Velocity Micro Unveils New All-in-one Windows 8 PC

Velocity Micro has taken the wraps off a new all in one system it is created sporting a 23.6 inch display and running Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system which launched at the end of October.

The new Velocity Micro Windows 8 PC is equipped with a 1920 x 1080 resolution display and powered by Intel’s latest core processors with three options available.

Velocity Micro

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Sharp Big Pad 20 Inch Multi-Touch Display With Stylus Unveiled

Sharp has unveiled a new addition to their range of multi-touch displays this week with the unveiling of their new LL-S201A 20 inch display, which comes complete with a stylus.

The new Sharp LL-S201A ” Big Pad” display supports 10-point multi-touch input, and features a LCD backlit screen, and a stylus with a tip that measures just 2mm in diameter.

Sharp Big Pad

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Valve Big Picture Launches Bringing Steam Gaming To Your HD TV (video)

If you have been wondering when Valve would make their new Steam TV gaming software live and available to all, you will be pleased to learn that the wait is over.

As Valve has this week removed it from beta testing which started back in September and made the service live to all, Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Valve Big Picture feature and see it in action.

Valve Big Picture Steam TV

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3DMark Fire Strike Trailer Released (video)

Futuremark has today released a trailer for their next 3DMark suite called Fire Strike. 3DMark Fire Strike is a real-time DirectX 11 benchmark test for high-performance gaming PCs.

Which has been designed to push boundaries in terms of rendering quality and techniques, making use of a variety of DirectX 11 features including tessellation, dynamic particle illumination and shadowing.

3DMark Fire Strike Trailer

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Space Digits Watch Inspired By Intergalactic Travel Unveiled By Tokyoflash (video)

TokyoFlash has unveiled a new addition to their range of uniquely styled watches this week with the launch of the Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch, which has been inspired by intergalactic travel.

The Kisai Space Digits watch displays the time and date digitally on one screen, and is easy to read once you take a minute to study the watch face, or watch the video after the jump which explains everything.

Space Digits Watch

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Worlds Most Expensive Lego Brick Sold For $14,500

True Lego fans might have already seen the world’s most expensive Lego brick, which was given out to selected business partners and LEGO employees between 1979-81 after they had worked for Lego for 25 years.

The gold Lego brick is crafted from 14-carat gold and weighs 25.6g, and recently fetched $14,449 over on the Brick Envy website, which specialises in collector LEGO sets and pieces.

Gold Lego Brick

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Microsoft Bing Maps Updated With 121TB Of Global Satellite Images

Last week Microsoft announced that they have no added over 121 TB of satellite and global ortho imagery to their new Windows 8 maps application and Bing maps service.

Microsoft has also created a Facebook page where it will post detailed images of the world on a daily basis, by each week focusing on a theme to portray the imagery Microsoft  have acquired for their Bing mapping service.

Bing Maps

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Staples Preparing To Offer Low Cost 3D Printing

Mcor Technologies and Staples have teamed up to start a new service that will provide low cost 3D Printing for all, via a service called “Staples Easy 3D”.

The new low cost 3D printing service will be available online via the Staples Office Centre, and will be rolled out in the Netherlands and Belgium during the first quarter of 2013.

Staples Low Cost 3D Printing

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Wise TiVi Integrated PC & Web Camera Easily Adds Android 4.2 Features To Your HDTV

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to add Android support to your HDTV, together with the added benefit of a web camera you can use with the screen, Wise TiVi might be a solution.

A new Wise TiVi device is available in three different versions as either a set-top box, a portable device or with an integrated web camera, which all provides Android support for your HD TV.


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All Apple TV Adverts From 1977 To Present Day Catalogued (video)

If you have enjoyed any of the Apple TV commercials which have been created over the past decades, you might be interested to know that YouTube user “EveryAppleAds” has put together a collection spanning back to 1977.

The collection apparently contains every TV commercial Apple has created since 1977 and currently consist of 486 adverts from Apple’s earliest Apple II Homemaker advert, up to the recent iPad Mini TV campaign.

Apple TV Commericals

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Apple TV Firmware And iOS Remote App Updates Roll Out With iTunes 11 Support

Over the weekend Apple has rolled out new updates for its Apple Tv set-top box and its iOS remote application adding tweals and features and support for Apple new iTunes 11 software which rolled out late last week.

Apple’s iOS Remote application has been specifically designed to integrate and enable users to control iTunes, enabling you to a song, pick a playlist, or browse your entire library as well as control your Apple TV.

iOS Remote Update

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Pixar’s Lamp Recreated Using Arduino Technology (video)

The Lamp named Pinokio has been developed by students at Victoria University of Wellington, and has been built using six servos, an Arduino processor, a web camera and OpenCV. Check the results out in the video after the jump.

It’s not the first time that developers have tried to recreate the famous Pixar Lamp which can be seen at the beginning of Pixar’s movies, in real life using Arduino technology,

Pixar Lamp

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