Samsung Unveils 14 Bike Co. Galaxy Tablet Bicycle Mount

Samsung makers of the Galaxy range of tablets have partnered with the 14 Bike Co. to create a very unique way to carry your Galaxy Tab 10.1 whist riding your bicycle.

Its definitely a strange one, and allows you to mount your tablet under the main crossbar that runs between your legs, hanging your tablet down alined with the frame. The bicycle tablet mount is constructed from carbon fiber and allows you to quickly and easily mount and unmount your tablet once you have reached your destination.

 Galaxy Tab tablet bicycle mount

The design is a concept at the moment but 14 Bike Co  will sell a bike and tablet combination if you interested, but no details on pricing has been released as yet, so you may need to contact them directly.

Source: Slahgear : 14 Bike Co

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  • Aim Boys

    Samsung better look out… That bike looks like an Ibike!!!!!!