The Dell Adamo – Full Details

Over the past few weeks we have seen lots of teaser videos, spy shots, and pictures of Dell’s new Adamo Laptop, well the good news is that the full details have now been revealed, including specifications.

The bad news is that the Dell Adamo’s specifications aren’t that impressive, and with the price, I cant see it being much competition for the MacBook Air.

Dell Adamo

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Paper Clip Mario Kart

Bored at work? why not make one of these fun Mario Kart’s made from paper clips and a few other office supplies.

This fun paper clip Mario Kart was made by Kody Koala, when he was bored at work one day, using some paper clips, coins and some other stuff he had lying around at work.

Paper Clip Mario Kart

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SixthSense – The Wearable Gesture Interface

Here is an interesting gadget, the SixthSense Wearable Gesture Interface, which is basically a wearable computer.

The SixthSense  Wearable Gesture Interface is a prototype made up of a video camera, a pocket projector and a mirror, it works by allowing you to interact with anything around you, check out the video of it in action below.


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TEAC HD-1 HD Radio

TEAC has just launched a new HD radio, the TEAC HD-1.

The TEAC  HD-1 HD Radio has a built in iPod dock, and has HD radio which will provide excellent sound and new content through HD Radio programming.

teac hd1

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