Asus Eee PC 1002H

Asus has added another netbook to their range with the launch of the new Asus Eee PC 1002H.

The Asus Eee PC 1002H comes with a 10 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600, it is powered by the new Intel Atom N280 processor, has 1GB of RAM, which is easily upgradeable, a 160GB hard drive plus 10GB of online Eee storage.

Asus Eee PC 1002H

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Retro Movie Camera Webcam

Here’s a fun USB gadget, a webcam shaped like a retro movie camera.

This fun webcam comes with its own tripod so you can stand it on your desk, or it can be mounted on top of your monitor, it is compatible with PC and Mac.

retro webcam

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Ulysse Nardin Chairmain – Revealed

Some of our readers may remember the Ulysse Nardin Chairmain, mobile phone that we featured on the sire previously, we only got a glimpse of the back of the phone before, but the manufacturer has just released full details of their stunning looking Smart Phone, with a bunch of pictures.

The Ulysse Nardin Chairmain will feature a 2.9 inch multi touch screen, a built in fingerprint reader which unlocks the phone, a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, email and a web browser.

Ulysse Nardin Chairmain

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Taser Axon Head Mounted Video Camera

It looks like police will have a new weapon in combating crime, a head mounted video system called the Taser Axon.

The Taser Axon will be able to record exactly what is going on in a situation, exactly as the police officer sees it, which could stop a lot of the fake claims made against police and also provide vital evidence for use in court.

Taser Axon

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Gametrak Freedom Xbox 360 Motion Controller

It looks like the Xbox 360 will be getting a motion controller similar to the Wii-mote, which the launch of the Gametrak Freedom Xbox 360 motion controller.

The Gametrak Freedom uses an accelerometer, plus some ultrasonic 3D positioning, and two sensor bard which are mounted near your TV.

Gametrak freedom

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PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

It looks like another company is offering a PCIe SSD, which the launch of the new PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD.

The PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD will come in a variety of sizes, including 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, and will offer read speeds of 750MB/s and write speeds of 700MB/s.

PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

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OnLive – The Future of Gaming ?

A new service is launching later in the year which is designed to bring console gaming to everyone, without the need for a games console, called OnLive.

All you will need to play games on the new OnLive system is either a TV, PC or a MAC, and it will work in a similar way to cloud computing, where the data is processed on its own servers, and then the information is sent over the internet.


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Geek Accessories – Pacman Pillows

What could be cooler for your geeky apartment than this fun set of Pacman Pillows, a must for PacMan fans, and gaming fans as well.

There are three pillows in the set, one featuring Pacman, and the other two featuring Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde and ideal accessory for any geeks apartment.

Pacman Pillows

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