Touchfire Touchscreen Physical Keyboard (video)

Tablet users that find typing on a flat touchscreen a little awkward, might be interested in a new style of keyboard that has been designed to be used with touchscreen tablets.

The Touchfire has been created to provide a slim physical keyboard that lays over the top of the tablets touchscreen, providing raised keys to aid with touch typing and finger positioning.

TouchFire Keyboard

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Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality App Leaves Beta (video)

Nokia has been developing its City Lens augmented reality application for sometime, and used the application to demonstrate how it could be used on their new Lumia 920 smartphone, during its recent unveiling.

This week Nokia has now taken the beta development label off their City Lens application. Which will be included on both the Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones, once they arrive in stores.

Nokia City Lens

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Motorola Flip Stand For Smartphones And Tablets Unveiled (video)

Motorola has this week unveiled a new addition to their range of accessories, in the form of a newly created tablet and smartphone stand called the Motorola Flip.

The Motorola Flip stand has been designed to be used with almost any tablet or smartphone, and is equipped with two fold down feet that support a smartphone whilst in a horizontal orientation. Watch the video after the jump to see the Motorola Flip Stand in action.

motorola flip stand

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Instagram App Arriving On Windows Phone? (Rumour)

Microsoft Windows Phone users waiting for Instagram camera application to officially arrive on the Microsoft operating system, should be pleased to learn that an Instagram app is in development and will be arriving on Windows Phone devices very soon.

Sources close to the Verge technology website, have revealed that and Instagram application is still on its way, even after the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, which officially completed last week.

Windows Phone

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Google Launches Chromebook Rental Service Starting At $30 A Month

If you fancied owning a Google Chromebook or Chromebox but just don’t have the available funds to purchase the hardware outright, or would prefer to mange your cash-flow, whilst purchasing a number of notebooks.

Google has this week announced a new Chrome OS hardware rental program it has launched for its Google Chromebooks that allows you to rent the hardware from was little as $20 a month.

Chrome OS hardware rental program

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Valve Big Picture Mode Beta Project Unveiled, Brings Gaming To Your Living Room (video)

Valve has today introduced its new Valve Big Picture Beta project, which has been designed to bring Steam gaming into your living room, allowing you to navigate Steam, surf the web, play games and chat.

No special hardware is required to enjoy the new Valve Big Picture project, just connect an internet connected laptop or PC to your HDTV via a HDMI cable. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Valve Big Picture Beta project and see it in action.

Valve Big Picture Beta

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Google Drive App Update Brings Editing To iOS And New Features To Android Devices (video)

Google has today rolled out a new update to its mobile Google Drive applications which has brought an number of new features and tweaks to Android and iOS devices.

One of the main changes for iOS devices from today, is the new ability for users to be able to edit documents from within the mobile application. In the same way Android devices have been able to do for sometime.

Google Drive

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Sony HMZ-T2 3D Personal Viewer Price Announced

If you were interested in purchasing a pair of Sony’s latest HMZ-T2 3D personal viewing headsets, but were patiently waiting for the pricing to be revealed.

That day has now arrived and Sony has now revealed that their new HMZ-T2 3D personal viewer will be available to purchase for 70,000 yen in Japan, which equates to around $894 US.

Sony HMZ-T2

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YouTube Launches New Standalone iOS App

When Apple released the first versions of their new iOS 6 operating system for their devices, which revealed Apple had removed the dedicated YouTube application, many users were a little disappointed.

If you were one of those disappointed iOS users, you will be pleased to learn that YouTube has this week announced the creation and release of a new standalone YouTube iOS app. Together with a tablet tailored iOS app specifically for Apple’s range of iPad tablets.

YouTube iOS App

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Impossible Instant Lab, Prints Polaroids From Your Digital Photos (video)

Are you looking for a quick way to convert your digital images into real physical photographs? If you are then a new project from The Impossible Project company called Instant lab which has just launched on Kickstarter might be worth more investigation.

The Impossible Instant Lab devices has been created to transform any digital image on your iPhone into an instant polaroid copy. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Instant Lab project and see it in action.

Impossible Instant Lab

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Total War Battles: Shogun Arrives On Android (video)

Fans of the Total War series of games who own Android devices might be pleased to learn that Total War Battles: Shogun has now arrived in the Android Google Play Store.

Total War Battles: Shogun has been available on iOS devices for a little time but the cut down mobile version of the full game is now available from the Play Store. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

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