iPhone 4 UK Price – 16GB £499, 32GB £599? (Updated)

Have a look at our iPhone 4S review which includes videos, tons of photos and everything you need to know about the iPhone 4S, siri, and iOS 5.

Yesterday Apple announced their 5th generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, and we have just spoken to Apple and they have confirmed the pricing for the iPhone 4S will be as follows.

The iPhone 4S will be available SIM free direct from Apple, which means you can use it with any mobile carrier here in the UK without signing up to a new contract.

iPhone 4 UK Price - 16GB £169, 32GB £249?

Pricing starts at £499 for the 16GB iPhone 4S, £599 for the 32GB iPhone 4S and £699 for the 64GB iPhone 4S, you can find out full information at the link below.

iPhone 4S UK Price Revealed, Starts At £499

Updated 23rd June 2010

You can see full handset pricing and tariff details at the link below for monthly contracts for the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 UK Price And Contract Comparison, Vodafone, Orange, O2 Compared

Update:15th June 2010

Apple has now announced the official iPhone UK pricing, iPhone 4 UK SIM Free Prices, 16GB £499, 32GB £599.

Update: 14-06-2010

Details on the iPhone 4 pricing on Vodafone are out, Vodafone Announces iPhone 4 UK Prices, 16GB £189, 32GB £280

We already know how much the new iPhone 4 will cost in the US, $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model, but this price doesn’t include taxes which are different for each state in the US.

We have contacted all of the three mobile phone networks in the UK who will be selling the iPhone 4 in the UK, but none of them would give us any pricing details, so we decided to work out for ourselves how much the iPhone is likely to retail for in the UK.

The 16GB iPhone 4 retails for $199 in the US, if we use todays exchange rate this works out at about £138, but this price doesn’t include taxes, so if you add on the VAT to that you are looking at around £162, so we suspect that the 16GB iPhone 4 will retail for around £169 on a contract with either O2, Orange or Vodafone.

The 32GB iPhone 4 retails for $299 in the US, again using todays exchange rate that works out at about £207 if you add the VAT onto that it works out at £243, so we think that the 32GB iPhone 4 will retail for £249.

The above prices are just estimates, and they are based on the US pricing of the iPhone 4 and take into account todays exchange rate, plus it also includes VAT taxes.

The prices could be more or less when each of the three operators announce them depending on subsidies etc, but we suspect the prices will be very similar to these.

Make sure you check out our Apple iPhone 4 UK Buyers Guide. O2 has now released details of their tariffs for the iPhone 4 in the UK, still no confirmation on the exact price, O2 Announces iPhone 4 UK Price Plans.

They have also removed the unlimited data from the iPhone 4 and all smartphones on their network O2 UK Removes Unlimited Data From iPhone 4 And Smartphones.

Don’t forget to check out our iPhone 4 Review, and have a look at our article on the difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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  • Rossy

    The US iPhone 4 prices are exactly the same as the 3GS prices were when that model was launched last year. Therefore I expect the tariffs and handset prices in UK to be exactly same as the 3GS prices are now (i.e. starting from free dependent on tariff with average price around £90).

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  • Chris

    This is being very optimistic. Conversion doesn’t often seem to come into account in these situations. Often $199 will just be £199, or more.

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  • Phil

    How do you figure they will be this cheap..

    I bet they will be the same price as the 3GS was to buy. 399-499 32GB

    You only have to check the price comparisons of the 3GS when it was released last year between the US and UK pricing.

  • Dave

    I remember being told once, ‘Europeans know the value of products’ which is another way of saying ‘they’re stupid enough to pay more’ and we are.

    Expect us to subsidise the US prices (again) as we did with the iPad. So roughly £80 more for the base iPhone 4G in the UK.

    No news on payg yet?

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Phil

    The prices we quoted are assuming you take out a contract with one of the mobile phone operators as we said in the article above.

    Where did you get the £399 to £499 prices? are those the PAYG ones? we are comparing the UK prices to the ones announced in the US for a contract iPhone 3GS.

