Acer Iconia Dual Screen Notebook Hits The US

Some of our readers will remember the Acer Iconia dual screen notebook that was announced  a while back, Acer has now announced that it will be available in the US from next month.

The Acer Iconia dual screen notebook feature two 14 inch touchscreen display, each one has a resolution of 1266 x 768 pixels, and one screen can be used with a virtual keyboard and they can both be used with a range of multitouch gestures.

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Sony Ericsson Releasing Android Bootloader Unlock Tool

Sony Ericsson has unveiled that they are to be releasing a new Android bootloader unlock tool later this year that will help unlock some of the new 2011 Android smartphones.  Karl-Johan Dahlström, Senior Program Architect at Sony Ericsson, explained that certain models of the company’s 2011 range, including the XPERIA Play, Arc, Pro and Neo, will be offered  an open-bootloader option for flashing third-party firmware.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

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Intel Launches Third-Generation 320 Series SSD Drives

Intel have today announced the launch of its third generation 320 Series SSD drives based on 25-nm NAND flash memory and available in 40, 80, 120, 160, 300 and massive 600GB options.

The new 320 series SSD drives see a large performance increase over their predecessors with Intel more than doubling the sequential write speeds when compared to second-generation SSD drives. With 220 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) sequential writes and  270 MB/s sequential reads.

Intel 320 Series SSD

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Amazon Cloud Player Music Streaming Service Goes Live

Amazon has beaten both Apple and Google to the finish line, and just released their own new cloud streaming music service, named the Amazon Cloud Player. The new service allows existing Amazon customers in the US to upload their MP3 purchases to a personal 5GB sized storage area in the cloud.

Once there it can then be streamed back to play on any Android phone, Android tablet, Mac or PC, to wherever the user might be.

Amazon Cloud Player

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SugarSync Updates Its iOS Apps With Remote File Management

Sugarsync the cloud sync and storage provider has today rolled out a major update to its software for both the iPhone and iPad adding a number of new features.

The update includes a new feature which now provides a remote control acces to your files. Allowing you to now organise and manage your SynarSync documents from your iOS device, and includes being able to copy, move and even delete files or folders.

Another new feature now allows you to add public links to emails on your iPhone and iPad  from your files within your SugarSync storage. Meaning the person you are sending the email and file to doesn’t require a SugarSync account to be able to access your file.


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Blizzard President Defends Activision President Bobby Kotick

We’ve grappled with the issue ourselves occasionally, especially after the whole Infinity Ward debacle, but if Blizzard president Mike Morhaime is to be believed, apparently Bobby Kotick isn’t half bad. “I have an advantage there because I know Bobby personally and we have very long, in-depth conversations, so my view of him is not limited to small sound bites taken out of context,” is what he had to say on the matter.

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Nintendo: System Update Should Fix 3DS Black Screen Of Death

This was to be expected what with a new console generation on the horizon and we’ll be looking over at the Xbox 720 with intense interest when that hits, but for right now the console failure du jour is the Nintendo 3DS’s so-called “black screen of death”. Not to worry though, Nintendo have thrown out a stock answer to the issue to calm the ruffled feathers of un3DS-ed early adopters.

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iPad 2 UK Sold Out Within 24 Hours

The iPad 2 went on sale in the UK last Friday, you could either order it online from 1am or purchase it from an Apple Store or an authorised retailer from 5pm on Friday afternoon.

When the Apple Store online started selling the iPad 2, the store went offline briefly and many customers had trouble ordering the iPad 2, and the next day the shipping times of the iPad 2 were 3 to 4 weeks.

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Nintendo 3DS Owners Reporting Black Screen Of Death

The Nintendo 3DS went on sale in the UK last Friday and in the US over the weekend, and now it seems that some 3DS owners are reporting problems with Nintendo’s new handheld 3D console.

The guys over at GoNintendo even experienced the issue, and you can see what the so called ‘black screen of death’ looks like in the second photo below, and a number of other 3DS owners have also reported the problem.

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