2011 MacBook Pro’s To be Unveiled After Intel Thunderbolt Event

Update 24th February

Apple has now officially launched its 2011 MacBook Pro’s, full details at the link below.

2011 MacBook Pro Full Specifications

Yesterday we heard a lot of information about the new 2011 MacBook Pro’s, we heard that the new MacBook’s would use Intel’s Light Peak technology and it would be called Thunderbolt.

Intel has now scheduled their event for 10 a.m. Pacific time later today, and it looks like Apple will unveil its 2011 range of MacBook Pro’s shortly after the Thunderbolt event from Intel.

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How Fallout New Vegas Developer Obsidian Got Its Former Name, Black Isle

It’s hard not to wonder “what if…” even when good things happen. We always want to know what could have happened even when everything went the way it should have. There are a few legendary studios the dissolution of which sent shockwaves through the industry at the time. What if Looking Glass, Cavedog and the master of sprawling, storied RPGs Black Isle could have continued regaling us with their masterworks? That’s something we can’t know. But what we can know is a tiny bit of the history of one of the best RPG houses of their time.

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Urbanears Bagis Earphones Launch at $30

The Urbanears brand is as much known for its style and the colors that the headphones and earphones in the range come in as they are for the sound quality offered. Urbanears has added a new style to its lineup this week called the Bagis. The coolest feature of the Bagis is that they have earpieces that connect together for carrying around the neck.

Urbanears Bagis

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Apple Halves Minimum iAd Buy In To $500,000

When Apple first launched its new mobile advertising platform iAd, Apple set the minimum spend for advertisers to $1 million to use the service, which set the market towards big-name companies. Now as the first round of iAds comes to an end Apple is halving the minimum spend to $500,000 in an effort to attract smaller business to the platform.

Although Apple’s iAd platform has more than 60 successful brand campaigns and a 100 percent renewal rate, some developers feel the new advertising platform has been slow to gain traction.

Apple iAd

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Awesome Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

Check out this fantastic gaming chair created from the frontend of a Mini Cooper. Its been designed and created by David Gawthorpe and includes an Xbox, 500-watt amplifier, strobe and laser lights, stereo sound, lasers, a fridge at the back and even a remote-controlled smoke machine.

When not in use the gaming chair can be folded away and is hidden under the bonnet of the car. To play simply lift the bonnet and your ready to go. The foot pedels slide out from the front grill and the Steering wheel swings in to position from under the bonnet.

Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

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Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer (Video)

EA and Dice have revealed a new trailer for Battlefield 3, and EA have announced that Battlefield 3 will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC in the fall.

Battlefield 3 will feature both single player and multiplayer modes, have a look at the official trailer in the video below.

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ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System (video)

If you are looking for a small RAID storage solution for your photos or media data the new DUO QR RAID storage device from ToughTech might well be worth a look. The small high performance RAID device uses two 2.5″ notebook drives or solid state drives to back-up and store data.

Its been specifically designed for professional photographers and digital media users while on location or in the studio, and measure a portable 3.5” x 6.26” x 1.34” or 89mm x 159mm x 34mm. Watch a quick demo after the break to see the new ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System in action.

ToughTech Duo QR RAID Storage System

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CASPro Blood Pressure Monitor Set to Revolutionise Measuring Methods

A new blood pressure monitor the CASPro has been created by a research team in Singapore and the UK that has been hailed by experts as a scientific breakthrough that could revolutionise the way blood pressure is measured.

The newly developed CASPro blood pressure monitor makes it easier to measure a patient’s femoral artery (in the leg) to the aorta. The aorta is the body’s largest artery that extends out from the heart and is a key indicator of stroke and heart disease risk. Normaly measurements are taken using a catheter up a patient’s femoral artery (in the leg) to the aorta. The new monitor is both noninvasive, and mobile providing much quicker and more accurate results.

CASPro Blood Pressure Monitor

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