Tiny Ubi-Camera Snaps Photos With Your Hands (Video)

Researchers at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan, have developed a tiny camera that takes photos using your hands as a frame for the photo, and the device is called the Ubi-Camera.

The video below shows the Ubi-Camera in action, and this tiny camera features a range sensor, and the framing of the photo is determined on the distance between the camera and the person shooting the photos face.

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Epson Moverio BT-100 Android Glasses Now Shipping (video)

Epson has today announced that their new Moverio-BT-100 Android powered glasses are now shipping within the US and are available to purchase. Epson’s Moverio-BT-100 high resolution see-through display glasses run Android 2.2 platform with Adobe Flash 11 support, and enable you to streaming content via a Wi-Fi connection. Watch the video after the jump to see them in more detail.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam Up For Pre-order In The UK

One of the new smartphones that Samsung showed off at this years MWC, was the Samsung Galaxy Beam which comes with built in projector, the device is expected to launch in the UK in July and it is now available to pre-order.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam features a 4 inch display with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels, a 5 megapixel rear camera for video and photos and a front facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video chat, plus a built in video projector that can project images and video up to 50 inches.

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Recylced Vintage Camera iPhone Dock

If you are looking for somethign different to charge your iPhone or iPod with then you may want to have a look at these recycled vintage camera iPhone and iPod docks from Roberto Altieri.

There are a couple of different versions available made from a range of vintage Pentax and Minolta cameras and each one is unique and comes with a built in USB cable.

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Ridge Racer Unbounded Launch Trailer (video)

Namco Bandai and developer Bugbear Entertainment have this week released a new launch trailer for their Ridge Racer Unbounded driving game. Ridge Racer Unbounded part of the long-running Ridge Racer franchise will be arriving this month, hopefully within the next few days for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ridge Racer Unbounded

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White Nokia Lumia 900 Coming To AT&T 22nd April

We have already seen a leaked photo of the white Nokia Lumia 900, and the original Nokia Lumia 900 will launch on AT&T on April the 8th, and it looks like the white version will launch shortly after that date.

According to the guys over at EverythingWM, who got their hands on the photo below, the white Nokia Lumia 900 will launch on AT&T on the 22nd of April.

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HTC Working On iPod Touch Competitor?

It looks like HTC may be working on their own device to take on Apple’s iPod Touch, according to some patents which were discovered by Patentbolt, and can be seen in the photo below.

The device is described as a ‘handheld electronic device’, and it looks like HTC aren’t planning a new smartphone, instead the device is reported to be an iPod Touch competitor.

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Mini Humanoid Robots Battle For The Robo-One 2012 Championship Title (video)

In Japan this month the Robo-One tournament has taken place, in which mini robots battle it out against each other to see who will be supreme champion. Watch the final in all its robotic glory after the jump. Where robot Garoo the Robo-One 19 Champion faced off against Gargoyle Mini for the Robo-One 20 Championship.

Robo One

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AmpKit 1.3 Modern Bass Amp iOS App Update Arrives

Agile Partners developers and creators of AmpKit have this week rolled out a new update to their guitar amp application for iOS devices. Bringing with it a raft of new graphics all now beautifully rendered with the new iPad Retina Display in mind.

The Ampkit app offers the largest guitar and bass gear selection of any iOS amp simulation application. Providing you with 36 amp channels, 24 effects, 21 cabinets, and 8 mics. 114 presets in total.


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The Samsung Galaxy Note Was Made For Elephants (Video)

If you have been wondering why the Samsung Galaxy Note has a large 5.3 inch display, it looks like the device was actually made to be used by elephants and not us humans as the video below demonstrates.

It looks like this is some sort of marketing video for Samsung, although one of their more creative ones, it is definitely worth watching.

Galaxy Note Elephant

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