Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch Can Dive To 12,000 Meters

52 years on since Rolex created the first Deep Sea Special to accompany Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh on their record-breaking descent to the bottom of Challenger Deep.

Rolex have introduced a new addition to their range in the form of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge. Which has accompanied James Cameron on his latest deep sea dive to the bottom of Challenger Deep.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge

The Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea Challenge is an experimental diving watch certified waterproof up to 12,000 meters or 39,370 ft. Its been designed to withstand the extreme pressures at those depths and has set a new record for the deepest diving watch in the world. Deepsea Challenge measures 28.5mm thick, a full 11mm thicker than Rolex’s production dive watch, the Deepsea.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet by Rolex.

Source: Rolex

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  • Keiren David

    Will be so handy when I go scuba diving at 12km and my body is crushed to the size of an icecube. Great concept but thats all it is! A concept. If it goes on general sale then you have to ask – Why??

  • mik2356

    lol really?? majority of dive watches go to deep… We still buy them… The Deep Sea Challenge would be a great collection piece. It has great history and has actually been truly tested.. If you can’t afford it then don’t hate..