Pirate Bay Appeal Lost, Founders Get 6.5 Million Fine And Jail Time

The Pirate Bay has been appealing against the previous decision of the Swedish courts for some time now, yesterday the Pirate bay founders Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Carl Lundström lost their appeal in the Swedish court of appeals, and the previous ruling had been upheld.

The court decided to reduce the three Pirate Bay founders jail sentences, who were all given a 12 months sentence bay in April 2009, this has now been reduced to 10 months for Fredrik Neij, 8 months for Peter Sunde and 4 months for Carl Lundström.

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Thanksgiving is Over, It’s Time to Go Griswold at Home and in the Office with Microsoft Themes

When it comes time to decorate for Christmas, geeks do it up right. Not do many geeks decorate at home, they also decorate in the office. I bet you have at least one person in your office that has lights and all sorts of other stuff plugged into their computer during the holidays. If you are looking to decorate your computer area at home or in the office Microsoft has a cool new theme for you.

Windows 7 Holiday Theme

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Pure Twilight Helps You and Baby Fall Asleep

I have never had an issue falling asleep thankfully and I can get up and go without any grogginess. My son on the other hand will walk around like a zombie if you wake him up and expect him to get going. He has to wake up slowly or he can’t function. Pure has a new clock radio called the Twilight that is just for people that need to be woke up solely and need help falling asleep.

Pure Twilight

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iPad 2, Dual Cameras, FaceTime And Retina Display?

We haven’t heard an iPad 2 rumor for a while now, the latest rumor doing the rounds is that the next generation iPad, iPad 2 or iPad HD, or whatever Apple decides to call it,  will feature dual video cameras and FaceTime, something we have heard previously.

The rumor also suggests that the iPad will feature a similar Retina display to that of the iPhone, although it may not be called that, we expect to see at least a higher resolution display than the current iPad which is 1024 x 768.

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DIY Open Source DARwIn-OP Robot

Images of the new version of the Open Source DARwIn-OP Robot have been discovered on the DARwIn-OP support site photos by the RoboSavvy forum.

The DARwIn-OP Robot is turely a DIY open source project as all the software and all of the CAD files needed to build the robot have all been made readily available.

DARwIn-OP Robot

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Super Talent’s USB 3.0 RAIDDrive Receives A Speed Increase Via Firmware Update

Super Talents already super fast USB 3.0 thumb drive we covered earlier this month has already received its first firmware update that makes its transfer speeds even faster.

The firmware update released by Super Talent increases the speed of the drive by 55 mb/sec increasing the overall speed to 370 mb/sec. Watch the video after the jump to see the data.

super talent raiddrive

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Nokia X7-00 Smartphone Leaked (Video)

A new Nokia smartphone has been leaked, the Nokia X7-00, and it is running the latest version of Symbian, as you will see in the video below, it features four speakers, and will probably come with Dolby surround sound.

There really are not many more details on the specifications, but you can see it running Need For Speed Shift in the video below.

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Apple Shipping One Million MacBooks Per Month?

According to DigiTimes, shipments of Apple’s MacBook have now reached over one million units per month for Q4 of 2010, according to information provided to them from manufacturers of the various MacBook models for Apple.

The MacBook sales have been boosted by the recent launch of the new MacBook  Air, which has been popular since its launch, and it seems that sale if the Air may even account for around 25% of the total MacBook sales for the current quarter.

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Crytek Unveil Latest Game Creation, Warface

Crytek the developer responsible for the Far Cry and Crysis games has just taken the wraps off its latest new game under development unveiled Warface.

Warface is slightly different in makeup to the single player games Crytek is famous for, allowing multiple players to interact with each other and carry out co-op missions and there is no mention of any single player content at the moment.


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