Silicon Micro 1080p Wearable Display Arrives In Stores For $800

We first featured the new Silicon Micro ST 1080 Display back in early December last year, and since then the company has been tweaking and refining its wearable display. The ST 1080 wearable display is the first and only consumer head mounted display, which has been designed to offer native 1080p viewing.

Silicon Micro Display

The ST 1080 is also equipped with a see through display system, that allows you to stay in touch with your surroundings using 10% transparency. Silicon Micro have created the ST 1080 wearable display to provide both 2D and 3D video viewing, providing a 100 inch display, at a virtual 10 ft range.

Together with 24 bit stereo audio, 720p @ 60Hz Frame Packing 3D Format, and 1080p @ 24Hz Frame Packing 3D Format. More information about the new Silicon Micro ST 1080 Display can be found over on their website, and its now available to purchase for $799.

Source: Engadget

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