Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Headed To Verizon

Yesterday we showed you some new photos of Samsung’s new Android based tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one thing that we found out yesterday is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will feature a CDMA radio, which would suggest that it will be available with either Verizon or Sprint.

Now some details have been leaked which show the Samsung Galaxy Tab listed in the Verizon inventory system, and the BGR has got a photo of the inventory system which shows the tablets, you can see this in the second photo below.

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Gmail ‘Priority Inbox’ Sorts Your Email

Google [Goog] has added a new feature to their Gmail email service, called Priority Inbox. Priority Inbox is designed to help you cut through all your emails and shows you the important emails first.

It is designed to help you get straight to your important messages, without having to set up complex rules to filter your email, you can see how it works in the video below.

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The Worlds Smallest DSLR Measures Just One Inch Wide

Here is something fun for all the photography fans out there, the worlds smallest DSLR, although the worlds smallest DSLR doesn’t actually take photos, it is a perfect replica of a DSLR and even features a number of detachable lenses.

This tiny DSLR measures just one inch wide, and it is a 1/6th scale of a standard DSLR, it features every button that you would find on your DSLR, as well as a screen, unfortunately you wont be able to use it to take photos.

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Steampunk Optimus Prime

We love anything to do with steampunk here at Geeky Gadgets, here we have a cool creation from the Encline Design Team, the Steampunk Optimus Prime.

As you can see from the photos, the Steampunk Optimus Prime transforms into a steam engine, and the level of detail on this cool creation is amazing.

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Dolphin Hydrofoil is the Jet Ski of the Future

I can remember going to the lake in my younger days when there were some of the personal watercraft on the lake that lifted out of the water and rode around on a ski. I presume those were literally the jet skis that spawned the term that has become a bit of a catch all term for all brands today.

A new concept has surfaced for a personal watercraft of the future called the Dolphin Hydrofoil. This thing has a circle ski in the front and a couple wing-like skis on the rear with a long fin underneath with the propulsion unit. When at speed the Dolphin rises out of the water on the skis.

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Kodak Debuts New ESP 9250 AIO Printer with Cheap Ink

Kodak is mostly known for its digital cameras and film products. The company has branched out over the last few years with offerings like printers. The big feature for Kodak printers is that the ink cartridges used are much cheaper than most other brands.

Kodak has unveiled the new ESP 9250 AIO inkjet printer. The new printer has integrated WiFi, a 2.4-inch color screen, and has a built-in fax modem. The fax machine can store 60 phone numbers and has a 100-page memory. The printer also has a memory card reader.

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Online Oxford Dictionary Popularity May Mean no Third Edition in Print

When it comes to dictionaries one of the longest running and most term packed of all dictionaries is the Oxford English Dictionary. To get an idea of how many terms and associated usage information is included in the dictionary considers this. The OED spans 20 volumes, costs $1165, and was last updated in 1989.

About 30,000 copies of the OED have been sold in print since the second edition was published in the late 80’s. By contrast, the online version of the OED gets 2 million hits per month from the US alone, is updated every three months, and costs $295 per year to access.

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Geek Creates His Own Awesome Lightsaber

Geeks like their science fiction and one of the most popular franchises for many is Star Wars. The movies have been popular for years and spawned a number of replica and toy products from all six of the films. One DIY geek wasn’t happy with the quality of the lightsaber replicas on the market so he rolled his own.

The result is a replica of the lightsaber Obi Wan Kenobi used in the New Hope flick. The guy created the lightsaber pretty much from scratch using a lathe and other power tools to make the thing out of metal. The website of the maker takes you through all of the steps.

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Finis Unveils Swinsense Device that Can Sense Stroke Type

Runners, joggers, and walkers have Nike Plus that puts sensors in their shoes to tell how long they run and give details about their workout. A company called Finis has announced a new product that will ship this holiday season that is sort of like the Nike Plus for swimmers.

The device is called the Swimsense and it is worn on the wrist like a watch while swimming. The device uses motion sensing technology to record the number of laps the swimmer makes, total distance swam, calories burned, lap time, pace, and it can distinguish between different strokes.

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Triple Boot Your Mac

IF you have a Mac but sometimes wish you had the capabilities to run other OS’s on it, a great tutorial shows you how to prepare your Mac to be able to run all three major OS’s from one system.

The triple boot system will work on any Intel based Mac machine and allow you to run Mac OS X, Windows 7 (64-bit), and Ubuntu 10.0, sweet!

triple boot mac

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