Hyundai Helps Girl Send a Message to Her Father in Space


Hyundai helped a girl named Stephanie send a message to her father. Sending this message wasn’t as easy as simply hopping in the car and driving to his work for delivery. The girl’s father is an astronaut aboard the ISS. For the astronaut to be able to see the message, it had to be gigantic.

In fact, Hyundai had to send out expedition teams to look for locations where the message could be made large enough to be seen from space and where weather wouldn’t keep the message from being visible, a dry lake in Nevada was eventually chosen. The plan started with a hand written message from Stephanie.

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Volvo XC90 Excellence is Luxury for Four


Volvo has announced that it will be unveiling the most luxurious vehicle it has ever built at the Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is the XC90 Excellence and other than being based on the new XC90 SUV, the two cars have few similarities. Whereas the normal XC90 seats seven people, the XC90 Excellence seats only four.

It’s only the two back seat passengers that really matter with this SUV made to be driven in rather than drive. The rear seat area has two seats and lots of luxury features that make this SUV like an apartment on wheels. The two seats offer massaging, reclining, ventilation, and lots of legroom. Each of the seats has its own retractable touchscreen controller.

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Shelby Baja 700 turns up the Performance of the Ford Raptor


The Ford SVT Raptor truck is already a very cool truck that is aimed at high-speed desert racing. Shelby has taken already high performance Ford vehicles and amped up the performance for years. Mostly Shelby is known for making modified mustangs. Shelby is taking that modification to the Ford SVT Raptor truck and the result is awesome.

The truck is called the Shelby Baja 700 and it has a supercharger under the hood among lots of other new parts. Along with that blower comes a new throttle body, new injectors, a heat exchanger, and a Borla exhaust. As the name of the truck hints, Shelby says power output is 700hp. More power isn’t much good without the suspension to back it up off-road.

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Aston Martin to build EV and plug-in hybrid Cars


Aston Martin makes some very cool cars and back during the New York Auto show last month, we saw the very cool DBX concept. Aston Martin has stated recently that it is working on two green vehicles with a plug-in hybrid and a full EV in the works. The plug-in hybrid will be a production version of that slick DBX concept we saw before.

One major change will be that the production car will be a four door, not a two-door like the concept. The dimensions of the car are also being tweaked for more room on the inside. The full EV sounds even more interesting and will be another model.

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William Shatner Designed Rivet Motorcycle to go into Production


When I think of William Shatner, I think of Captain Kirk and his stint on Psych. I certainly don’t think of motorcycles. Apparently, Shatner like motorcycles, at least enough to co-design a very wild looking bike with a bike company from Illinois.

Shatner has teamed up with American Wrench to design a trike called the Rivet. The name comes from the rivets on the body of the bike that apparently hold it together. The design is based on the style of a B-17 bomber and it looks like something Mad Max would ride in an apocalyptic future.

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Freightliner SuperTruck is 115% More Efficient than Current Big Rigs


The Department of Energy teamed up with four major big rig manufacturers to try to develop trucks that were at least 50% more efficient than current models. One of the makers that the DOE teamed up with was Freightliner and the company created a truck that was vastly more efficient than the DOE hoped for.

Freightliner’s SuperTruck is 115% more efficient than current big rigs. When tested in Texas pulling a full load, the truck tipped the scales at 65,000 pounds with the load. It was able to achieve 12.2 mpg at 65mph with that load making it 115% more efficient than normal trucks pulling similar loads. The truck uses aerodynamics with new skirts to block wind and a hybrid powertrain.

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Mercedes GLC Teased Ahead Of Shanghai

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes have released a teaser photo of their new SUV crossover, the Mercedes GLC which will be unveiled at the Shanghai Moto Show later this month.

Mercedes did not provide any details about their new Mercedes GLC, although they did say that it would be a more compact version of their GLE Coupe.

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Cadillac CT6 Hybrid tipped for Shanghai Debut


A rumor is making the rounds that Cadillac is set to unveil its CT6 Hybrid at the Auto Shanghai 2015 show in a few weeks. The car is a hybrid that has been rumored to use the same engine that the new Chevy Malibu Hybrid uses under the hood. If true that means the CT6 would get a small 1.8L four-cylinder engine mated with a pair of electric motors for a total of 182hp.

The car was first unveiled at the New York Auto Show and is a flagship sedan for the Cadillac brand. If the hybrid is unveiled in Shanghai, it would be the first time for that model to be seen. The car is similar in size to the BMW 7 series and is 100% a premium car. Inside Cadillac uses wood, and carbon fiber to class things up.

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