Kogan GPS Watch

Hardly the most stylish looking timepiece we have seen here at geeky gadgets, although it does have a host of features, the new Kogan GPS Watch.

The Kogan GPS watch has a built in GPS receiver, allows tracking via Google Earth, has built in Bluetooth and a temperature sensor.

kogan gps watch

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iPhone OS 3.0 – Full Details

Yesterday was Apple’s live event about the latest version of the iPhone OS version 3.0, where Apple revealed details of what we can expect in the latest major update to the iPhone.

The update is scheduled to hit the iPhone in June, and it will bring a host of new features to the iPhone, about 100 in total including some that iPhone users have been asking for quite some time.

iphone OS 3.0

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Elecom Scope Node Precision Mouse

Elecom has launched a new precision mouse, the Elecom Scope Node mouse, which according to Elecom, using the mouse is as if you are holding a pen.

It features a 1600 dpi laser sensor, which is located between the index finger and the thumb, unlike traditional mice, where the sensor is located in the centre.

Elecom scope Node

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Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook is just a concept

Yesterday we showed you a new netbook from Lenovo, the Pocket Yoga Netbook,  which looked very similar to the Sony Vaio P in terms of size and design.

Well it turns out that this was just a concept that was designed over two years ago, yesterday Lenovo published more pictures of this netbook, and today they have revealed that it is just a concept.

lenovo pocket Yoga

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