PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

It looks like another company is offering a PCIe SSD, which the launch of the new PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD.

The PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD will come in a variety of sizes, including 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, and will offer read speeds of 750MB/s and write speeds of 700MB/s.

PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

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OnLive – The Future of Gaming ?

A new service is launching later in the year which is designed to bring console gaming to everyone, without the need for a games console, called OnLive.

All you will need to play games on the new OnLive system is either a TV, PC or a MAC, and it will work in a similar way to cloud computing, where the data is processed on its own servers, and then the information is sent over the internet.


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Geek Accessories – Pacman Pillows

What could be cooler for your geeky apartment than this fun set of Pacman Pillows, a must for PacMan fans, and gaming fans as well.

There are three pillows in the set, one featuring Pacman, and the other two featuring Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde and ideal accessory for any geeks apartment.

Pacman Pillows

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Stylish Wooden USB Drive

If you are looking for something a little different to store your data on, then you may be interested in one of these stylish wooden and silver USB drives.

This stylish looking USB drive comes in a choice of sizes, and each one is made to order, so you can choose what wood you want it made in and also what metal from a choice of gold, silver, titanium and bronze.

stylish wooden usb drive

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The Cardboard MacBook Case

If you are looking  for something a little different to carry your MacBook around in, then check out this cool MacBook case which is made from cardboard by UK design company Farm Designs.

This funky case is made from a combination of corrugated cardboard, and it has a leather strap, it is available for 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook’s and Macbook Pro’s.

Cardboard MacBook Case

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Geeky Clothing – The Pocket Robot T-Shirt

Here’s another cool geeky t-shirt that would be an ideal addition to any geeks wardrobe, the Pocket Robot T-Shirt, an ideal addition to your geeky wardrobe.

The Pocket Robot T-Shirt, features not just one, but two robots, there is a small one on the front in the breast pocket, and a large one on the back in another large pocket.

pocket robot tshirt

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