The Pencil iPad Stand

Some of our readers will remember the Pencil iPhone stand that I made last year, I have had my iPad for a few weeks now and I thought it was about time to create a similar stand for the iPad.

Pencil iPad Stand

This one took a bit more figuring out over the original Pencil iPhone stand as the iPad is obviously larger, I needed to come up with a slightly different design that would hold the iPad safely and firmly.

Pencil iPad Stand

To make your own Pencil iPad stand you will need a total of six pencils and four elastic bands, this time I have used pencils with erasers to provide friction and protection when touching the iPad and to provide grip for the stand legs.

pencil ipad stand

The ferrule metal connectors that hold the eraser to the pencil  provide great locator’s for the edge of the iPad and work like a dream, providing just enough friction to keep the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. Please note the metal on the pencils may scratch your iPad edges if not in a case.

pencil ipad standIf you are worried about the metal scratching your new iPad without using a case, just extend the two pencils until you have plenty of wood to rest your iPad on, or wrap a little tape around the metal on each to protect the edge of your iPad.

pencil ipad stand

Personally I think the new iPad pencil stand is more practical than the Pencil iPhone Stand I created last year, and keeps the iPad in a much more positive and secure position.

Pencil iPad StandTry making one yourself and adjust the pencils until your happy with the angle and fit and let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or if you make one, send us a photo and if we get enough reader submissions we will feature them on the site.

pencil ipad stand

Make sure you check out our Apple iPad Review.

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  • Dustin Sherrill


  • GK

    You should get a patent on this.

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  • Chuck

    Everything looks very well, except for the pencil pointing downwards. You’ll have pencil marks in your desktop in no time.

  • weninvegas


  • Polly Alan

    I think this is BRILL will certainly be constructing it !!

  • essay contest

    very creative… nice job dud. you put rubber as ipad holder, that nice.

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  • Daniel

    Sweet! Would it be more beneficial if I used a 4H lead instead of the standard HB? Haha, just kidding! Great work!

  • Chad

    If you are concerned about the pencil lead marking up the desk you could push the pencil tip into a GUM eraser. That might make it even more stable, yet stick with the theme.

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  • Gazza


    Seems strange to tie up 6 perfectly useful pencils and 4 perfectly useful elastic bands, to prop up a perfectly useless piece of technology.

  • steve

    If you are worried about the metal scratching your new iPad without using a case, just wrap another rubber band over the metal. This will also have the added benefit of creating a small bump on the end to keep the iPad from slipping forward. You could also wrap a rubber band around the pencil tip to keep it from marking up the desk. The downside? You’ll need 3 more rubber bands.

  • Neil

    Using new unsharpened pencils would prevent marking the desk.

  • kael

    Did this ages ago with my iPhone 3g… there was something online showing it then and frankly I wouldn’t be suprised if even before that there was a similar thing used for other items too.

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Kael

    Thanks for your comment, you probably saw it on Geeky Gadgets, as we created a Pencil iPhone stand last year, there is a link to it above.

  • Balakumar Muthu

    This is awesome!

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  • Tony B

    One suggestion: Use pencils that have not been pre-sharpened. Avoids the “pencil marks on the desk” problem. Excellent design…

  • Gene Park

    Use chopsticks in lieu of pencils

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  • Will Smothers

    Okay so I LOVE this idea. I love it so much that I am taking it a step further! I have purchased two (2) 36″ x 3/8″ aluminum rods (about $3.50 each) and some “Plasti Dip” paint. Here is my plan:

    I will cut down the aluminum to six (6), 8″ long pieces. The two support arms that make contact with the bottom of the iPad will get dipped in three inches of the Plasti Dip on one end and one inch of dip on the other. The remaining four pieces will get both ends dipped in one inch of the Plasti Dip.

    The dipping will serves three purposes:
    1) It will act as friction for the feet.
    2) It will provide protection for the parts of the ipad that touch the aluminum arms.
    3) It will create a more aesthetically pleasing piece.

    I will replace the unsightly colored rubber bands with smaller, transparent rubber bands that are normally used for braces. I am guessing that I will have to use more rubber bands but I should be able to achieve a stronger, more rigid frame as a result.

    I am working on this tonight and will post pictures tomorrow or the next day.

    This is a GREAT idea and has really sparked some interest in me!

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  • Jacqui G

    It was super easy to build and it works, but the iPad keeps sliding off. Also, it is hard to keep the pencils in correct alignment. Use of this device could add new meaning to “the iPad crashed!”

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  • David

    I knew I had to build this as soon as I saw it. Fantastic idea, thanks.
    I didn’t like how vertical the iPad was, so I cut two pencils down, and strapped them together with another rubber band, using them for the back. This lays the iPad down more, provides rubbers for all contact points, and can be adjusted.

  • David

    I also wrapped extra bands around the pencil ends sticking out front, this stops the iPad from slipping off.

  • Houston

    Worked great for me. I got six pack of Black & Green (22506) Tri-Conderoga pencils from Office Depot for $4 and some black X-treme File Bands $2 for the rubber bands. Six minutes later, viola! I have cats, so I chose not to sharpen all the pencils, including the point that touches the deak and it worked beautifully. Doesn’t look as good as if they had been sharpened, but safe for animals.

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  • TC

    Or you can simly use those throw away wooden chopsticks collected free from your local Chinese or Japanese restuarant. Works just as well!

  • JamesO

    Super easy! Did one for a coworker with quick yellow Number 2’s. I plan on making a more aesthetic one with all black pencils and rubber bands. I’ll send a pic of that. This is a great conversation piece!

  • David

    Can you make a tutorial and post it on youtube please i like to make things a this is realy cool

  • Tom Haflinger

    Thanks for the guide. I made mine with chopsticks.

  • Christian Jacob

    Who was first? This article… or the mind behind The latters’ version is improved btw. First of all it cuts off the tip of the pencils so it doesn’t result in marks on the desk and second it adds a seventh pencil to the front so that the iPad cannot fall off.

    I added the idea of replacing the pencils with plain paper using it for the Kindle 4:

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Christian

    Thanks for the link, looks like that guy ripped off our Pencil iPad stand, as he registered the domain for it in September of 2011 and we published the original design back in July of 2010.

    We did it for fun, not to make a profit, and to share something cool with our readers, and I cant believe this guy has the cheek to sell a bunch of pencils and rubber bands based on our design for close to 10 Euros.

  • Poppy Fizz

    Wow! You should modify it for the Nook Color (Nook Tablet). This stand would be great for reading purposes.