HTC Files for ‘Scribe’ Tablet Trademark

A newly applied for ‘Scribe’ trademark by the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, HTC, could indicate that the company is looking to develop its own tablet to challenge Apple’s iPad.

Filed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on the 26th December the document describes “a handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer,” for a product called HTC Scribe.


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Hack Converts Nook Color Into Kindle

Since the Nook Color was rooted last month a number of apps have already been loaded onto the Android based tablet. But if you are looking to load Kindel books onto your tablet, Blog Kindle has now posted instructions on how to easily install it.

Once the Nook Color has been hacked the Android Market can then be installed allowing you to install any number of applications including the book reading app Amazon Kindle Books.

Nook Color

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Mushkin Adds New RAM Kits to Hot Radioactive Line

When it comes to computer companies, the major items like your CPU and video card tend to get the most money. An enthusiast or gamer knows that you also need some nice RAM with good performance as well. The catch is that not all RAM is up to what an enthusiast that will be overclocking their gear needs.

Mushkin Radioactive RAM

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Facebook Passes Google To Claim Most Visited US Website In 2010

Facebook has now taken top slot for Google as America’s most-visited website in 2010, according to a new report from Experian Hitwise. With three other variations of Facebook making it into the top 10 as well : “facebook login” at #2, “” at #6 and “” at #9.

Facebook was also the top search term among U.S. Internet users for the second year running with the search term “facebook” accounting for 2.11% of all searches.


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Sprint HTC EVO 4G Suffers Firmware Upgrade Problems

It seems that the firmware update issued to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G earlier this month to enhance Sprint TV, Blockbuster, the Scan Now Widget and the Swype keyboard, seems to have caused more problems than its fixed  or enhanced according to owners who have been experiencing problems.

Problems being reported are: continuous drop outs on Wi-Fi, weak battery life, lagging, together with the SD un-mounting itself on a regular basis and the speakerphone switching on whenever users bring the handset near to their ear or connects to an earpiece.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G

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iLive Launch Range Of Rotating App Enhanced iPhone iPad Docks

iLive has released a sneak peek of their new range of iPhone and iPad docks they are launching at CES 2011 next week.

Together with traditional docking stations iLive will also be showcasing its new App Enhanced docks offering features such as clocks, multiple alarms, calendars, nature sounds, sleep timers and weather information all controlled from apps on your iOS device.


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Microsoft Unveils 2 New Xbox Live Games On Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has unveiled to new Xbox Live games that are now available from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $2.99.

The first called Rise of Glory is a World War I flight simulator that features both campaigns and single-mission modes and the second is Revolution is  more of a puzzle solving game featuring “machines” that need to be solved by placing cogs in the correct locations. Watch videos of both games after the jump.

Rise of Glory

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New Olympus XZ-1 Lens Specifications Leaked

Lens details of Olympus’s new high-end compact camera the Olympus XZ-1 have been released ahead of its launch at CES 2011 next week.

The XZ-1 will be equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor and equipped with a brighter lens than other similar compacts allowing shooting at an f1.8 aperture at its minimum 28mm focus and never going higher than f2.5 at its 112mm maximum range.

Olympus XZ-1

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Hackers Claim Discovery Of PS3 Private Key

The team of hackers responsible for the Wii’s Homebrew Channel, calling themselves fail0verflow have explained in a presentation at the Chaos Communication Conference. They have found a way to get the PS3 to reveal its own private cryptography key, allowing hackers to now not have to roll back to older firmware to break open their PS3 systems.

Fail0verflow have explained how they went about the discovery but haven’t as yet provided any proof of the Private Key and intends to release a proof-of-concept video tomorrow, publishing the tools to complete the PS3 hack on their website next month.  Watch their presentation after the jump, the interesting stuff is about 33:00 minutes in.

PS3 Private Key

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