    When the 3GS went on sale in the UK last year it was available for £179 for the 16GB model on O2 and £279 for the 32GB model on their cheapest contract.

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Dave

    Still no news on PAYG yet, we suspect this information will be released at the same time as the UK contract pricing.

    Probably Friday or Monday as the iPhone 4 is due to go on pre-order on Tuesday the 15th of June here in the UK.

  • Mitch

    went in apple store today they said pricing will be announced the 15th

  • Vevey2004

    @ rossy…. The prices are also the same as the when they launched the 3g. I brought my 16gb 3g which was at the time the largest top model for only £59 on a £45 pm contract. When I brought the 3gs not only did I have to buy out my contract as there was no upgrade path but the 16gb ( no longer the top model) cost me three times at much at £184 on a £45 pm contract. Now the prices are The same again for iPhone 4 but I bet rip off Britain will strike again and we end up paying more than the Americans.

  • http://www.tkor.co.uk Harry L

    the prices for the new iphone 4 in the US is the price you would have to pay on pay monthly subject to a AT&T contract or somthing like that… so im guessing aroung £500 – £600 at an estimate. im sure you all hope it will be less and so do i… however its more likely it will be more than my estimate… apple know that people will buy this product no matter what the cost… so they wouldnt charge you less for a better phone…

  • Mike

    Just seen an article which AT&T says iPhone 4 cost $599 for 16gb and $699 for 32gb to buy out right.
    If you check US pricing of the iPad that means £499 and £599 to buy on pay as you go.

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  • Andrew Hart

    Why is iPhone ownership so expensive here in the UK? You have to pay £150+ for just the 16GB model, then have to pay £45/month+ before you start getting some decent call/text/data allowances. How come for less than £35/month I can get a free Samsung Galaxy S with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data? I’m typing this on my iPhone 3GS I got in Australia for a great price. I just don’t think iPhones are worth paying an extra £150+ upfront with an extra £10-15/month versus a similar if not better specced handset. Is it the snob factor? I believe we should all hold off buying this phone until it’s pricing is in-line with the rest of the uk smartphone Market otherwise this sort of pricing will be the norm, not the exception. Or just go Android – I know I will once HTC’s next powerhouse is out of the bag. Apple is too restrictive anyway.

  • http://lastplaceonthe.net Rob

    What length contract are you basing those prices on? The US$ prices are for 2 year long AT&T contracts. Most people I speak with aren’t interested in such deals in the UK and want 18 month plans.

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Rob

    The prices that I quoted in the comment above are for the 3GS when it launched last year were based on O2’s 18 month, £30 a month contract which I have myself.

    The prices I quoted in the article were based on the US$ price plus taxes in the UK, we think it should be somewhere in that ballpark.

    I reckon we could possibly see some good deals on the iPhone 4 in the UK, as it will now be available on four networks within the UK at launch.

  • Natalie

    is there any idea how much an upgrade on orange would be and would availability be offered to new customers b4 upgrades ???
    I’m so excited can’t wait to get this phone :-)

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Natalie

    No details as yet on upgrades for Orange, as soon as we get some more information we will let you guys know :)

  • Ben Xavier

    The iPhone 4 should be cheaper in the UK as our subscriptions are much higher. AT&T customers pay a measly $15 a month for iPhone tarrifs while UK customers pay around £40 ($57!).

    Though no doubt apple will rip us off as usual.


  • Natalie

    Cool thanks i’ll keep checking back 😉

  • Ben Xavier

    BTW if it retails anywhere near £169 on a contract the decision to go HTC desire or experia will be made for me.

  • max

    i dont think this is true there not going to make the iphone 4 cheaper then the 3gs. the 3gs is £350 so there not gunna make it any cheaper then that

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Max

    Where did you get your price for the iPhone 3GS as £350? is that for PAYG, the prices we have quoted are based on a contract.

