Pentax XG-1 Offer Massive 24 to 1,248 mm Equivalent Focal Length Zoom

Pentax XG-1

Ricoh has this week unveiled their new Pentax XG-1 DSLR style camera which is equipped with a massive 52-times optical zoom lens capable of reproducing an equivalent 24 to 1,248-mm focal length range.

The Pentax XG-1 is fitted with a 16-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor and can capture 9 frames per second when required as well as sporting a permanently attached 4.3-223.6-mm F2.8-F5.6 lens.

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Destiny Beta Frame Rate Tests And Gameplay Revealed (video)

Destiny beta

The new Destiny beta game play testing launched yesterday for the PlayStation 4 console and now Digital Foundry has released the first footage of their framerate testing and gameplay you can expect to enjoy.

The PlayStation 4 Destiny beta game is 13.2Gb in size and includes a tutorial section during which you are tasked with creating a new guardian to help you on your adventures.

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MIOPS Smartphone High Speed Camera Trigger (video)

High Speed Camera Trigger

Photographers looking for a high-speed camera trigger might be interested in a new system called MIOPS which was launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week.

MIOPS has been designed to provide users with a smartphone controllable high-speed camera trigger within a single unit, that also provides advanced features for your creativity by harnessing the use of your smartphone platform.

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ICU-Duino Motion Sensor Arduino Shield (video)

Arduino Shield

Makers and developers looking for a motion sensor Arduino Shield, are sure to be interested in this new ICU-Duino which has been created by Patrick Thomas Mitchell based in Ottawa, Canada.

The ICU-Duino motion sensor Arduino Shield has been designed to provide users with a a shield that both detects motion and also uses wireless infra-red communication between an IR remote control and your Arduino board.

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Evernote Web Clipper For Chrome Update With New UI And More (video)

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has today announced a new update for their Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome which brings with it a number of new features, enhancements and tweaks.

Today’s update takes the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper to version 6.2 and has been created to provide users with a more streamlined experience when saving online content. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

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Kyocera To Bring Sapphire Displays To Android Devices (Video)

Sapphire Displays

The new iPhone 6 is said to come with a sapphire display, and we recently heard that Kyocera were working on a new Android smartphone which would also come with a similar sapphire glass screen.

Now Kyocera has released a new video, and the company has announced their new Sapphire Shield display for smartphones, and it looks like it wont just be headed to Kyocera Android devices.

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The Evil Within Release Date Brought Forward To October 14th 2014 (video)


The new Evil Within game was expected to be officially released on October 21st, 2014. However this week Bethesda’s Pete Hines said the game will be ready ahead of schedule and will now be available to purchase in North America on October 14th and two days later on October 16th in Australia and October 18th throughout Europe.

The Evil Within is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks based in Japan and will be published by Bethesda Softworks.

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BlackMagic Pocket Camera Price Slash In Half For Limited Time

BlackMagic Pocket Camera

Photographers looking for a pocket camera that is capable of shooting RAW uncompressed video might be interested to know that this week Blackmagic has announced they have slashed the price of their Blackmagic pocket camera capable of supporting 1080HD resolution capture in 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps in half for a limited time.

As part of a summer promotion reducing the price from just under $1000 down to $495 until August 31, 2014, or until supplies run out.

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