Hyundai MB-910 Watch Phone

We have already seen LG release a watch phone this year with the ridiculously priced LG GD-910, the latest manufacturer coming out with a mobile phone timepiece is Hyundai with the MB-910 Watch Phone.

It looks like this new watch phone will be slightly more reasonably priced and feature a 132 x 176 touchscreen display, and will be tri-band GSM/GPRS.

Hyundai MB-910 Watch Phone

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Review – Antec Skeleton Open Air Case

This week we have been lucky enough to get our hands on a very cool PC case, that we featured on geeky gadgets previously, the Antec Skeleton Open Air Case.

The Antec Skeleton is not like any other PC case we have seen before, it is basically a completely open case where are the components are exposed, hence why it was given the name ‘Open Air’.

Antec Skeleton

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Prototype iPhone turns up on Ebay

A prototype of the original 2G iPhone has somehow ended up on Ebay, although there is no confirmation that this is not just some clone of the 2G iPhone it certainly looks pretty real.

The prototype iPhone has a rough beta version of the iPhone OS running on it, on top of that there is a matte plastic screen, which is different from the glass screens in the production models.

Prototype iPhone

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Design – KRE-8 Mobile Phone Concept

Here is another interesting design concept, this one is from designer Jose Tomas DeLuna, the KRE-8 Mobile Phone.

The KRE-8 Mobile Phone is a mobile phone which is designed for DJs, and aspiring music producers, and according to the designer ‘the KRE-8 is the next-generation music tool/communication device for the musically creative and the aspiring musician as well. ‘

KRE-8 Mobile Phone Concept
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24 Samsung SSDs Make One Fast PC

What happens when you put together 24 Samsung SSDs, into a RAID array in one PC? You get a super fast PC with amazing speeds, with 2GB per second write speeds.

This super fast PC was made as part of a publicity stunt for Samsung, who wanted to show what could be done with their SSDs, check out this video of it in action after the break.

24 samsung SSDs
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USB Gadgets – The USB Motion Sensor Skull

Here is another fun USB gadget from the guys over at Brando, ideal for scaring your friends and co-workers, the USB Motion Sensor Skull.

Just plug this fun USB gadget into your PC or Laptop and leave it strategically place it somewhere on your desk, as soon as one of your friend walks past it will light up and play some scary sounds.

USB Motion Sensor Skull

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Robot USB Flash Drive

Another day, another USB gadget, today we have this cool looking Robot USB Flash Drive.

As you can see from the photo this funky little robot is holding his head, which also covers the USB connector, just pull his head off and plug him into your PC or laptop to access your data.

robot usb drive

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Geeky Watches – The Romain Jermoe Truth About Roswell Watch

We have featured some of the interesting watches produce by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jermoe on the site previously, like the Moon Dust watch, which contained actual moon dust, his latest creation is called ‘The Truth About Roswell’ watch.

Romain Jermoe’s latest timepiece is a special edition of the Moon Dust DNA watch and there are only 9 being made, as usual it features actual moon dust, which is used in the watch face, the bezel is made from carbon fibre and titanium and steel fragments from the Apollo XI spacecraft.

Romain Jermoe Truth About Roswell Watch

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Design – Modern Fossils

Here’s something very cool from artist Christopher Locke, a series of fossilized gadgets.

The cool fossilized gadgets which the artist calls ‘Modern Fossils’ are made from concrete.

Some of the gadgets which have been fossilized, included an iPod, Nintendo Gameboy and a Sony Walkman, check out the photos below.


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Control your iPhone with your tongue – Mimi Switch

Here is an interesting accessory for your iPhone or iPod, the Mimi Switch which lets you control your iPhone with your tongue.

No it isn’t April the 1st, this is a real product, the Mimi Switch looks like a normal set of headphones, which have built in infrared sensors that measure tiny movements inside your ears that result from different facial expressions.

mini switch

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