ThinkGeek Play-Doh 3-D Printer Was the Best April Fools Gag

Yesterday was April 1, which meant there were lots of gag products floating around out there. I always check out the April Fools products from ThinkGeek, because they have a habit of turning some of the coolest gags into real products. Easily the coolest of all of those that the company unveiled yesterday was the Play-Doh 3D printer.


This is probably the least likely of all the gag products ThinkGeek showed off to become a real item, but I would certainly love to see that happen. I’d wager the more likely product to become real would be the Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp or the Creeper Body Pillow. I’m Betting that body pillow is available in a few months.

Despite the minimal chance that this sweet Play-Doh printer will become a real product, I would certainly buy it if it did. This is my favorite gag product that I saw yesterday, did you see any that you really like?

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