Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock Launches

Phillips has added a new iOS speaker dock to their range in the form of the FWP3200D DJ-Dock which is equipped with dual rotatable iOS docks, and can accept two Apple iPhones or iPods.

The FWP3200D DJ-Dock is equipped with 2 inch tweeters and 5.25 inch woofers, providing 300W power, together with integrated lighting effects, and flashing speaker rings that can be made to glow either red, purple or blue, or alternate and pulse to the beat of the music being played.

Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock

Phillips has also created a matching FWP1000 speaker which can be daisy chained to the FWP3200D DJ-Dock to provide extra sound power with an additional 240W of amplification and additional lighting if required.

 Philips FWP3200D DJ-DockPhillips has also included extra ports on the rear of the FWP3200D DJ-Dock providing users with the ability to connect non-Apple devices to the system via USB and aux-in ports, as well as a microphone input and FM tuner.

The Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock is now available to purchase for £299.99 or $470, and the additional FWP1000 speaker kit for £199.99 or $314.

Source: Slashgear

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