New Spotify Play Button Can Be Added To Your Social Pages Or Website Easily

Spotify has launched a new service this week which allows you to add a Spotify Play Button to your website or social page. Allowing you to feature any song, album or playlist. The new service simply allows you to add a like music to your Internet spaces for free and totally legally.

Spotify Play Button

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War Of The Roses Medieval FPS Detailed At PAX 2012 (video)

War of the Roses is first person fighting game with a difference, instead of using pistols and machine guns, within War of the Roses players are equipped with swords and crossbows.

War of the Roses is a medieval themed action game currently under development by Fatshark and is set to be released by Paradox Interactive on PC in the second quarter of 2012.

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New Steel Battalion : Heavy Armour Gameplay Trailer (video)

Capcom has released a new video showing a little more of the destruction and violence you can expect to play out in their new Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor game that will be launching in June.

The new Capcom Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor game takes place in 2082 after the world has been devastated by a silicon-eating microbe. That’s has left the world lacking in computer technology.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

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Zotac Unveils New Intel 7-Series Mini-ITX Boards

Zotac has unveiled a pair of new Intel 7 Series Mini-ITX boards this week in the form of the Zotac Z77-ITX WiFi and H77-ITX WiFi. Both boards have been designed to support LGA1155 3rd-generation and 2nd-generation Intel chips and are also Intel HD 2500/4000-ready. Which can be supported by 2 x DDR3-1600 DIMM slots (up to 16GB).



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Eizo Showcasing Its $35,000 4k LCD Monitor At NAB 2012

At NAB 2012 later this month from April 14th – 19th Eizo will be showcasing their latest high resolution monitor, that features a 4k display, sporting a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

The massive 36.4 inch Eizo FDH3601 monitor will deliver 10-bit colours, together with a 100 percent sRGB coverage in colour gamut as well as a “perfect smooth tone reproduction across the screen” say Eizo.

Eizo FDH3601

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Toshiba Unveils New Satellite L800 and C800 Series Laptops

As well as unveiling their new all-in-one desktop PC systems. Toshiba has today unveiled its new range of Satellite L800 and C800 series of laptops.Toshiba’s new Satellite C800 entry-level line of Satellites has a little more design style than its previous version.

Its comes equipped with either next generation Intel or AMD processors, together with basic specs including DVD drive and USB 3.0 connectivity, with pricing starting from $399 and will be available to purchase in Q3 2012.

Toshiba Satellite L800

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Tumblr Android App Updated With New User Interface And Speed Tweaks

Tumblr for Android has received a new update which has brought with it a brand new user interface for users. Which includes new buttons and colour scheme providing a cleaner easier to use interface for the service.

Another new additions provided by the new update include improvements to the applications speed whilst browsing photos, as well as when loading blogs and interacting with them.

Tumblr for Android

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