Widgeduino Allows You To Easy Expand You Arduino Projects (video)


Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy building projects using the Arduino platform, might be interested in a new system called the Widgeduino.

The Arduino Widgeduino system has been designed to enable you to easily add multiple widgets such as a keypad, LEDs, gauges, knobs, sliders, thermometer, tanks, and buttons for example to your project.

The Widgeduino system uses the power from your desktop PC or laptop to simplify the electronics prototyping process. For more information on the new Arduino Widgeduino system watch the video below.

“The application is based on the .NET framework and uses the popular Visual Studio Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as its designer. It also uses the National Instrument controls to enable the user to control the devices connected to the Arduino board or to any other microcontroller.

All the control protocol code and libraries (only for Arduino Uno boards) have already been written for the application to make it easy for the user to add beautiful widgets to their embedded designs. User just needs to write a simple Arduino sketch using Widgeduino library and connect to PC or laptop via serial or ethernet cable to start playing with multiple widgets with the application.”

For more information on the new Widgeduino Arduino system jump over to the Hack A Day website for details.

Source: Hack A Day

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