Amazon Smartphone Release May Be June 2014 (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors about Amazon’s smartphone plans for a while now, and according to a recent report, the Amazon smartphone release date will be some time in June of this year.

The last thing we heard about the Amazon smartphone is that the device would be released before the end of the year, although according to the WSJ, we can expect to see this new device in June.

amazon smartphone release

We previously heard that HTC were apparently working with Amazon on their new smartphone, whether this is the case remains to be seen.

According to the WSJ report, the Amazon smartphone will come with some sort of 3D function, that will apparently display 3d images on the display without the need for 3d glasses.

The device will also apparently come with some sort of retina tracking technology which will be embedded in four front facing sensors or cameras, this will apparently allow for some images to have a 3D effect on the handsets display.

Amazon are likely to use a modified version of Android for their smartphone OS, just like they have done on their Kindle Fire range of tablets and the Amazon Fire TV.

Source WSJ

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