    The iPhone 3GS is currently available on O2 for £179 for the 16GB model and £279 for the 32GB model on O2’s cheapest monthly contract which costs £30 a month.

  • Brendan

    I dont have an iphone as yet but have been looking at prices. If people have a credit card, doesnt it make sense to purchase it outright then if you like o2 go on there simplicity contract for a year. 20 quid.
    Total package on the 3gs 16 GB would be 440 for phone plus 240 spent on contract. Seems to be alot less than these longer length contracts. Dont flame me guys. Just tyring to work out best way to purchase one.

  • Michelle

    I sooooooo wanna upgrade to the ne iphone 4, but its doubtful they will offer it on an upgrade option, as my friend had been waiting ages to qualify to upgrade to the 3g one and she had to pay £99!!! Sad times :(

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Brendan

    That does seem like a good idea. Lets hope that the four operators come up with some competitive deals when they are announced, at least we now have more than one mobile network to choose from .

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  • Dave

    I would sooner poke a red hot poker in my eye than pay rip off prices once again I am sick to death of apples uk pricing policy and feel we should all stick two fingers up to apple till they get real ,who the hell do they think they are .. Take a hit on margins Steve jobs and really get the iphone4 out to EVERYONE, do apple actually have a moral conscience? Hope this gets a debate going instead of the sycophantic mugs who know the price of everything and the value of nothing….

  • http://hubase.org Sean

    Hi Roland,

    I think Max meant the price tags from Apple’s UK Store for the iPhone 3G without a contact.

  • Anthony

    Im a little confused as to where you have obtained these prices from. You cannot compare contract prices for the USA compared to us brits. They are way behind when it comes to mobile phone technology.

    at this very moment to get a 3gs 32 gb from at&t would cost: –

    initial payment of $215
    $69.99/month for call package (similar to £40/month vodafone package
    $29.99 for 2gb internet usage (this usually free with uk contracts)
    $29.99 for unlimited sms (again usually free with most uk networks on a high end contract)
    $40 activation fee
    in total over 24 months thats $3374 (todays rate that is a massive £2313)
    for a similar package with vodafone would cost you £65/month with a free phone)
    this would total £1560

    like I said earlier you cannot compare US and UK phone markets as we have a complete different culture when it comes to phones. We have more competition from mobile companies and they pack a bigger punch than AT&T. (remember vodafone is the largest mobile operator in the world) in fact each of the four UK operators makes american networks look small. This is why we are so used to having free phones in the UK and USA have NEVER had free phones and they monthly contracts triple ours!!

    When I had my 3gs on the release day i paid in the region of £50 for it on upgrade on a £50/month contract. It aint gonna be a lot more than this it would not be a good move considering the amount of pressure they are under from Android, blackberry etc.

  • jack

    off on my hols to california for a month tomorrow. guess i know what i will be buying :)

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Anthony

    Thanks for your comment. The prices we are comparing are for purchasing the iPhone on the cheapest contract, which would be the most anyone would have to pay for the iPhone 4.

    Currently O2 sells the iPhone 3GS for £179 for the 16GB model and £279 for the 32GB this was the price it was at launch.

  • Chris

    @ Ben Xavier
    Try looking on AT&T website for iPhone price plans…. not sure how you got $15 – more like $55+ without even getting any SMS included…

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  • Easy Tiger

    £150 upgrade on a £40 a month! I like the look of the iPhone 4 too but I think everyone may be getting a bit over excited… Even if it does everything it says it does well its still not THAT far from completely free phones like Desire and Xperia….

    Perhaps if more people took this view and holstered their buying guns then the operators would introduce at a sane level. As it is they are probably trawling sites like these trying to gauge what they can prise out of all the impetuous early adopters…. Probably about £150 if many of these posts are anything to go by.

    My gun fires at FREE for a 16gb ip4 on £40+ per month subscription…

  • Oli

    I got my iPhone 3GS on 21st june 2009 the day after it came out, and i only paid £90 for the 16GB handset and £30 per month on a 2 year contract. It was also $199 in the US for the 16 GB so i see no reason why it would be £90 again for the £35 per month contract.

