Verbatim Store N Go USB Drive

Verbatim has added another USB drive to its line up with the launch of the Store N Go USB drive, and as you can see from the photo this is one of the smallest USB drives we have seen.

The Verbatim Store N Go USB drive measures a tiny 17.15mm by 14.85mm by 7.7mm, and when it is connected to your USB port there is only about 5mm of the USB drive outside the port.

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Tachyon Reveals XC HD Helmet Cam

There are many reasons that people might want a small camcorder that can be worn on a helmet or mounted to a vehicles in some way. These reasons can be to just be able to show off how cool you look doing your best tricks on a skateboard to having a pro race driver view video of a race for a novice to teach them better car control.

Tachyon XC HD

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Trendnet Unveils New USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

I really couldn’t get along a day without my USB hub that sits on my desk. The thing has a rat’s nest of wires running to and from all sorts of hardware like my printer, scanner, external storage, and a wealth of other things that need a USB port. My computer has a single USB 3.0 port on the back that sits vacant for now, but before long I will be ready to get some USB 3.0 devices to use it.

I know once that happens I will be looking for a new hub that will support USB 3.0 connectivity. Trendnet has pulled the wraps off a new hub called the TU3-H4 that will turn that single USB 3.0 port into a quartet of the things. Obviously, since you give up one of your 3.0 ports you only really gain three, but that is much better than the single most of us start with.

Trendnet TU3-H4 USB 3.0 hub

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24 Port USB Monster Hub

If you are one of those people who has a wide range of USB gadgets that you need to hook up to your computer, then you may want to check out the 24 Port USB Monster hub.

As the name suggests, the 24 port USB monster hub has a total of 24 USB ports, which should be enough for anyone’s USB gadget collection.

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Hardcore Flight Sim Gamers, Thrustmaster Unveils the HOTAS Warthog Just for You

We tend to use the word epic a lot today for different things that are well beyond the standard realm of cool. The new joystick system for flight simulation fans that Thrustmaster has pulled the wraps off of today definitely deserves the epic title.

The new joystick is called the HOTAS Warthog and epic may be an understatement. The thing is modeled to look exactly like the joystick and throttle from the awesome A-10C Warthog combat aircraft. You know the jet; it’s built around the massive rotating barrel cannon of oblivion. The joystick and throttle are each constructed of mostly metal parts and have metal bases that can be screwed to your desk to keep them from moving during dogfights.

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

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USB Desktop Aquarium Holds Fish, Pens and More

We have talked about some cool USB aquariums before like the mini version back in 2008. The USB aquarium that we are checking out today is nowhere near as small as that older one. This thing will hold a couple fish along with a bunch of other stuff in the attached bin.

The aquarium has gravel a filter, and internal LEDs that are all powered by your USB port. The water return tube looks like a faucet just to be different and a desk lamp on top is on a flexible stalk to light up the tank or whatever you may be working on.

USB Aquarium

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Green House USB Key Thumb Drive

We have featured a fair few different USB drives here ate Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is from Green House, and is designed to look like a key, the Green House USB Key thumb drive.

The Green House USB Key thumb drive comes with 4GB of built in storage, and has a USB 2.0 interface, and offers support for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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Verbatim Clip-it USB Drive

Here is another cool USB drive from the guys over at verbatim, the Clip-it USB drive, which as the name suggests can also be used as a paper clip as well as a USB drive for storing all your files.

The Verebatim Clip-it USB dive is available in 2GB and 4GB capacities, and comes in a range of funky colors.

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Buffalo Outs Portable External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Drive

A lot of the higher end notebooks that I have been seeing lately have USB 3.0 ports on them. This is a great thing for those who want to back up lots of data onto an external HDD and want faster transfer speeds. Storage isn’t all you can use those USB 3.0 ports for though. Buffalo has a new Blu-ray drive that works on the speedy port.

The new optical drive is called the USB 3.0 Blu-ray Drive. The thing will work in a USB 2.0 port as well. The drive can burn BDR media at 12x speed and can write as much as 50GB of data to a single disc. It will also burn to CD and DVD formats as well.

Buffalo USB 3.0 Blu-ray Drive

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HP Envy 100 AIO Printer Gets Official

HP has some very cool notebook in its line of Envy offerings that are thin and very attractive. HP has added its first printer to the Envy line and it is called the Envy 100. Like those notebooks there is as much though put into the aesthetic appeal as there is the operation of the device.

The coolest thing about the Envy 100 (PDF) is that the paper tray and output trays are hidden away until you need to use them. Then they slide out like the CD tray on a computer. The printer can fax, copy, scan and print at up to 27 ppm in black and 22 ppm in color. It has integrated WiFi and a 3.45-inch touchscreen on the front.

HP ENvy 100

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Jakks Pacific Gratifies Your Inner 007 With Spy Net Video Watch

It’s clunky and awkward on the wrist, but what it lacks in flash it more than makes up for with its Spy functions. Billed as the Spy Net Video Watch, this new gadget from Jakks Pacific has a built-in camera that can take up to 20 minutes of footage. If that weren’t enough, you can record three hours of audio and take stills with it. In case you’re already wowed out of your senses, don’t forget that this also doubles as a digital watch with an attractive color display.

Jakks Spy Watch
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