Swarming Quadrocopters Play James Bond Theme (Video)

Students from the Penn’s School pf Engineering and Applied Science have been playing around with some quadrocopters, and their latest video is one of the coolest to date.

In the video below, you will see a swarm of quadrocopters playing the James Bond theme on real instruments, with the tiny robots landing on organ keys, beating a drum and more to play the theme tune.

Quadrocpters Play James Bond Theme

Kumar, along with GRASP Lab members Daniel Melligner and Alex Kushleyev, are helping scientists and engineers create smarter, faster, and more flexible robots by mimicking the swarming behaviors of birds, fish and insects. Figuring out how to move in unison without crashing into obstacles, or one another, is a critical skill for robot teams to develop, especially since they may one day be used to survey landscapes, build structures, or even play music. 

You can find out more information on these fun quadrocopters over at the University of Pennsylvania.

Source io9, The Verge

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    As cool as it is,  somewhere I know there are tax dollars behind this