoPad trackpad has two modes that take the form of a Touchscreen mode and a Standard Trackpad mode with mouse cursor and 2 click buttons. Watch the video below to learn more about its features and functions.
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Stepcraft 2 Universal Desktop CNC Machine And 3D Printer In One (video)

Stepcraft 2 Universal Desktop CNC Machine And 3D Printer

Inventors, makers and developers that are looking for a desktop cnc system that is capable of milling, carving, engraving, 3D printing as well as working as a vinyl and craft cutter, plotter and more then the new Stepcraft 2 might be worth further investigation.

According to its creators Stepcraft 2 is the World’s first universal desktop CNC solution and its is also competitively priced with packages starting from just $999.

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Konekt Dash Arduino And Raspberry Pi Cellular Development Kit Includes Free Global Data Plan (video)

Cellular Development Kit

Makers and developers that enjoy building projects using both the Arduino platform and Raspberry Pi mini PC. May be interested in a new cellular development kit that has been created by Konekt based in Chicago called the Konekt Dash.

The Konekt Dash is supplied with a free global data plan that is supported in over 100 countries worldwide and the actual development board is available in two different sized models named the Dash and Dash Pro for more heavy duty applications and end-to-end SSL encryption.

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PiConfig Raspberry Pi Network Configurator (video)

PiConfig Raspberry Pi Network Configurator

Raspberry Pi network users that find themselves changing from one network to another on a regular basis and would rather not engage in the lengthy process of setting up a network settings each time via the command line.

May find a new USB device called the PiConfig well worth more investigation. PiConfig has been designed and created by Mihaly Krich after getting frustrated having to setup his network config again and again on his Raspberry Pi min PC via the command line..

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