WOWee MicroVision Pocket Pico Projector Provides 200 Inch Display

WOWee and MicroVision has joined forces to create a new pocket PicoP laser projector which allows you to project a display of up to 200 inches. The new projector combines WOWee ONE’s revolutionary Gel-Audio based portable speakers, together with MicroVision’s award winning PicoP portable display engine technology.

WOWee MicroVision Pico Projector

The new WOWee and MicroVision has been designed to provide smartphone and tablet users with a convenient way to projector media and presentations to a larger display with  focus-free viewing, complete with its own speaker system built in. Magnus Hammick, Managing Director, WOWee ONE explains:

“We’ve seen an overwhelming response from our customers and are excited to bring this combination of technology to even more users worldwide,”-“The marriage of sight and sound is a natural progression for customers, and we’re excited about the possibilities that lay before us. Seeing the response we’ve had with our speakers, we’re thrilled to be taking it a step further with MicroVision and offering our customers a full immersive experience that can travel with them anywhere.”

Source: Business Wire

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