Sony Crystal LED, Next Generation HDTV Prototype Revealed

Sony has today revealed a new prototype display that is equipped with Sony’s new Crystal LED technology, rather than using OLED. The new Crystal LED technology uses tiny LED lights to create the screen and the 55 inch prototype on display at CES, using 6 million tiny LEDs to create the 1080p resolution.

On the prototype TV, Sony has mounted ultrafine LEDs behind each of the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colours, which are equivalent to the number of pixels. With the RGB LED light source being mounted directly on the front of the display, which according to Sony, has a dramatic effect on light-use efficiency.

Sony Crystal LED

Sony says that their new Crystal LED technology provides 3.5 times higher contrast ratio, approximately 1.4 times wider colour gamut, and roughly 10 times faster video image response time, and even lowers power consumption when compared to LCD screens.

Due to the manufacturing process involved in making the new Crystal LED screens, Sony has divulged whether or not it will actually mass produce the new screens as yet, but as always whenever any more information comes to light we will keep you updated.

Source: Market Watch

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