Turntable Rider Transforms Your Bicycle Into A DJ Turntable And Mixer (video)

A new concept has been used in a video to promote Japan’s Cogoo bike sharing service, called the Turntable Rider, and has been designed to transform your bike into a ridable Dj turntable. The Turntable Rider, converts the bikes wheels into jog wheel and the brakes into pads. Check it out in action after the jump, together with a video showing how the Turntable Rider was created.

Turntable Rider

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HTC Trophy 8107 Verizon Update Now Available

Verizon Wireless has this week announced that they have rolled out a new update to the HTC Trophy 8107. The update which has been expected for sometime, has now finally arrived and brings with it a number new features and bug fixes to the smartphone.

To receive the new update simply plug your HTC Trophy into your Zune Desktop, and it should automatically download ready for you to use. During the process three updates will be installed which are OS 7740, OS 8107 and HTC Firmware.

HTC Trophy 8107

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New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Trailer (video)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier by Ubisoft will be arriving in stores during next month, but to whet your appetite a little more before launch. Ubisoft have released a new multiplayer teaser trailer, showing what you can expect from the multiplayer side of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

New features in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier game include “optical camouflage”, which provides players with a form of active camouflage that allows the Ghosts to become harder to see.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

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Roku 2 XD, XS Streaming Media Players Launch In Canada

Over the weekend Roku have announced that their new Roku 2 XD, and XS streaming players will be arriving in Canada and are now available to pre-order. Once live in Canada the new Roku devices and service will provide users with more than 100 entertainment channels including movies and TV shows from Netflix and Crackle; live and on-demand sports from the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball; music from Rdio and TuneIn Radio.

Roku 2 XS

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RED Dragon 6k Upgrade Announced For Epic And Scarlet Cameras

Today RED has announced a new Dragon sensor upgrade for its Epic and Scarlet cameras. The new next generation upgrade provides 6k resolution, 15+ stops native Dynamic Range, together with full 5K video recording at 120 fps, all for a $6,000 price tag for the Epic.

Due to the way RED has designed its cameras using a modular system, upgrading an existing camera to 6K is a fairly painless process, once you have parted with your cash.

RED Dragon

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Skype Web App Under Development Reveal Job Listings

Over the weekend a couple of job vacancies were posted by Microsoft, advertising for Software Development Engineers to work on Skype for Browsers. Confirming that a Skype web application is currently or will shortly be under development.

Within the job advertisements Microsoft hints that the new Skype web application, could be HTML 5 based, or at least not reliant on Adobe Flash. Making the new Skype web application available to a wider range of browsers and devices, including Apple’s range of tablets and smartphones, which don’t support Flash based applications and website.

Skype Web Based App

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Intel Letexo Sliding Utrabook Demonstrated (video)

Intel has this week been showcasing its latest technology at the IDF 2012 Beijing. During which Intel has revealed its new Intel Letexo hybrid Ultrabook prototype, which is equipped with a sliding screen, and runs Windows 8 OS. The new Intel Ultrabook codenamed Letexo, has been designed to provide users with the best of both a tablet and a notebook in one slimline device.

Intel Letexo Sliding Utrabook

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New Panasonic MicroP2 Storage Cards Announced

At NAB 2012 this week Panasonic has unveiled its new MicroP2 card, which has been created to provide users with all the speed they have come to expect from P2 technology, in the compact size of a SD card.

Pictured to the left of the cards below is the new Panasonic companion adaptor, which can be used in conjunction with a firmware update. Enabling you to use the new MicroP2 cards in devices that are equipped with PCMCIA sockets.

Panasonic MicroP2

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Samsung Unveiling Next Galaxy Smartphone On May 3rd

Over the weekend Samsung has started sending out invitations to a London at which it will be unveiling its next Galaxy S III smartphone. As you can see by the invitation below Samsung has not mentioned the new Galaxy’s name but just called it the “Next Galaxy”, and possible included some indication of its colour.

Samsung Next Galaxy

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