Asus Eee Tablets Coming To the UK In April

Asus just dropped us an email to let us know that its new range of tablets will be available in the UK in April, with the new Eee Slate available from the beginning of April.

From the middle of April both the new Eee Pad Transformer tablet and the Eee Pad Slide will be available in the UK and Asus will also be launching the new Eee MeMo in the UK early in quarter 3.

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TazTag to Debut Android-powered TazPad Tablet at CeBIT

CeBIT will kick off really soon and there will be all sorts of computer hardware and gadgets that break cover at the show for the first time. Many of the tablets that we see at the show will undoubtedly be powered by Android. A company called TazTag has already announced that its tablet dubbed the TazPad will be seen at CeBIT for the first time.


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iTunes Cloud May Be For Storage Not Subscription Streaming

Its been revealed today that Apples new iTunes cloud might not result in a subscription-based streaming music service after all. With Apple possibly just developing the cloud storage to offer its iTunes users online storage at the current time.

According to the Financial Times, even after Apples acquisition Lala, music industry sources have quietly confirmed that Apple’s intent is to allow iTunes users to remotely host their paid tracks, and then stream that content to various devices.

iTunes Cloud

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Skype Launches Skype To Go Service No Computer Needed

Skype has launched a new service called Skype To Go that allows you to make calls via Skype through regular landlines and mobiles, without the need for a computer.

Skype To Go acts as a gateway for calling friends and family abroad. Once you have setup a number for each contact you would like to contact, Skype will setup a local number within your area code. Allowing you to call the local number rather than the International number.

Skype Go

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Dell Venue Pro Goes On Sale In The UK

The Dell Venue Pro was due to go on sale in the UK at the start of February, unfortunately the launch was delayed, but if you have been waiting to get your hands on one it is now finally available in the UK.

Dell are selling the Venue Pro from their website, and this Windows Phone 7 smartphone will set you back £459 including taxes, which works out at about $745.

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Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot (video)

Chris Rogers an industrial designer by trade has created a fantastic looking remote controlled vehicle that can be fitted with a paintable gun and other gadgets and can be used by a number of different law enforcement departments to help with a number of different scenarios.
Chris is now looking for KickStarter funding to take his dream to the next level and is looking to raise $15,000 to help him create the high pressions parts required to build and develop his idea. Watch the video after the jump to see the Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot in action.

Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot

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MySpace Officially Up For Sale

News Corp has officially started the sales process for its MySpace website, exploring both sales and spin-off possibilities fro the troubled social entertainment website.

Back in 2005 News Corp acquired Myspace for $580 million after beating rivals such as MTV owner Viacom Inc in the bidding. But News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch has done little with the site and lost a huge amount of its following to competitor Facebook.


My Space logo

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JetStreamHD iPad Media Streamer

The JetStreamHD is a new media streaming device that has been designed specifically for the iPad. The JetStreamHD’s media streamer’s hardware converts any media format in real-time to accommodate for your mobile device and adaptively adjusts the streaming bit-rate to make best use of the available Wi-Fi or 3G connection strength.

The manufactures say that the JetStreamHD is simple to use and has been designed to removes any  upfront planning headaches, conversion issues, download time, sync hassles, or iPad memory limits.


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