The 70-Terabyte Homemade Computer

It may not be the world’s best looking homemade computer, but it could be one with the largest capacities, made by a Russian PC enthusiast it has a massive 70-terabytes of storage.

70-terabytes is enough storage space to to hold 70,000 movies of DVD quality or about 24 million songs, and it has a total of 60 hard drives and a custom cabinet with 40 fans to keep everything nice and cool.

The 70-Terabyte Homemade ComputerThe 70-Terabyte Homemade Computer

The 70-Terabyte Homemade Computer

We have no idea how much it cost to make, but we suspect it would be quite a bit, that is some serious storage, and would probably take the average user a lifetime to fill with data.

English Russia via Gizmodo

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