Nuance Dragon TV, Brings Voice Recognition To Your HDTV

Nunace the voice recognition specialists have introduced their new Dragon TV product today, which has been created to bring voice recognition support to connected TVs. The new Dragon TV product has been designed for OEMs and service operators to provide the ability to deliver TVs, set top boxes and applications that let consumers find and experience content with Nuance’s leading voice technologies.

Dragon TV

Allowing users to be able to talk to their TV sets and ask questions, rather than have to search for answers themselves.

For example: “Go to PBS”, “What’s on Bravo at 9 p.m. tonight?”,”When is Ellen on?”,”Watch Dexter on DVR”,”Find comedies with Vince Vaughn”,”Play David Guetta on Music Choice”,

Mike Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile explains:

“Traditional search on televisions is tedious and amazingly outdated,” – “Dragon TV brings an amazing voice experience, similar to what people do everyday on their phones and in their cars, directly to the living room.”

Dragon TV is currently available for TV, device OEMs, operators and developers, supporting all major TV, set-top box, remote control and application platforms, including Linux, Android and iOS.

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Source: Business Wire