iPhone Cameras Compared iPhone 4, 4S And iPhone 5 (video)

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 last week, sporting a similar camera to the existing iPhone 4S, you might be wondering what the differences are between the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 cameras.

A video has been created that put each iPhone camera side-by-side and lets you see how the three iPhone cameras compared, watch the videos after the jump to see all three iPhone cameras in action.

iPhone Cameras Compared

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Apple Warns Ex-MobileMe 20GB Users Of Incoming Downgrade

Apple has this week started sending out emails to remind ex-MobileMe users who are currently using the 20GB of free iCloud Storage space, which was provided when MobileMe users migrated to the new iCloud service.

That the September 30th downgrading deadline is fast approaching and that they should take action. Read the email after the jump, to see the options available.


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Slingshot Master Joerg Sprave Destroys A Car With A 45kg Mjolnir Warhammer And Shot (video)

Slingshot master Joerg Sprave and friend David from Norway, have shown how a perfect good car can be destroyed using a 45kg “Mjölnir” hammer and slingshots in his latest video.

The Mjolnir warhammer was made as a present to a soldier friend and weighs a 100lb our 45kg, and Sprave said the hammer just “HAD” to be included in the Slingshot channel.

Mjolnir Warhammer

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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Performance Tests Compared (video)

A video has been created comparing the new iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3, showcasing a number of performance based tests, and revealing the true speeds of both devices head-to-head.

The iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 performance tests have been carried out over LTE under SpeedTest.net, under SunSpider Javascript 0.9.1, GLBenchmark 2.5, and are all compared and shown in the video after the break.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

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Apple Hiring Ex-Google Maps Developers For iOS Map App

Last week the new iPhone 5 and latest iOS 6 mobile operating software was released by Apple, which brought with it Apple’s own iOS Map application, that replaced the original Google Map app supplied with the earlier versions of the iPhone.

As you might have read since its release the new Apple iOS Map app is a little rough around the edges at the moment, and may not be the most trustworthy iOS application to guide you to your destination.

iOS 6 maps app

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Lenovo ThinkPad 2 Arriving October 26th For $799

Lenovo first announced their new ThinkPad 2 Windows 8 tablet back at the beginning of August this year, and has now revealed that the new tablet will be available to purchase for $799 from October 26th.

For that price you will also receive a QWERTY keyboard and the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite, however there is currently no news on the optional dock that provides connections for Ethernet, USB and HDMI out.

Lenovo ThinkPad 2

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LG Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Bluetooth Headset Revealed

LG has taken the wraps off a new headset its added to its range in the form of the new LG TONE+ (HBS-730), which replaces the older LG TONE (HBS-700).

The new LG TONE+ (HBS-730) VoLTE Bluetooth headset is equipped with LG new Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) technology. Enabling the user to carry out voice calls using High Definition (HD) sound between VoLTE supported devices.

LG VoLTE Bluetooth Headset

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