  • http://danielmcclure.com Daniel

    I would hope that due to their being 5 carriers in on the launch of the iPhone 4 it would help to push the prices down a little. Hvaing said that with O2 already seeming to hold contract prices at the same time as dropping unlimited data plans this may not be the case after all!

  • phil

    Given that every UK network has announced that it will be carrying the new Iphone there should in theory be some price competition on both the handset and tariff prices. A uniform price across all networks will smack to me of apple price fixing and Id like to seek the EU or at least the UK competition commission looking very closely about this anti competitive practices.

  • http://www.alexanderleaman.co.uk Jadot

    so, can I just buy an iPhone 4 outright and continue with my existing contract (O2)? O2’s data cap seems a bit harsh – I’d rather keep my tariff and spend more on the phone. Will O2 let me do that?

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  • Bobloblaw

    I’m going to sell my old Iphone 3G 16GB back to O2 Recycle and make do with an old sony ericsson brick for the next 2 weeks. Currently giving £173 for an undamaged model, more if you have a 3G S. Should cover most of the cost of the iphone 4 16Gb. I would imagine the recycle price will drop soon though so not going to risk waiting until I have the 4.

  • Anthony

    @ Roland Hutchinson

    I do apologise I figured you meant this would be the cheapest price possible not the other way round.

    Got some inside T-mobile information.

    T-mobile are going to be using Orange stock, as they are now the same company (everything, everywher.) well somthing like that.

    As of 18th of June they will be selling the Iphone 3gs direct for upgrades. £45 for a free phone on 18 months and unlimited data. not bad really considering. Some local friends of mine that work at the local t-mob call centre in merthyr tydfil south wales had a presentation from an apple dude who hinted that the iphone 4 will roughly be the same price as the 3gs is now. however, t-mobile will remove the friends and relations benefit (half price line rental if you know someone who works for them). bit gutting for me as i have that but if i get a free iphone 4 for £45/month i will be well happy

  • Simon

    If you want to buy the iPhone 4 outright in the US then it will cost $499 for the 16GB and $599 for the 32GB…
    If you want to buy the iPhone 4 outright in the UK then it will cost you the same in £’s as it will in $’s!!! £499 for the 16GB and £599 for the 32GB…

    That means people in the UK will pay nearly £200 more for the 32GB and about £160 more for the 16GB…

    Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  • Vutha

    Hi I live in Cambodia.why iphone4 is very expensive in Cambodia.16GB is 1700$.it is much different compared with USA price only 199$

  • http://www.what-is-the-price-of-iphone.com/. Tom

    There are “strong” 3G reception areas and there are “STRONG” 3G reception areas. Just because you may have 5 bars doesn’t essential u are in one of the strongest reception areas. You may very well have reception problems and it may or may not be a flaw in the iPhone 4 antenna design. It may even be a software issue. But it’s too soon to be dispelling myths just yet.

  • juju

    hi…!!! i wanna ask that when the iphone 4 white product????
    n how much??? does it cost???

  • Narendrakumar

    This Apple Iphone 4 is made in China or UK or Erurop??

  • Gorgebest

    US Price is for a contract phone and UK price is for an Unlocked sim free Phone 

  • Gartom

    how do u buy these phones from america any 1 know any sites that ship to uk

  • Diva

    Does anyone know if there  is a difference between he US version and the UK version? As I’ve seen this stated on Amazon/Ebay etc?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lzaidi2 Lubna Zaidi

    i like this

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002113270841 Rutu Patel J B

    I Like This

  • Sanjay

    hey there is not any diference but the thing always depends upon the demand and supply (DD & SS) f;uctuations in the market….. in india same thing is charged so costly even u cant imagine… but then too people living with high standards buy this i-phones… so all remains balnace and unbalance due to dd & ss… understood…