Microsoft Windows 8 Build 2012 Videos Published For Coders

If you haven;t been able to attend the Microsoft Build 2012 conference in person, but would still like to see first hand the presentations that took place during the conference. You will be pleased to learn that Microsoft has now made available videos from Build 2012 on its Channel 9 website, for all to see.

The videos from Build 2012 also include the Keynotes and Preshow buildup as well as presentations covering What’s New for Developers in Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 and more.

Build 2012

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MAG II Gun FPS Gaming Controller Launching Later This Month (video)

First person shooter gamers looking for a controller that can provide a little more immersive gameplay, might be interested to learn that the new Mag II Gun controller will be arriving in stores later this month on November 13th.

The Mag II Gun has been designed to be compatible with both PlayStation 3 consoles and PC systems, and has been created to provides players with a high-precision controller. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Mag II Gun controller and see it in action.


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Evernote 5 For iOS Launching Soon (video)

Evernote the creators of the awesome note taking and reference storage application this is available across a number of popular platforms and devices. Has this week revealed that a new Evernote 5 version for iOS is currently in development and will be launching very soon, following on from their release last week of their new Evernote 5 for Mac systems in its beta development stage.


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Nintendo Wii U Commercial Launched On YouTube (video)

Nintendo has launched a new commercial for their new Wii U gaming console on to YouTube this month, which has been created to whet your appetite a little more before the official launch of the new Wii U gaming console later this month on November 18th 2012.

The theme of the advert is “How U Will Play Next,” and shows examples of how owners will use the new Wii U touchscreen controller to enjoy games and interact with the console. Watch the videos after the jump to see the Wii U in action.

Wii U

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Skype Prepaid Cards Arrive In 1,400 UK Stores

Skype has today announced the arrival of new Skype Prepaid cards in 1,400 stores across the UK, with credits available to purchase from this week onwards in £10 and £20 denominations.

The new Skype Prepaid cards are equipped with a scratch panel that reveals a PIN which can be used to redeem the credit from the card to your Skype account.


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Worlds Smallest Ultra HD 4K Display Measuring Just 9.6 Inches Unveiled By Ortustech

This week Ortustech has unveiled the worlds smallest Ultra HD 4K display which measures just 9.6 inches in size. The tiny 9.6-inch color liquid crystal display packs in a massive resolution of 3840 x 2160.

You would think that a screen this size would only be a concept rather than ready for production, but is looking to start sample delivery next month, ready for full production to start in the near future.

Ortustech 4K Display

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Apple App Store Receives Support For 8 More Currencies

Apple has today rolled out support within its App Store for eight more currencies, which includes the Russian Ruble, Turkey’s Lire, India’s Rupee, Indonesia’s Rupiah, Israel’s New Shekel, Saudi Arabia’s Riyal, South Africa’s Rand, and United Arab Emirates’ Dirham.

Previously these unsupported currencies would have had to make payments in US dollars rather than their local currency, download free applications or jailbreak their devices to acquire apps by illegal means.

Apple App Store

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MIO Active Connect Fitness Weigh Loss Watch Unveiled (video)

MIO has just unveiled a new addition to their range in the form of the MIO Active Connect, which has been designed to provide users with a weight loss wristwatch and is thought to be the first of its kind, and differs from other similar fitness monitors in the market.

The MIO Active Connect watch has been designed to accurately track how many calories you have burned both daily and over seven-days, and then uses this data to assess the best way for you to lose weight more effectively.

MIO Active Connect watch

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