What If Fighting Games Were Based On Real Life (video)

Most of us have enjoyed playing a fighting game or two, rapidly tapping the button and joystick with the thrill of carrying out a special combo move to knockout your opponent.

But what if those fighting games were a little closer to real life? A humorous look and what these games might look and play like has been put together by the CollegeHumour team.

Real Life Fighting Game

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SixAxis Of Power Site Provides Android Button Maps For PS3 Sixaxis Controller

If you enjoy gaming on your Android devices and enjoy using your PS3 Sixaxis controller app, but sometimes can’t be bothered with the arduous task of mapping all the buttons to the latest Android games.

You might be pleased to know that a new website has now been created that provides already mapped button profile for the latest games, allowing you to download them and be up and running in the least amount of time possible.

SixAxis Of Power

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Awesome Steampunk Nintendo Console Case

If you have a few hours spare this weekend and have an old Nintendo console in the attic you could try to make your very own Steampunked Nintnendo console.

To provide you with some inspiration check out this awesome creation by redditor Andrew5785 for his cousin, which has been hand built and Steampunked to the max, complete with rivted case, lights and steam pipes.

Steampunk Nintendo Case

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Polaroid Unveils A Trio Of Waterproof Sports Cameras

Polaroid has this week unveiled a trio of new sporting action cameras it has added it its range, in the form of the Polaroid XS7, XS20 and XS100, that will be arriving in stores during mid October and will be priced  accordingly : XS7 at $69.99, the XS20 at $99.99, and the XS100 at $199.99.

The range of new polaroid sport action cameras were unveiled at the recent Photokina event, and have been build to take knocks and bumps and withstand the harsh elements of outdoor sports.

Polaroid XS7

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Parallella A Supercomputer For Everyone Hits Kickstarter (video)

An interesting new project called Parallella created by Adapteva has landed on Kickstarter which hopes to make parallel computing platforms accessible to everyone.

The key to the new Parallella project are Open Access, Open Source and Affordability say its creators, watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Parallella project and see its creators talk you through their idea.


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G-Box Dyno Android 4.0 Mini PC Hands On (video)

Brad Linder over at the Liliputing website has been able to get his hands on a G-Box Dyno Android 4.0 Mini PC, and put it through its paces. Recording the unboxing and first stages of setup for us all to enjoy.

The G-Box Dyno is a mini Android PC capable of running Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system, and is powered by a Amlogic AML8726-MX ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

G-Box Dyno

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Kickstarter Simple.TV Shipping Dates Slip Back Into October

After a successful Kickstarter campaign which started back in May of this year the newly created Simple TV device manufactures have now released another date for the devices to start shipping to backers, missing the planned September 27th shipping date.

When their Simple.TV Kickstarter campaign ended the company had raised more than $220,000 to get their idea transformed from concept to production.

Simple TV

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AT&T MiFi Liberate LTE Touchscreen 10 Device Hotspot Introduced

Novatel Wirless and AT&T have this week introduced a new creation it has added to its range of MiFi wireless hotspots, in the form of the MiFi Liberate LTE Touchscreen hotspot.

The MiFi Liberate LTE Touchscreen hotspot is capable of providing a connection for up to 10 wireless devices, for up to 11 hours, and is compatible with networks in 200 countries  says AT&T.

AT&T MiFi Liberate

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Mozilla Persona Password-free Login System Launches Into Beta

Today Mozilla has launched their new password-free login system Mozilla Persona, into its first public beta stage of development. Allowing users to easily login to a number of site without the need to remember password and user details.

Mozilla Persona beta development stage  is currently being offered to users and anyone who is interested in signing up, for free worldwide, and already support 25 languages.

Mozilla Persona

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