Awesome iTableous, Giant White iPhone Hackintosh (video)

We have featured a few Hackintosh systems here on Geeky Gadgets over the years but iTableous, which has been created in the form of a giant white iPhone 4 has to be the best I have seen and uses a 102 cm (40“) Toshiba LED-LCD with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.

The iTableous measures 1.2 m long and took around 4 months to complete and is fitted with full HD TV reception via DVB-T, an integrated DVD player, a mini-ITX board with dual boot options for both  OSX SL and Win 7, a 4 +1 sound system, HD-cam, microphone and external connections for Line In and USB. Together with an iPhone-Connection via Apple AV Composite Cable under the home button.


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Source: Engadget

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  • Chancedowney

    your vid sucks zoom the hell out and learn how to use the camera